Rangoon Trailer

The theatrical trailer of Rangoon was released earlier today. Starring Saif Ali Khan, Shahid Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut in the lead, the film has the 1944 World War 2 as its backdrop is a story of love, war and deceit.

It’s Bhardwaj’s third film with Shahid Kapoor after Kaminey and Haider, both critically acclaimed films. It was under Bhardwaj’s direction that Saif delivered arguably his career best and most acclaimed performance in Omkara.

Rangoon is special because it unites 3 terrific actors. The film releases in theatres on 24th February 2017.

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  • Expected something a bit better but I have blind faith in Vishal Bhardwaj, he’s a genius artist. And the cast is simply perfect. One of my most awaited films of 2017 even though I’m not confident at all in its box-office perspectives… Indian audiance isn’t mature enough to enjoy Bhardwaj films.

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  • Bollywood obsession over love triangle is something that ‘ll never change. There existed many great revolt around world war and all they wanted to build is a frivolous love triangle.

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  • “Rangoon is special because it unites 3 terrific actors…”

    Oh please dont overhype the mediocrity that is Saif n Shahid- both are not terrific actors but lazy ‘blondes’ who are far too thick to work out what script is right for them n what isnt…! Way too many crapfests in their career n thats not a sign of ‘terrific talent’ when clearly they keep on starring in some really bakwaas movies…!

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  • Very good trailer. Love the war sense, love the set design, love the dialogue delivery of star casts and their chemistry and good VFX. Music and background score looks brilliant.👏👏👏👏

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  • Maybe good film, but sure shot average or fop in terms of boxoffice voz of story of love triangle is not fres.The actors hve good chemistry it may do well in uper chain plexes but idon’t think the film has the star power or the story to give b and c centres encouragement.

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  • The trailer started on a mind-blowing note, but the love triangle ruined it. Looks like another OUATIMD.

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  • Shades of Pearl Harbour in opening scene. This will be a critical acclaimed movie but Box office cannot be saifed or shaheed !!!!!!! Lol

    I wish it works and become a huge hit for Saif and Shahid. All the best.

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  • story looks like once upon a time in mumbai dobara
    only backdrop of war is different
    production level is good but story seems to be weak

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  • Awesome trailer. Production values is top notch Hollywood standard . I’m proud of this, will surely watch it.

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  • Mindblowing! I don’t care about the actors, trailer looks very intriguing. Must definitely watch this.

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