Pics: The Sexy Sonam Kapoor!

Anil Kapoor’s daughter is sexy! After making her debut in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Saawariya, which turned out to be a box-office dud, Sonam Kapoor has since moved on and after gracing covers of several magazines over the past year, the star kid will next be seen in Rakeysh “Rang De’ Mehra’s Delhi 6.

We caught the gorgeous Sonam recently, looking as sexy and hot as she always does, while inaugurating UTV movies Russian Film Festival at the Russian Cultural Center in Mumbai.

How much would you rate Sonam purely on the basis of looks and sex appeal, on a scale of ten? Post your ratings below in the comments section.

Before you do so, check out the Sonam Kapoor pics below.

Sonam Kapoor inaugurates UTV movies Russian Film Festival Sonam Kapoor Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor inaugurates UTV movies Russian Film Festival



  • As per the Rating on Sex Apeal. I would like to give Sonam 2 Points.
    Her smile is very good. But as per sex apeal, i still cant find her sexy at all and also her dressing style is not very impresive

  • I watched a recent interview of Sonam’s. i was very impressed. she has natural charm and beauty. i hope she she does not lose that as she gains stardom. i would love to see her in a movie with Shahid Kapoor. she deserves a 9 out of ten.

  • Sonam doesn’t have a sexy or a glamour look.. therefore she fitted in her role in Saawariya and in Delhi 6 ( I don’t know what’s her role exactly in this movie, but from the trailer I could say she’s playing an innocent good girl). She got a romantic image, similar to Wahida Rehman in the past.. Wahida Rehman could never do some sexy roles.. didn’t go with her look, so is Sonam, and I hope that she’d continue this way and never try to wear someone else’s shoes

  • to only Fathiya

    Once again u gave a proper comment, tats y I fully support u. Sonam is beautiful but not SEXY like Deepika or Katrina.
    So I request anyone reading this article could train Sonam to become sexier than now? Plz for her career sake…

  • Hey its not at all necessary to be sexy or hot to sustain in film industry……its the talent that counts and speaks more than skin……..I do accede to the fact that she’s not that hot as compared to kareena or katrina but seh’e got a good face and also she has proved her talent in saawariya though it turned out to be a flop……..still i feel she is MILD……not so HOT, not so COLD……..

  • Sonam is not sexy as katrina or karina but she has a smile beauty and which is enough to prove her a good actress.But now we think that sex is only the thing which is the best quality of a good actress karina,katrina,depika and many others are so sexy so they become good in our is not only the quality of an actress to make her good,talent is also a name of thing which is the basic need of an actress.sonam has the wealth of talent so i thought that sge is good as compared to many actreses and the way she leads her role in dehli6,i hate love story,saawariya etc is so better than depika,sonakshi etc.i don’t think that the sexiest girl becomes a good actress and i also thought sonam has to become more sexy.i give her marks 9.50 for her talent,beauty,smile and sex(which is not sufficient) she has to become a little more sexy to become the best in many more’s eyes

  • i realy love u sonam kapoor tumhare boobs boht heee baree baree hen or milky hen. whta sexy girl u r baby …. i wanna spend 1 night with u yar plz give me ur contect num

  • sonam is very cute… with a sweet smile, n great acting skills, in few years she’l be on the top…

  • looking cool baby……………she is nice.>she is sonam …………………..the name is beggar .<<<>>she is like a world ….she is like a earth….now she is she is she is like a beauty quin………………….she is like a life some body spacial>>……..she s Enif beauty.//thnks sonam SONAM KAPOOR.<.U R MY LIFE DEAR

  • sonam is a charming n talented gal,her freshness glows frm her face.She i’ll gona tke over al other co-actresses soom..

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