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Hot and very exclusive Ghajini Pics, Aamir Khan’s next after Taare Zameen Par.

Aamir Khan has 6 different looks in one song as he tries to woo Asin, add to it Aamir Khan’s newly acquired 8 pack, the fantastic music by A.R. Rehman and obviously the huge hype surrounding the movie which keeps increasing with every Aamir Khan release.

Ghajini is huge! It is expected to open big, shatter box-office records and create history. A certain quality is associated with every Aamir film, he has a 100% record after his disastrous return with Mangal Pandey.

Rang De Basanti, Fanaa, Taare Zameen Par… all have not just smashed box-office records but also received high critical acclaim (Fanaa was slammed by a few). So with such hype comes mega expectations and Aamir and the Ghajini team has to live upto it. Stakes are high and come December 26th, the verdict will be out.

For now, we have all the high quality and exclusive pictures of Ghajini. Do check all the pics out and leave your comments below in the comments section.

Ghajini stars Aamir Khan, Asin, Jiah Khan in the lead. The movie is a remake of a Tamil film with the same title, both movies have been directed by A.R. Murugadoss.

Ghajini releases on 26th December 2008.

Aamir Khan - Asin Aamir Khan - Asin Asin - Aamir Khan Aamir Khan in Behka song

Asin - Aamir Khan Aamir Khan - Asin Aamir Khan in Behka song

More Ghajini Pics – from the Behka Song from the movie (Click the pics for larger pictures)

Aamir Khan in Behka song Aamir Khan in Behka song Aamir Khan in Behka song

Aamir Khan in Behka song Neha Dhupia

– Exclusive Ghajini Pics from Indicine



  • He looks younger in some of these picutures.. but I don’t like the one which he opened his buttons.. not nice.. what I noticed in bollywood is that if one star did in his movie a scene which was appreciated by others e.g. Shahrukh in Dard-e-disco song in OSO.. then some other actors try to do the same to win the audience!! Shahrukh was on a stage.. dancing with some girls.. shooting as an actor in the movie for a song, and he looked nice with opened shirt but it doesn’t go for Aamir as he’s short and got a different figure and doesn’t go even with his character ( just compare his body with John Abraham & Hrithik!) six pack abs is not for Aamir, he has to concentrate on his abilities as a good actor and a director, but not doing these stuff!

  • Aamir is looking very cute……………. now one more form of Aamir in ghajini……..Asin & Aamir jodi is good……. music is no doubt excellent ….& the song hai gujjarish is very romantic & soothing……..

  • Some pictures posted here are from the movie ‘MAHARATHI’ that has paresh, Naseeruddin Shah, Boman Irani, Neha Dhupia. I think so!!!!

  • Fathiya, you cannot say because Shahrukh did it, Aamir is doing the same..

    The unbuttoned, clean shaved, lean body look was probably first popular with Hrithik in Kaho Na Pyaar Hai. From then, many have done it. John, right from the start of his career with Jism, Dino Morea and so many other stars.

    The topless / shirtless bare body look is what Salman was popular for, infact he still is. You could probably say, the rest copied Salman.

    Aamir Khan is someone who has hardly put a step wrong in the last 2 years or so. His beefed up physique was totally necessary for the character he will be portraying in Ghajini. Wait for the movie to release and you will know why.

    Coming to SRK dancing with girls on stage.. That song and the scene was absolutely unnecessary.. the 6 pack hype was just a marketing gimmick.

  • To SRC

    Thanks for the info. What actually happened is, the marketing team sent us these pics as Ghajini pictures. We were quite surprised to see Paresh, Naseer and Boman in it. But put it up, as it was sent from an offical email address.

    On further research, it was indeed the pics from Maharathi. We have removed the Maharathi pics and edited the article.

    Thanks again.

  • Hello Indicine Team:
    Yah.. I know that.. and Salman did many scenes in his movies topless coz of his physique, strong and looked nice.. Hrithik & John too.. if they have good shaped, young & nice physiques.. so why not?! Actresses also do the same.. if one shot in a bikini then some other actresses would do the same, but every actress can’t wear a bikini as few of them look nice this way, but not all of them.

    Although Shahrukh’s look was ok in Darde disco.. but honestly.. I didn’t like to see shahrukh topless or with unbuttoned shirt..actually he doesn’t need to do so coz the charm he got on the screen is enough and more than enough for him, so he doesn’t need to show his body to everyone.. what’s nice for Salman to do might be nice for Hrithik, Deno & John.. who got similar body but not nice for every actor to do so.

    That’s my point…it’s not nice for Aamir too, and now he’s a producer & a director too.. so he doesn’t need to showup half naked and he doesn’t have a great body to show it to everyone, if he’s in some action scenes shirtless or a boxing scene in a movie.. that’s different, but this is in a song.. and in a desert!

    I think u don’t agree with me, but that’s my opinion.. I didn’t like this scene which Aamir did, wearing a purple shirt, unbuttoned, and a flashy green scarf round his neck!

  • gajhini should be hit bcoz of amir khan and asin. although asin is a newly coming to blollywood movies it will take time for her to come up, shes also my favourite actress she really looks nice in that movie and her dresses are good and she luks cute and beautiful. hope shes the best debut actress and her next movie london dreams should also look good bcoz i want her to be the best.amir khans having six pack abs dosent suit so good as mention above in others correct. hritik jhon,they luk good bcoz their body shape is good and correct so it happends to every SRK IS SHOWING HIS SIX PACJK ABS 4 THE FIRST TIME IN OSO MOVIE BUT NOW HE DOSENT HAVE HONESTLY I M SAYING SRK LOOKS GOOD IN SIX PACK ABS.amir khan looks so young in ghajini movie nice more younger like 29 yrs old…………………………..actors who act well and dont show energy dosent suits six pakcks but actors who somtime acts well the show whole six pack abs…… hope for the movie is hit and super hit

  • Waw!!! A.K it’s very very good actor I never seen 4 ever like dis actor coz he knaws every thing dtr and and he has experience he’s the best actor in the world realy just like romance thriller commedy real I dont knaw wat I say I say A.k most contine on his

  • Aamir jus so cute n good looking in da song Behka…in Guzarish…its da same look lyk fanaa…but not bad….i luv him in ghajini….n asin is jus so cute n a bubbly girl…all da best to aamir,asin n da whole team of ghajini…i wish its a big hit…!!!!tc….

  • good abs ! amir.he looks hot and cute in every look he changes to whether its the RANGEELA look or DIL CHAHTA HAI or the SARFAROSH look or LAGAAN or MANGAL PANDEY or RANG DE BASANTI or FANAA or TAARE ZAMEEN PAR or THIS AWESOME LOOK IN “GHAJINI”.”PHEW” im myself shocked after these different looks out of my mind.DIFFERENT LOOK IN EACH MOVIE!that really is a tough job and only MR.PERFECTIONIST could do it.HE IS NO.1 MY VERDICT=BIG HIT

  • amir khan is always a charming and a successful actor, the look he gave in ghajini it is great, he looks good in that topless seans. i think ghajini will be hit for this year and for the next year too. i hope it will be gr8 success for amir.

  • hello commentators,
    In this film Aamir will be showin his packed structure only while takin revenge on the villain and he needs to show it as a beleif should come in all spectators’ mind that such a man can fight with all goons and there’s nothing too much in it.

  • AAmir Khan is best..congrats to Aamir ..
    gud jobs AAmir..well done
    I love u AAmir Khan
    Hope Ghajini box office..

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