Police complaint lodged against SRK for insulting national flag

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan has been booked by the Pune police for insulting the Indian National flag.

The complaint was lodged by the Lok Janshakti Party secretary Ravi Brahme, who alleged that the actor insulted the national flag in a video uploaded on video-sharing website Youtube. An FIR was lodged at the Chatushringi police station.

Talking to the media about the complaint, a police official said “Shahrukh Khan has been booked under sections of ‘Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971’. The case was registered on August 14 2012 and has been transferred to Mumbai police for further investigation. The case documents consist of photos and videos.”

Shahrukh is currently shooting for his Diwali release in Ladakh, and will only return to Mumbai on September 8th.

Update: Apparently, the complaint is for an incident that took place after India won the Cricket world cup in April last year! See the video below.




  • But..didn’t they see that he corrected the mistake as soon as he knew it?!!

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  • I hate Shahrukh but this is utter crap, the idiot complaining did not see thousands of flags getting crushed under feet of many after independance day. And if that was not done intentionally, why this would be?
    These attention seeking idiots are so wannabe famous!!!!

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  • Don’t know why but some people are targeting Shahrukh frequently..may be for publicity,or because of jealousy or because they have nothing else to do!

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  • What a crap everyone is talking here !! you want to throw that person who is the most popular person worldwide and making India proud !! who is trying his best to make sure that bollywood meets hollywood standards !! who want to just entertain people at any cost !! shame on you guys it was just a mistake……if u dont like him then please atleast think as a Indian ; then u will surely change ur mind !! god bless u all.
    What you say @indicine ??

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  • Agree there is no merit in case but every media person should aware that every little action will make headline.so they should take extra precaution.

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  • WHATS WRONG WITH MEDIA, HOW DUMB CAN THEY GET?? even though i am a big salman fan but this just stupid, Srk waved in happiness, did not know he was holding it upside down and u call that a insult? does he do this everyday? NO!! Then why this stupid media targeting for no reason, at least a warning is okay but case filed against him, HOW STUPID IS THAT?
    same with salman as well. Just MIND UR OWN BUSINESS U STUPID DUMB MORONIC MEDIAS.

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  • He should be immediately dragged to mumbai station from ladakh and should be immensely punished.Is he a kid,doesn’t he know the importance of our national flag.This type of creatures should be kicked out of the country.There are lots of actors in bollywood to entertain,he is nothing more than them.

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  • Another Indian creature looking for 15 minutes fame.. Sometimes, we make mistakes.. It’s not as if the SRK did it everyday that an FIR has to be filed.. In a mood of celebration he must have forgotten and made the mistake.. Saw the video on youtube. Never looked intentional to make the mistake.. C’mon guys, grow up..

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  • The biggest insult to our national flag is done by all these politicians and Government officers who are selling India to its core. What SRK did was probably a mistake or misreported and the case against him is only because he is celebrity and they get some publicity.I must ask, ‘Is our national identity so fragile that it gets hurt so easily by and individuals inadvertent action. Some years ago, Sachin Tendulkar was accused of insulting the national flag by cutting a cake with tricolor on it. Get over it guys, lets not clog the legal system with these stupid cases, we already have enough to worry about. Like seriously …….

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  • good to see sallu & srk fans together against publicity seekers.

    I am hoping to end the war between the fans here , coz there is no advantage to either sides.

    At last , @Emaan grow up pls , and don’t try to tell srk the meaning of freedom and the flag , coz he already knows it , his father was freedom father.

    GOOD LUCK GUYZ…….!!!!!!!!

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  • A moment of excitation n he was ecstatic that his mother country have won the world cup.
    he has every right to.
    in such an ecstatic mood its probable he didnt look how he was holding the flag but raised it waved it fervently…
    but he found himself the mistake and corrected it.
    Then, what the bloody hell is this Publicity seeking dumb head’s problem?
    lunatic moron…
    knuckleheaded prick…

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