PK, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Sultan, Dangal, Bahubali 2: 300 crore films collection comparison

Only 5 films have crossed the 300 crore net mark in the Hindi markets. Until now it was PK, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Sultan, Dangal – two each to Aamir Khan and Salman Khan. But the latest film to join the ‘300 crore club’ is S.S. Rajamouli’s ‘Bahubali 2 The Conclusion’.

Over the next few days, what will be most interesting to see – will be the trend of ‘Bahubali 2’.

So far, on a day to day level, ‘Bahubali 2’ has easily outperformed all Hindi films – barring the 5th day of ‘Sultan’ which was a Sunday and the 7th day of ‘PK’ which was a holiday for Christmas.

If ‘Bahubali 2’ collects as much as what ‘Dangal’ collected after its 9th day, then the Prabhas starrer will end up with collections of Rs 440 crore net! If it continues to outperform ‘Dangal’ in the next few days, then the collections could touch 450 crore or even the 500 crore mark cannot be completely ruled out at this point in time.

The competition until ‘Half Girlfriend’ on May 19 is weak. ‘Sarkar 3’ hasn’t generated enough interest and ‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’ will struggle if the content of the film doesn’t find acceptance. While business of ‘Bahubali 2 Hindi’ is expected to slow down a little on May 12, it should continue its extraordinary run for atleast another 2-3 weeks – as the trend is outstanding, which also means it has found acceptance and the word-of-mouth is the best for any film so far this year.

Exhibitors have also been reporting to us that the repeat-audience, those that are watching the film for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th time is very high. So they are likely to give Bahubali 2 a larger share of screens in the next couple of weeks.

Stay tuned to this page as we update and track the historic run of ‘Baahubali 2’ and do note that we have only mentioned collections of the ‘dubbed’ Hindi version – which does not include collections from the main Telugu film and other regional versions.

PK vs Bahubali 2 vs Bajrangi Bhaijaan vs Sultan vs Dangal below:

SultanDangalBahubali 2
Day 126.6327.2536.5429.7841
Day 230.3436.637.3234.8240.5
Day 338.2438.7531.6742.4146.5
Day 421.2227.0536.6225.6940.25
Day 519.3621.438.2123.0930
Day 619.5518.0515.5421.4626
Day 727.5515.5512.9220.2922.75
Week 1182.89184.65208.82197.54247
Day 814.5512.810.8218.5919.75
Day 917.1219.259.5223.0726.50
Day 1022.2524.057.4332.0434.50
Day 1110.089.311.4613.4516.75
Day 1413.486.033.729.1212.75
Week 295.6487.6362.21115.96143.25 crore
Day 156.854.113.426.6610.05
Day 168.326.83.5110.814.75
Day 1711.589.072.1414.3317.75
Day 184.422.753.814.35
Day 194.022.635.144.03
Day 203.462.451.33.21
Day 212.962.251.252.97
Week 341.6130.0620.5746.35
Day 221.821.451.151.94
Day 232.822.731.054.06
Day 244.013.510.574.24
Total India340.6320.48300.35387.74432.80


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  • I have watched it 4 times nd planing for 5th time in next week..
    Though the comedy element seems boring aftr 2nd times nd some vfx look cartoonish..but the music acting nd some action scenes still gives goosebumps..
    Awesome music ..
    Best in many years..

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  • So future is multi lagauge films with appeal nation wide.
    I dnt see ranbir ,varun, arjun becoming stars lk khans in future they lk tht heroism.
    May be khans r last of bollywood megastars generation.

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  • Pls stop comparing Bahubali with any other movie out of respect for SS Rajamouli and the phenomenon.
    No movie in near future will find acceptance like this one.It is the Moghal e Azam and Sholay of our times.
    Show respect for Bahubali.

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  • It is great to see Bahubali 2 doing 300 CR+ in the Hindi version . Bahubali in 2015 ended its lifetime run with 116 CR in Hindi version . The lifetime collections of Bahubali 2 will be at least 4 times higher than the first one . Bahubali 2 will do massive business this week and in the next week 2 films will release Meri Pyari Bindu and Sarkar 3 . S3 is facing a copyright Controversy which might delay the release . MPB has no buzz and it will be tough for people to watch after watching Bahubali 2 multiple times in theatres . HG is not looking exciting as the trailer was pretty ordinary . The songs are not on the level of A2 and Ek Villain . So practically Bahubali 2 will continue to do business till Tubelight arrives on 23rd June . Till Tubelight arrives Bahubali 2 will have completed 8 weeks in cinemas by which everything will be clear . Till now the trend of Bahubali 2 has been fantastic to say the least . It is difficult for movies on non holiday to trend well in the 2nd and the 3rd week but Bahubali 2 is doing something unimaginable . Cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • calling baahubali 2 just an ATBB is an understatement! it’s historical!

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  • We all were waiting for a pan India mega blockbuster.. now it seems we will get 2 of them with in 1 year.
    Baahubali 2
    Robot 2.0

    Robot 2.0 has all the chances to become first global blockbuster from India with 400 cr budget and shanker talent. Plus 3d rates will ensure the insane collection will become insanest

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  • Rajmouli and his effort ruled again this year.
    Dangal didn’t deserve. It was crappest movie of 2016.
    Bajrangi Bhaijaan was speechless.

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  • Sholay – first pan India blockbuster
    Baahubali2 – first pan India blockbuster of modern era
    Robot 2 – first global blockbuster from India.

    A major shift is happening right now

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  • “which also means it has found acceptance and the word-of-mouth is the best for any film so far this year” Are you high indicine? The WOM is best since Gadar, even better than 3 idiots and Dangal

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  • I have seen all the films of sohail khan till date ..he always was acting like a loser..but for the first time to my surprise .I genuinely is impressed by seeing some facial expressions of sohail khan .the real reason is all time greatest actor ever to walk on this earth was his partner. need to mention his name u all know.. so u can easily estimate how good his acting is…I m feeling goosebumps even 3 after watching tat teaser..truly mesmerising.

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  • Words are not enough to justify Babhubali success. Best case is just sit and enjoy the milestone this movie getting one after another day by day. My first reaction was absolute correct after watching the movue that 400cr club will be open by Bahubali. Though As an Aamir fan, I don’t like when someone topple him in lifetime records but Bahubali is one in century kind of film like sholay so it deserves all the success. Jai Mahishmati.
    We hope soon our Bollywood actor join the 400cr club and 500 should be open by equally deserving film in Hindi market. Hats off Rajamouli sir and team.

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  • if bahubali2 can do such huge collection in hindi that does not mean 2.0 can do the same thing every one know bahubali1 was big hit in hindi in 2015 and have excellent run with close to 120cr lifetime collection and if 2.0 mange to do such huge collection in hindi than that will be because of the precent of akshay sir mainly

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  • 10 days Prabas only 7 Bollywood actor has surpassed at least one or two of his each single day record. Only 6!!!!! WTF!!
    Sushant 1 day
    Ranbir 1 day
    Ajay 3 days
    Hrithik 5 days
    3 Khans shoulder to shoulder atleast especially Salman and Aamir. Shah Rukh honestly has decent numbers single day grossers similar too. Self proclaimed overated Akki fans 2 minutes silence please am seeing signs of Varun and Ranveer soon crossing SIB highest 1st single day. Step up Bollywood I have faint in few of the superstars especially the TK (Trimuti Khans) we want to see higher numbers please Sirs. Hiranis Kabirs Rohits Alis please win audience hearts with good newish scripts.

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