Raaz 2 Movie Review

Horror films in Bollywood are few and far in between but this decade most have worked at the box-office. Phoonk was RGV’s biggest success in a long time and ditto for Vikram Bhatt who was at an all time career low when 1920 released and did reasonably well, last year.

Raaz – The Mystery continues directed by Mohit Suri is not a sequel to Raaz, but a different story that belongs to the Raaz series. The comparisons are inevitable, as Raaz starring Bipasha Basu and Dino Morea is the biggest Bollywood hit ever in the horror genre.

So with expectations quite high, director Mohit Suri (Woh Lamhe, Zeher), Emraan Hashmi, Kangana Ranaut and Adhyayan Suman (son of Shekar Suman) promise to scare us with Raaz – The mystery continues. Do they succeed? Read the review..

For starters the story is filled with hair raising sequences, so if the horror genre is not something that you enjoy watching, give this a skip. The background music at times manages to scare the hell out of you. Movies like Phoonk and 1920 couldn’t scare me, but Raaz 2 at times did, especially some of the scenes involving Kangana! Talking of the scenes that cause quite a bit of Adrenaline Rush, there are two scenes that stand out. One at the New year party and the other involving Kangana, Emraan and the bulls!

Its one of those scripts which requires a director with skill and Mohit Suri has proved time and again that he is one of the most underrated directors in the industry. Apart from the last 30 mins of the film which isn’t very convincing, which is mainly due to flaws in the script, Mohit’s direction is top notch. Amongst the flaws, apart from the climax which doesn’t live upto expectations, the pace of Raaz 2 is quite slow.

The music like most Vishesh Films, is great. Soniyo is the best, followed by Tu Aaja Mere Maahi.

Performances are good. Adhyayan Suman on debut (by not taking the forgettable Haal-e-dil into consideration) is pretty good in the second half and has a good screen presence, huge scope for improvement though. But the film belongs to Emraan Hashmi and Kangana Ranaut. Both the seasoned actors are brilliantly expressive, a key to any good performance.

Overall, Raaz The Mystery Continues is a good horror film with good direction, fantastic performances and great music. Go with limited expectations and your sure to enjoy the film.

Rating: ★★★½☆ (Worth the price of your ticket.)

Other Notes – Raaz 2 or Raaz TMC should do well at the box-office as Chandni Chowk To China has had a big fall! The collections have completely crashed during the weekdays.

The review of Slumdog Millionaire will be up tomorrow. Do check back.



  • @Animesh
    My frnd it seems u went with some huge expectations with this movie.But read the last two lines of the review-“Overall, Raaz The Mystery Continues is a good horror film with good direction, fantastic performances and great music. Go with limited expectations and your sure to enjoy the film.”

    I went with limited expectations and enjoyed every bit of it but u had some more expectations from this movie, thats why u didnt liked it.

    Well I dont think that Emraan’s role was fitted in the movie.He was the driving character of the story which took the story forward by his paintings which depicted the future.His acting was also good.It has been mentioned in review too.

    And the line Tum Ashudh Ho is the punch line of the movie, which a viewer will remember while returning to home after watching the movie, and try to understand the meaning of the line frnd.Kabir’s doha, around which the film has been made is also true.So film teaches us also that there is no one bad in this world.The most bad element exists inside us only.

    Anyways a thing cant be liked by everybody.I liked it and u not.
    I hope now u agree…………..


  • @Tuhi Mera Naam

    Fair enough… Not everyone will like this movie…

    Those who say it was a good horror movie can please tell me which part of this “GOOD HORROR” movie was scary for you? :-D For me there was hardly any.



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