Raees banned in Pakistan for showing muslims in bad light

Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees has been banned in Pakistan after the Censor Board found the content unsuitable for screening in the country. The content and theme was found to be objectionable as it shows muslims in bad light and undermines Islam.

“The portrayal of Muslims is negative and the film’s content undermines Islam, and a specific religious sect, portraying Muslims as criminals, wanted persons and terrorists” an official source in the censor board said.

The distributors of Raees, Hum Films had last week submitted the film to the censor board for clearance to release in the Pakistani cinema halls after the government allowed screening of Hindi films last week.

Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil were the first two movies to release in the country after the ban last year.

“Raees will not release in Pakistan according to a decision taken by the censor board today. It shows Muslims in very negative light and could lead to reactions from different sects and it is unsuitable for public screening” a source told PTI.



  • Oh Shit. Raees would have done good busniess in Pakistan! It will 2-3 million Dollars/ 15-20cr

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  • This is hilarious. A section of India believes Srk is a Pakistani agent & now Pakistan cbfc blvs srk’s raees is anti muslim..!!
    I luv human beings. V r so funny

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  • this is a big slap to Bollywood actor and producer who are giving roles to pakistani actors
    now what is the mean of mahira in raees
    if any indian actress were present in raees than buzz were high in neutral audience
    because some audience were boycotted only because of pakistani actress
    and now the makers are not getting benifit of raees in pakistan

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  • who cares Pakistan? They did not deserve to watch this brilliant movie.

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  • This is intolerance in Pakistan not releasing film like Raees . India ko intolerance bolne wale now hiding somewhere . Only negative in Raees i.e Rasheed Lateef character shows good & innocent & masiha . Now what will Pakistani will say ban on Raees ?

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  • I didn’t watch it on pc been waiting to watch it at theatre but now this wtf will wait for dvdrip now :(

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  • Films made on Daud Ibrahim is good nd it does not show Muslims in negative light ? nd SRK made a Hindu-Muslim brotherhood movie nd play a muslim charcter they all are saying it undertain Islam.. WTF.. Censor board S*cks

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  • From Now SRK’s fake image has created of Paak premi has been now Shuts mouth of those people …no need of Thirdclass country amount …well done Raees team .

    no Paaki paisa needed .shame once again on Taklu …jo desh ke bech raha hain

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  • Very bad as all are they(Pakistanis) saints they do bad things as well.
    I think bcz ban Raees will have 30Cr less business in overseas very bad Pakistanis will repent more than anyone bcz Srk has many countries to release his movie it doesn’t bother him afterall he is a King.

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  • Its not a loss for the movie keeping business point of view since they have RED CHILLIES CALCULATOR..

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  • India too have many sensitive Muslims who could also have protested if they saw anything GENUINELY wrong!
    Pakistan should stop acting as if its only them that are more pure and holy then other countries.
    75% of Pk movie industry revenue generated comes from screening of Hindi movies so let them just coordinate themselves and stop making myopic excuses.

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  • doesn’t matter if it releases in pak or not… i’v watched it on internet, and srk performance is awesome… Long live Raees… Zeeshan Raees…

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  • The film has been released in India and not even single Muslim here has raised any objection…!!!
    Don’t know what these pakis smoke..

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  • Shootout At Paglapur depicts pakis very well I felt- all tough on religious issues on the outside but deep inside they all love to drink daaru n drool over Sunny Leone…!

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