PK Photos: Aamir Khan in ‘Paheli’ look

Few more pictures of Aamir Khan from the sets of Rajkumar Hirani’s PK (Peekay). Earlier, the superstar was seen in a weird blazer and ghagra.. This time around, Aamir was seen dressed in traditional Rajasthani attire.

The look closely resembles Shahrukh Khan’s in Paheli, who was seen in a much larger bandhani turban.

Hirani’s PK, currently being filmed in Rajasthan, also features Anushka Sharma and Sanjay Dutt.

SRK Aamir

SRK Aamir

Aamir Khan PK

Aamir Khan PK Photo

Aamir Khan in a Rajasthani outfit on the sets of Peekay

Aamir Khan in a Rajasthani outfit on the sets of Peekay

Aamir Khan’s son Azad Rao Khan was also seen on the sets. The one year old baby, recently, started walking on his own.

Aamir Khan's son Azad Rao Khan on the sets of Peekay

Aamir Khan’s son Azad Rao Khan on the sets of Peekay



  • Aawww bless Baby Azad looks cute like his father. Future superstar for sure.
    Love your movies Aamir forever and please Aamir forgive Indicine for even daring to mention PK in the same sentence as that atrocious Paheli… Mistakes can happen and Im sure it wont happen again. :-)
    PS:- dear oh dear god, seeing thst photo of SRK brings back so many painful memories of that debacle of a movie, I curse the day I was dragged by my sisters to watch it in theatres. Very bad day for me. SRK looks like a bigger clown than I initially remember so thanks Indicine for uploading that photo, brings a huge smile to my face knowing that guys like xzone have that picture enlarged and hanging on their bedroom walls to wake up to. Lolz
    @xzone you shock everyone more each day with your lunacy… :-P

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  • After seeing some pics of pk, i am sure that pk will not be hit like 3 idiats. But hope it will be a good one.

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  • Aamir khan now wearing traditional rajasthani dress after blazer and ghagra earlier.very interesting and talking about turban aamir’s turban is way better than srk’s turban bcoz srk’s turban is looking like a heavy cabbage over a empty

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  • Aamir is playing the character of a godman and he is looking like a godman in turban whereas srk is looking like bandar ke sir pe tarbooz.

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  • @khan but how far did it get before Oscar jury realised that someone in India was playing a prank on them by sending a sub standard awful film to a very prestigious Awards Function???
    Afew years back even Libya I think sent a film to Oscars for consideration but that doesnt mean its a good film or upto Oscar standards.
    Please try to Understand that any film can go to the Oscars but it doesnt mean its equal to Oscar standards as Barfi found out this year!!! Only quality films can make it to the Oscar ceremony themselves.

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  • film will have a lot of twists. Rajkumar hirani ki film hai(filmmaker of munna bhai,lage raho munna bhai,3 idiots,ferrari ki sawari) all these are just awesome movies

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  • Poor navin….
    Cant remember bhais dozens of debacles…..
    Like mr n mrs khanna,london dreamzz,veer,etc etc etc

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  • there have been cases like where movies don’t deserve and get nominated from India for oscars viz., Paheli, Jeans, Devdas (2002) etc., $hit happens :) lol.

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  • Raju Hirani is Aamir Khan’s life saver. Aamir has not had clean hit for 4 years now and last big hit was also a Hirani film. Teaming with Hirani and milking social issues is all that Aamir can do to get success. This film will be huge but not a craze like 3 Idiots due to its subject. In these pics Aamir looks heavily botoxed! What a puffed up face! Repulsive face but mouthing good lines written by Hirani and Abhijat Joshi will help him retire with grace.

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  • @deepu well we can just hope that Raju does a better job at ‘saving’ Aamirs career than what Yash ji did with SRK. If anything Deepu I think it would be fair to remark that SRK has done irreversible damage to Yash jis glorious legacy by making that All Time Boxoffice Disaster JTHJ…
    Get a sense of perspective instead of talking from a ‘xzone’ inspired gibberish form of language!

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  • dear amir khan,
    it seems there is going to be another block buster… sincerely hope pk rocks.
    i am big fan of yours, i have always admired your tremendous work and immense talent for indian cinema. hope you will always go for quality script and alway leave marks on our minds.
    sincerely hope Allah shows us the right path insha allah.

    zahid ali shah.

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