Ra One Week 1 Collections (Hindi)

The Ra One ‘audience’ verdict is quite clear by now. The film has been rejected by majority of the audience. After a strong extended weekend, the SRK-Kareena starrer crashed on Monday, fell further on Tuesday and Wednesday and had poor collections on Thursday too.

First day of the second week is expected to be around 3 – 4 crores at best. 

The Hindi version collections are as follows

5 day extended weekend

  • Day 1 (Wednesday) – 15 crores
  • Day 2 (Thursday) – 23 crores
  • Day 3 (Friday) – 15 crores
  • Day 4 (Saturday) – 14.5 crores
  • Day 5 (Sunday) – 14 crores

Weekend Total – 81.5 crores


  • Day 6 (Monday) – 6 crores
  • Day 7 (Tuesday) – 5.75 crores
  • Day 8 (Wednesday) – 5 crores
  • Day 9 (Thursday) – 3.75 crores

Weekdays Total – 20.5 crores

Week 1 Total – 102 crores

After a fantastic weekend, these are some seriously disappointing numbers. A film that was expected to go past 3 Idiots, is now unlikely to go past the lifetime collections of both Bodyguard and Dabangg in India. It should just about manage nudge ahead of Salman’s Ready and Aamir’s Ghajini.



  • this is the result of over budget, over promotion and over confidence of srk…. 3 idiots was master piece and dabangg and bodyguard was entertainer….and ra 1 was just a crap…..

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  • so sad so sad indicine team…….. how u say that its reject by indian peoples.. ur all figer of ra once of boxoffice are wrong.. becuz u dont have ur own figer u also follow different kind of website.. so plz dont say that its reject by indian audience… ok dear i respect you and ur sites but its dont mean that u publish wrong and your own opinion

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  • its unfair to call him king khan when there are two other khans of equal position. if its bcoz of collection then he is behind of salman and aamir..and if its bcoz of fan following then luk at salman’s fan….

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  • Let me be truthful.
    Dissapointing is the word to describe ..I mean its pathetic….but then I am forced to think that..Does Indian audience deserve Ra.One type of films ??
    No, Indian audience will always want to see Masala films..and too feed them Salman bhai is always their..
    Thank God Films like Avatar , Batman ,Superman were made in Hwood..if they were to be made in India they would have had flopped terribly..
    Thats why Hollywood will remain Hollywood..
    Sorry SRK for trying to break the deadlock and do something different..Understand that Indian Audience only wants Ready type of films..Sorry SRK..but keep trying ..keep trying to bring in change..
    other wise a day might come when Hwood like other countries will establish supermacy over Indian Cinema..
    A time may come when our young English school going kids will say..Papa I dont wanna watch Bwood films..I wanna see Hwood films ‘coz they are kickass..and meaningful.
    God forbid that time doesnt come in India..but Hwood has already striked French..British..Canadian..Polish and whole European Cinema..
    Once again sorry SRK…Keep Trying..This fan of yours will always be their behind you supporting what ever you are trying to do..
    Inshallah a day will come when Bwood will take over Hwood..and then only people will realise what SRK was meaning to do with Ra.One..

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  • @ faraz:
    this is the problem of srk’s fan.. they never accept the truth..if the film was accepted then weekdays collection would be steady…search in every site and post the article here which has written positive about its weekdays collection….anyways, tees maar khan had second best weekend when it released…i hope now u understood.. better luck next time…

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  • The collections are bound to drop on weekdays. Since this movie is not exactly for the mass, you wont see repeat audiences. People have went and watched the movie, hence the huge collections. Since expectations were high, its getting mixed review. You have to agree that its an entertaining affair.
    Its a fact that Dabang, Bodygaurd and 3 Idiots were far more popular than Ra One, buts its stupid to call Ra One failure. Also consider the overseas box-office collections before making a judgement. Waise Bhi Picture abhi Baaki hai Dost!!!

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  • now its clear that SALMAN KHAN is the undisputed king at the box office..

    TOP 3: if we consider last 2 years


    – total 640 crore gross

    AAMIR KHAN – 1 ATBB – 360 crore gross


    – total 194(mnik)+200(ra.1) = around 400 cr..

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  • Ab to sharm karo srk aur uska fan’s. Bollywood ka r.one srk. And Salman khan king of bollywood

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  • Thats the correct figures….i am observing from release of Ra.One the figures of BOI,Box office report,Indicine team & few other sites are same from staring only Taran & Komal had different(2-3 crs more than others) everytime.But after Monday crash both had stoped giving updates.Then after first week Taran updated & its same as BOI….! Now wait & watch Komal’s figures.He should also match with others.Kyoun ki ab truth to samane aahi gaya hai.

    By the way felling sad for Ra.One,hope it atleast pass Ready or Ghajani.
    Srk fans you have one more chance Don2.Agar ussase bhi kuch nahi ho paya to…….?
    Koi baat nahi Dhuvan in June & Ek Tha Tiger on Eid.Real kings comming……

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  • king kabhi haar nahi maanta kyunki ra one ka sequel aa raha hai and he has already announced way before.

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  • Don 2 also can’t beat ready and srk will have his next release on diwali 2012.. so till then salman khan is

    the king of bollywood.. after diwali salman wil hav dabangg 2 on christmas.. so salman khan wil be the

    king atleast next 2 years..

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  • i could guarantee, one change in Don movie could make it all time blockbuster…i.e, replacing salman in srk’s place

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  • Hey guys Don2 with 250cr budget,3D,new game on playstation 360,5000 screen release…..SRK’s dream project……..mixer of 4-5 hollywood movies……..comming,,,,,

    First day report:Don2 bhi nahi tod payi Bodyguard ka record….

    SRK fans:wo to log dopehar ke baad church gaye the isse collections kam ho gaye warna…..?

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  • ra one is a hit in india maybe not a blockbuster, and its a blockbuster overseas. just wait 4 don 2 and sallu fans will get the answer, what is king khan capable of. don 2 will definitely earn 150+ net in india, and beat dabangg and bodyguard. and sallu is finished now. ek tha tiger might be a runaway hit, but dabangg 2 will a disaster 4 sure. mark my words.
    SHAHRUKH, AAMIR, HRITHIK & RANBIR r the best. SALLU sucks big time

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  • @ arbaaz i knew srk’s fan could only talk these non sense….no1 else in this earth could say dabanng 2 wil be the disaster, except u srks fan….and ra1 total colst 150+ and it is hard for it to win ready’s 120 cr…so withou t recovering cost it is super hit???? gr8 joke

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  • @ ganesh : luk how many words does srks fan need to say about his so called king khan…dont u feel shy???? that also when ra 1 is crashing???

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  • @one man army : what is don then??? have u compared the poster of batman begins and ra 1 ????? i bet if srk do south remakes,even it would also crash like ra1…

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  • @ true viewer ra one has earned 170 crores gross worldwide in just 5 days inspite of negative publicity, ra one crashing wat a joke !! ra one ka sequel bhi aaraha hai, srk ke paas itna paisa hai ki wo khade khade salmaan ko bech de.

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  • @one man army: plz dude learn sth…it is not net collection..it is grossed one…and u dont have to inform about its sequel….only one person is this earth could make sequel of flop movie… srk… anyway that was announced before weekdays collection..sequel of Blue and tees maar khan was also on the news at the time of release…

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  • Ra. 0ne had overperformed worldwide actually..look at the story it was totally crap but result is success if not being hit it is coz the starpower of king khan guess if it was fine how much it would have collected by now 250cr 300cr….

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