Raees, Kaabil Box Office Collections: End of 2nd Weekend

Shah Rukh Khan’s Raaes has a lead of Rs 40 crore over Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil at the end of the 2nd weekend at the domestic box office. After comprehensively beating Kaabil over the first extended weekend, Kaabil finally managed to catch upto Raees on Friday and surpassed the collections of the film on Saturday and Sunday.

Raees has collected close to 12 crore in the second weekend, while Kaabil has collected Rs 13 crore.

We would also like to mention here that trade-analyst Komal Nahta in Film Information has quoted the first extended week (9 days) of Kaabil (Hindi) at Rs 70.05 crore and Raees at 108.30 crore, which is a little lower than our figures for both films in the first 9 days.

As far as the lifetime business of the two films is concerned, Kaabil is likely to finish closer to the 100 crore mark, while Raees will finish in the 135 crore range.

Day 119.758.50
Day 226.0016.25
Day 312.758.00
Day 415.0011.50
Day 516.7513.50
Day 66.504.75
Day 75.754.50
Day 85.204.00
Day 94.503.50
Day 102.752.75
Day 114.004.50
Day 125.005.75
India Total126.7 crore87.5 crore


  • Still 39 cr leads but indicine why are you doing this only for this 2 movies you should do all movies .

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  • Rakesh Roshan shouldn’t have manipulated the collection this much. I as a HR fan never expected this from him after he accepted the defeat of Mohenjodaro. In the end SRK also started manipulating. This has to be one of the ugliest clash

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  • So much of confusion about collection…clash damaged both films.

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  • This is has been one hell of a Clash. There will be a difference of 30-35cr at the LBO between Raees and Kaabil. So we all know who is the winner of the Clash: RAEES!
    Both have done good business together but could have done more with a solo release. But 235cr+(Trade Figures) Lifetime of both films in Republic Day Weekend is Superb! Best of Luck to Hrithik and SRK for their future movies! SRK has a good line-up: The Ring, Anand L Rai Movie.
    Whereas Hrithik should start doing more Universal Appealing movies and choose better story and Director!

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  • Means both are hit..vse boi has underreported kaabil..yesterday they had showed 67 crore (hindi ) nd today they are saying 65 crore…first week collection…means first day se hi flop verdict dena chahte hai…even they don’t include dubbed versions…in telugu nd tamil kaabil has crossed around 5 crore so far….acc to boi kaabil 67 (65)+ 5 dubbed versions =72 crores….but today it is 71…shame on that site…definitely kaabil has crossed 100 crores nd doing really very well…everyone is praising kaabil .

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  • @indicine This whole business of excellent wom for kaabil has turned out to be a hoax. It has managed just 1 cr lead over Raees in da second weekend. When Raees was coming on the back of high 1st week. There is no comparision in overseas business. This clash has well and truly been won by RAEES.

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  • The gapp will reduce with coming days…
    Kaabil will cross 100 cr in 3 rd weekend…

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  • all other channels giving the kabil is 120 cr trade giving another figure indicine giving another figure which one is correct . did komal nataha went to every cinema hall to check the collection . they should do for all movies not for this too movie

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  • So finally kaabil has take over raees
    Raees below average kaabil clean hit

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  • by far biggest manipulation done by both films.. @indicine so going by ur collection of both films have emerged successful at the box office plus republic day weekend is worth-215 crore approx.. gud for the next upcoming ventures for jan period

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  • appreciate you guys for tracking…
    Now can you please please tell me the no of screens for second weekend for both the films RAEES and KAABIL ??

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  • @Salman fan, having worked closely with Komal for a year, he gets the maximum number of figures for any trade analyst in the industry. Most of these figures are fetched only at the end of the first week (2nd Friday after release).

  • Everyone who watched Kaabil has praised this movie…………..No one can stop this movie now, result is in front of everyone which is clear from 10th day itself.

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