Phillauri New Poster

A new poster of Phillauri featuring Anushka Sharma and Suraj Sharma is out. It has Suraj staring at the ‘ghost’ Anushka, who looks beautiful on the poster. At the bottom half, Diljit is seen romancing Anushka in the fields of Punjab.

Check out the poster and tell us what you think:

Phillauri New Poster

Phillauri New Poster



  • @ Indicine
    Where is article related to Sachin : A Billion Dreams ???
    They have confirmed 26th May 20q7 as release date

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  • Pls answer me. When will u start posting producer’s figures again.Pls fo it. You r loosing ur viewers. Try to understand.Dont be in ur ego pls.Answer as u r answering to all in this article.

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  • Phillauri will do good in metros and East Punjab/Delhi due to Punjab setup and Diljit Dosanjh.Will be a good movie for sure

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  • It is known worldwide now tat kaabil is the first official “superhit ” movie of 2017 with a massive 175 % profit on r.o.i….I will not be surprised if indicine will declare kaabil as flop..but who cares ..I treat indicine as a very funny site.. .. some questions cannot be answered be answered by this site.for eg. 1. Wt was the budget of kaabil .? It was 50 crores.. 2.. y suddenly there was shift on the part of indicine from producers figures. To its own so called tracking system. When till date it has only given producer figures. For every film….I want dangal Pkwy bajrangi bhai jaan sultan actual figures also then…
    . .

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  • Why i dont know…i dont like even single actress from a the list of actress,may be i judge or like them by thair acting skills…kangana aur rich ko chodke koi hai kya actress bhi….we can call them heroine,not actress.

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  • I like both the main Diljit and Anushka. Let fingers crossed may be this going to a hit movie this year.

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