Perfect release date for Hrithik-Katrina’s Bang Bang

Hrithik Roshan - Katrina KaifIn an official statement released to the media, Fox Star Studios announced the release date of Hrithik Roshan’s Bang Bang. The action entertainer is slated for worldwide release on May 1st 2014.

We think, the makers couldn’t have chosen a better date to release their film. Here’s why.

Holiday release: When you have two of the biggest superstars in the business Hrithik – Katrina in a commercial action film, and release it on a National holiday, except all opening records to be shattered. ‘Bang Bang’ will have a 4 day extended weekend, much like Agneepath last year.

Perfect gap between three Hrithik starrers: Krrish 3 releases on Nov 3 2013 and exactly a year later Karan Malhotra’s Shuddhi is scheduled to release during Diwali 2014 (October 23rd). ‘Bang Bang’ arrives bang in between, 6 months after Krrish 3 and 6 months prior to Shuddhi.

IPL Season: Very few big-budget films release during the IPL season and for good reason, as business for the evening shows on Saturday and Sunday tend to get affected. But since ‘Bang Bang’ releases a month into the IPL season, cricket fatigue would have begun to set in and the audience would be itching to watch a commercial entertainer.

What do you think? Do post your thoughts in the comments section below.

P.S. It’s time for Hrithik fans to celebrate as the actor has 3 releases in a year (Nov 2013 – Oct 2014). The last time that happened was more than a decade ago in 2002!



  • yes yes yes yes yes , 4 day extended weekend………..!!! BANG BANG will have earth shattering opening fr sure………….omg hrithikmania is officially to return !!!!!!!!

  • you are forgatting one thing..there are general elections in 2014 in that period.. and that is the biggest government exercise in the world..

  • Wow!! It’s got a really special release date. Nowadays, release dates being announced a year or more early. Bang Bang will come with a Bang and Bang the Boxoffice records. Ewww… It’s too early to predict! ;)

  • I like this article indicine !!
    Nov 3-2013–krrish3
    May 1st-2014—Bang Bang
    Oct 23rd-2014–shuudhi

  • Hrithikmania is coming again. . . . .very excited for this movie bcoz hrithik is my fav superstar. . . . .i also lyk katrina. . . . .also vishal-shekhar are my fav composerzz. . . . . .

  • Of couse it is great to see that 3 movies are coming from hritik within 1 year
    Krrish3 would be all time blockbuster,
    bang bang nd shuddhi would be blockbuster,
    Ready to earth shattering opening,weekend,nd week
    best of luck to hritik roshan

  • @INDICINE dear we all know u are a *huge* fan of Mr. Hrithik Roshan, but why make an article of such a topic.
    I am sure u’ll never make such a topic for any star, whether it’s Salman, Aamir, Shahrukh, Akshay, Ranbir or Emraan.
    Kindly stop promoting your favorites on the site. I guess INDICINE is a bollywood site & NOT a fan site. u just promote ur favorite stars here. even during the awards season u always support Hrithik.
    It’s not that i don’t like Hrithik, infact he’s my 2nd most favorite actor & that is why i’ve always kept quiet because i am his fan, but ur biased towards every other star.
    Its not just about this article but about most of ur tweets & aticles published. I request u to be unbiased & not behave like fan site.

    Expecting an answer from ur side.

  • This film gonna rock big time.. But also want krish 3 to release on 1st n not 3rd..good article indicine

  • as a die hard hrithik fan i m absolutely jubilant…thank god after krrish 3 i will not have to wait for years to watch hrithik’s movie….His fans all around the world will be ecstatic to hear this news…now i see hrithik becoming the no.1 hero in bollywood…..

  • Wow! Its a perfect date for great film of perfect and hottest jodi. I am eagerly awaiting for all krrish 3 and bang bang

  • Nowadays producers decides the release date 1st even before starting shooting for the movie.2 important dates which are post ipl and diwali already captured by Hrithik.2 back to back diwali releases for Hrithik and Hrithik will enjoy this but the person who will suffer is Srk bcoz diwali holidays saved last 2 Srk

  • I hate katrina..She is the worst actress of Bollywood. She has no expression in her face. Priyanka or Bipasha was a better choice for this film.

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