Pyaar Impossible Movie Review

Pyaar Impossible, is the second production venture of Uday Chopra (first was Yeh Dillagi in 1994). Directed by Jugal Hansraj under the Yashraj Banner, the movie is written by Uday Chopra himself and has Priyanka Chopra as his female lead. Anupam Kher and Dino Morea have supporting roles . The promos looked good and the music has done well too. But does the film entertain? 

Pyaar Impossible is about a geek, a patent part of every college, Abhay (Uday Chopra) who-not-so-surprisingly falls head-over-heels in love with the hottest girl of the college Alisha (Priyanka Chopra). And going with the universal truth, the stunning Alisha never notices our hero Abhay. He never gets a chance to confess his feelings, since she moves back to India midway of her semester.

Then we zoom in the days and there we are seven year forward; Nothing much has changed, Abhay is still a bespectacled geek and still madly in love with Alisha. Now he owns a unique program that can hold and run all the operating systems in the world but to his misfortune his program gets stolen. He for the first time sets out to fight for his right and in this journey stumbles upon Alisha, now a divorce with a child. Does he win back his fortune? What about the Beauty and the beast, well actually just a geek. Is Pyaar possible?

Pyaar Impossible Review

While not close to as bad as last year’s first release “Chandni Chowk To China’, Pyaar Impossible is a disappointment nonetheless. Loaded with glamour, the film actually had the potential to be much better, if only the love track was more refreshing and the story had some twists to avoid getting too predictable.

Agreed, the story is simple but it neither has the charm of a romantic tale nor the breeze of a comedy and hence boredom begins to creep in 20 to 25 minutes into the first half. Its not just the story that is at fault here, but the execution, which is absolutely amateurish. Barring a couple of scenes that manage to evoke some kind of emotion, the film is extremely sluggish and highly predictable. Its the pace, that requires you to watch Pyaar Impossible with a lot of patience.. it unnecessarily drags along.

Also let’s have a reality check here, since when did software companies of high grade get this easy with the dress code? Priyanka is always in minis, baring most of it for any and every occasion – a treat for the guys in the audience though. Also we have six year old Tanya who can understand her nanny’s (Uday) love for her mom and helps him hook up with her by having sleep overs at a friends place. Absurd ain’t it?

Music by Salim-Sulaiman is peppy and hummable but simply adds to the runtime.

Coming to the performances, Priyanka Chopra tops the rest. She looks stunning in every frame of the film, very natural and confident in her act. Perhaps one of the only reasons to watch this flick. Uday Chopra passes off as a geek, he does well in a few scenes.

Dino Morea as the program thief alias a business man is bad with nothing more than one and a half expressions. Anupam Kher has very little to do and is okay in his act. Advika Yadav (Priyanka’s daughter) is excellent.

Overall, Pyaar Impossible is a formula flick high on prediction. Watch it for the gorgeous Priyanka Chopra, but only on DVD, a fast-forward option is a must while watching this flick.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ Watch on DVD



  • Anuparno: I didn’t say that PI is a great movie.. it’s nice.. that’s all.. it’s a sweet movie.. that’s the perfect description.. there4 Taran gave it 3/5.. and 3 is not bad.. 2 or 2.50 is considered to be below average.. 3/5 means above average.. right?

    Well this movie is for you to watch if u are bored, got nothing to do, want to hv some fun and there’s no great or some big movies in cinema.. so go for it and watch it.. the problem is that we all hv different tastes for movies.. I found PI a good movie and I’d love to see it again, if not in cinema I’ll watch it on a dvd when it releases.

    And both PI and DMG are doing well in our cinemas.. ppl liked both.


  • Arshan: sorry.. I was so busy in the weekend and didn’t get time to answer yr question.. what messages ws in those movies.. right.. let me start

    Umrao Jaan: we shouldn’t judge all women who works in some night clubs, in some prostitution and say that they’re all bad women.. some ppl’s bad luck or bad circumstances would lead them to such places and they’ve no choice.. 2nd message in the movie: when u love someone and u trust him.. don’t lose confidence or believe whatever u hear.. believe yr heart.

    Dil Se: love is a fate.. yr heart would never beat for a perfect woman/man.. u might fall in love with even yr enemy, if it’s you destiny, I loved the depth in the story.. I loved loved loved loved loved this movie.. and loved Shahrukh’s role, loved the songs and everything in this movie.. I am just crazy for this movie.. saw it already 10 times.. and I’ll see it for another 10 times as long I live.

    Asoka: no messages, but a nice epic movie.. I loved the makeup, costumes, songs, story, the production and the way it was directed except the comedy scenes and Danny didn’t fit in a comic role

    Saawariya.. great in the music, direction, special effects, cinematography, and the message: if u love someone and he/she finds his/her happiness with someone else.. then release him/her and be happy for him


  • Shamry: so u consider that crap kachra movie ( Jaaneman) as a good movie?!! haha.. if all the indian audience agree with u.. then bollywood will sink for sure in future!!!

    Do u want me to list down the top commercial movies, masala ones.. or some drama serious movies..ok.. I’ll list down 10 out of 20 my favourite movies ( according to yr request)

    1) Mother India
    2) Sangam
    3) Aradhana
    4) Jab Jab Pool Kile
    5) Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
    6) Dil Se
    7) Veer Zara
    8) Baghban
    9) Mohabbetain
    10) Taare Zamin Par

    And some of Shabana Azmi’s old movies Arth, Masoom & Bahavna


  • i told you idiotsnot to read FAAAATHIYAS REVIEWS 10000 TIMES….still you dont learn and cry afterwards..she is anonsensetypecreep nly wasting her life for yashraj banner movies and evn if it is disastersay its good!!!!so pathtic….anyway pyaarimpossible floppedlike anythig anthe distriutors are ehind uday chopra’s life heardt o ZOOM TV….goood movie in bollywood are omng ony after april 2010….wait upto that.


  • @Fathiya
    sister nice message you got from those movies.but I got some different message from these movies here are they
    1)Umrao jaan: you always don’t need weapons to kill human toucher can also work through the means of cinema.

    2)dil se: this will be the result if u make movie from Dilse so better make it demaag se

    3)Saawariya: It’s better to make a movie in day light compare to moon light.

    4)Asoka: histroy can be rewritten that also with changes.


  • its so pity thatr uday chopra is in search of another job!!!!!pyaaar impossible flopped like anythimg…oh my god…poor priyanka chopra..inspite of her stunning looks she cant save the movie..its going to be a himalayan disaster i heard it from NDTV CINEMA NEWS….anyway priyanka get back to akshaykumar as soon as you can ppl looked awesome than anybody else and he is your lucky charm…we heard things are getting better between them and we can see them in movies together in coming years…better wife twinkle khanna wont raiose eyebrows this time!!!!!


  • thanks AVISH AND AUSTIN…i didnt noticed about the insult created by these morons in the beginning…they will never change this INDICINE….anyway i have reported this serious issue to MANISH JHAthe manager of akshaykumar yesterday ..he has informed akshay about this i got the e-meil from all possible fans associations in U.K.AND CANADAand the 4687 secretrariats of this assocications…they have consulted the networkj broadcasting rights and regulations cheif mr.anant tyagi and very soon INDICINE’S WEB rights and broadcasts will be shelved….
    i have already inforned these basratdrs about this last yeare itself ..still if they are going like this i know what to do..if going physical is needed im ready too..but you morons remember you wont survive to review falsely onemore time against akshay..take my word.



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