Rangoon Box Office Collections Till Date

Rangoon will end its dismal run at most theatres today. The trend of the film is even poorer than last year’s Fitoor, which had around 10 crore lesser landing cost, but finished with lifetime business of 18 crore.

Fitoor started slow with collections of less than 4 crore, but showed 30% growth on both Saturday and Sunday. With Rangoon, the opening day (partial holiday for Maha Shivaratri) was the best day of its entire run and even that day fell below the 5 crore mark.

In terms of money lost, Rangoon is one of the biggest disasters of all time, with only a film like Bombay Velvet suffering from bigger losses. Viacom18 will lose around 60 crore of its investment on the film.

Rangoon will end Week 1 with net box office collections of 18.5 crore. It will probably add around 50 lakhs after the first week and finish with lifetime business of 19 crore net.

About 10 years ago, Shahid’s Fool N Final collected about the same as Rangoon and his other film Kismat Konnection collected a little more. Both were box office failures, but those were the times when the industry did not even have a 100 crore grosser and today we have films crossing 300 crore. Not only has his career stagnated and worsened in the last 10 years, but his immense talent has been wasted with his fan-following dwindling with each new film. Padmavati is probably the last hope, with a section of the industry still hopeful that his choice of films changes for the good.

The day-wise collections of Rangoon are as follows:

  • Friday – 4.9 crore
  • Saturday – 4.7 crore
  • Sunday – 4.35 crore
  • Monday – 1.3 crore
  • Tuesday – 1.15 crore
  • Wednesday – 1.1 crore
  • Total – 17.5 crore


  • Top 10 Crpwdpullers in India:
    1. Salman Khan
    2. SRK
    3. Aamir Khan
    4. Hrithik Roshan
    5. Akshay Kumar
    6. Ranbir Kapoor
    7. Varun Dhawan
    8. Ranveer Singh
    9. Sidharth Malhotra
    10. Shahid Kapoor

  • It must be really frustrating for actors and filmmakers. They spend almost a year working on one film and it fails so badly, causing losses. Hope it doesn’t demotivate them into leaving the movie business.

  • Game over for Shahid. Poor guy, People will credit Deepika, Ranveer and SLB if Padmavati works if not they will blame Shahid. But he is largely responsible for his own career, he just wasted his talent and cant even compete with Arjun Kapoor, Sid and SSR. Varun, Ranveer and Ranbir are too much for him. It hurts but it is a reality to see Shahid below these guys.

  • At least wake up now and understand the reality. Born to filmi parents does not really mean you have to be in the acting career. Don’t kill anymore producers and take retirement. Start some other business.

  • bad luck this time but you must
    learn lesson from this
    always focus on story content
    success will not be far away

  • after the disaster of Rangoon
    shahid : art film never meant for buisness
    i will always do content driven film and
    make the producer kangaal
    its time to make kangaal slb

  • shahid will bounce back with padmavati he should do massy films from now onwards hope shahid sees this comment

  • Shahid Is Not Even Talented Like Ranbir Kapoor Is Just The Directors That Is Wasting Talent Of Ranbir He Will Have Outgrown Them All Barring The Khans

  • It was a great film…loved every bit…love from Pakistan…pata ni kya hogya h audience choice ko…

  • @ navina, pagla gaya hai kya .Budget – 75 crore , collection – 18 crore and u are calling Hit.if Rangoon is a hit then all films of Salman are mega disasters(according to your logic).

  • I think fool n final and kismet konnection were good film..I enjoyed them a lot..so far, even though everyone is criticising shahid, I still feel like all his movies are good..you can’t just blame an actor, you also need to blame the audience.. films of all types are successful in Hollywood if they are good..but most of good film flop here because audience doesn’t give a damn unless the hero is fighting shirtless at the end…Films like Manchester by the sea or Moonlight or Lion would have all flopped in bollywood and would not have even been recognized by any award committee..But deep down, when you watch these films, you see the beauty behind them..you see the beauty of life..and that is what I think shahid and vishal and to some point saif also are trying to do..they are trying to open the eyes of the audience to realize that a film must not always be about mother or heartbreak to make you cry..a film must not be a masala comedy to make you laugh..a film must not always feature a shirtless hero in order for you to watch it..the problem that I have is that most of (desi) Indians and Pakistanis consider themselves masters or film addicts when in reality they are just star followers..there industry can not flourish until the mindsets of the people change..a film like bajraangi bhai jaan could have been sent to the oscars if you simply read the script..but india didn’t choose it because they knew the highly crazy antics and jokes in the film will make it seem like it was made by a child rather than an expert..while the reality was that it was actually made by an expert but for childish audiences..I love bajraangi bhaijain but believe me the film could have been way more emotional if they showed Salman struggle rather than doing something like asking permission for crossing the border..and that would have still been hailed by the critics but sadly the audience even they would love it will not show up for it in the first week simply because it didn’t cater to them while in reality it did…and it would fold in around 150 crores..So when a film like Kaabil came which limited these antics, it got great reviews but audience chose Raees over it because of the whistle worthy scenes..Kabil was a smart film..Raees was a bollywood film..that is the difference here..

  • No film deserves to be outright rejected..it needs to be given at least some though and consideration first..all bollywood films need to change their minimum flop collections from 20 crores to 40 crores so that there will be films in the next 10 years otherwise around 10 star studded films will be made only…

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