Rangoon Trailer

The theatrical trailer of Rangoon was released earlier today. Starring Saif Ali Khan, Shahid Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut in the lead, the film has the 1944 World War 2 as its backdrop is a story of love, war and deceit.

It’s Bhardwaj’s third film with Shahid Kapoor after Kaminey and Haider, both critically acclaimed films. It was under Bhardwaj’s direction that Saif delivered arguably his career best and most acclaimed performance in Omkara.

Rangoon is special because it unites 3 terrific actors.Β The film releases in theatres onΒ 24th February 2017.

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  • Trailer of Rangoon is minding blowing. Shahid kapoor and vishal sir deadly cambo is back. EPIC TRAILER!!!!!!

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  • Wow!!! Rangoon trailer is so amazing, stunning and superb. Another masterpiece movie from vishal bhardwaj for sure.

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  • Ghatiya Dialogue Delivery By Kangana ..

    Serious Part is Good ,But Comedy Part & dialouges r Mediocre….Good chances Getting Flop Badly…!

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  • Lovely trailer. Rangoon looks like a mixture of deadly combination of passion of love, war and deceit. Love it.

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  • Classy trailer. This isn’t anything less than mindblowibg. Superb!!!!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

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  • What a fantastic trailer!!!!. Shahid kapoor is looking awesome. Kangna and saif also looks great. Rangoon is looks like commercial as well as classic movie.

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  • What the heck, the trailer started with a bang as the war scenes and suddenly shifted to the crap romantic angle. This will flop badly. Pathetic dialogs.

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  • Vishal bhardwaj is most underrated director in bollywood. He is superb director. Most of his films are top class. Hope Rangoon will be huge success for him and whole team of Rangoon.

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  • everything seems to be right….production values, cast, director but why the love triangle….could have made a better story on world war 2

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  • It’s looking more commercial than vishal bhardwaj’s earlier films.. And that ishq song will be a chartbuster.

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  • People cringing on the love triangle need to remember that this is not a KARAN JOHAR film, its VISHAL BHARADWAJ film based on a Shakespearean tragedy. It will be deep and intense not flossy dharma film.
    Having said that I found the trailer average. The one who edited this trailer is at fault. Will watch the movie because I know Bharadwaj won’t dissapoint. Trailer is average but the film will be a charm.
    Why anyone in his right mind would include such tacky VFX (that too at the end, leaving a bitter impression) in the trailer??

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  • If it’s Omkara’s director then it’s a good film for sure, could say from it’s trailer.

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