People feel Dangal is their film: Aamir overwhelmed by positive response

Aamir Khan’s Dangal is not only the best rated film of 2016, but the last release of the year is also the most loved film of the year. The box office collections of the film has exceeded even the biggest of expectations, as Dangal is expected to take business to the next level in its second weekend.

Talking about the success and overwhelmingly positive response that Dangal has received, Aamir said “People are owning it. They feel it’s their film. It’s very heartwarming and reassuring and makes us all feel very special”

“When we make a film, when we are part of some creative process, we sometimes don’t see the film how an audience sees it. So we don’t know the kind of effect it has on people. It does not have the same effect on us. We have seen it hundreds of times” he added.

Dangal has collected Rs 177 crore at the domestic box office in just 6 days. The film is already the second highest Hindi grosser of the year.




  • Its high time now that the name AAMIR KHAN should be made official Synonym of PERFECTION!!
    #Dangal is Sheer Brilliance.
    Cinematic Gem!! 🙏🙏

  • Haters will spend their lives making excuses for bringing Aamir down but they are destined to die seeing Aamir succeed each time

  • I dont know why haters are crying bcz of christmas high ticket price and free runeveryone knows biggest superstars get biggest dates and its not only abt getting dates you also have to deliver Aamir has 4 athg and atbb 5th one is abt to come on christmas whereas entire bollywood has noneIts not Aamir fault that no one wants to release their films near his film no one is stopping them to do sotalking abt high ticket prices Yes aamir commands highest ticket price But this can backfire as well if you are not a big super star or your movies are not excellent people wont spend that too duringdemonitisationAAMIR MOVIES ARE EXCELLENT AND THE BRAND OF AAMIR KHAN IS HIGHEST!

    Now haters are becoming very frustarted and are saying that collections are fake loosers dont know that trade and producer figures are same for dangal Aamiris most honest person if he wouldhave inflated figures then talaash would have been 100 cr dhoom 3 300 cr and pk 350 cr so haters must digest the fact that aamir is making all these records without any extra holiday so stop making excuses!

  • Only Salman is the real crowdpuller of India. Aamir, shahrukh and other stars depend on scripts, content, while Salman movies become hit only due to his name. 300 crore is a cakewalk for Salman now. Even if he makes a film where he is cutting grass for 3 hours it will cross 300 crore. 300 crore is nothing hard for him now.

  • No Sir
    You deserve this
    Your Hard Work,Your dedication is Extraordinary.
    Today I can say proudly no one comes close to Yoy when it comes to Dedication
    Other Actors work to earn
    You work to Inspire us & thats why
    You are breaking all the Records from last few Years.

  • I am so depressed that Dangal is doing so well. Aamir makes a quality movie and takes HGOTY from real megastar Salman :'(

  • Chotu should be banned from making movies. He always uses content to beat Salman’s records. I request all Salman fans to stop watching Dangal so it collection drops and Sultan will be HGOTY.

  • Do saal ho gaye Sallu didn’t break PK record.. Ghanta megastar

    He will chase Dangal and PK with Tube light and Tiger Mar gaya
    Srk’s game over usko to DHoom 3 todna Baki hai

  • The best gift from Aamir Khan aka Mr.Perfectionist to his fellow Indians.Always a proud Aamirian 😊

  • Thank you sir for giving us such a beautiful Christmas gift.I always said that a classic is on making and Aamir sir proved his fans right.Haters always said that the movie has no buzz and it’s gonna be a flop because there is no Hirani/brand this time(which is a myth) and Aamir sir proved them wrong.Proud moment for us and burnol moment for all the stupid haters. 😂😂

  • Why salman doesn’t need Script for HiT ??????
    Because script padhne k liye Dimag hona chahiye…and bhai is our NO.1dumbhead in Bollywood

  • This is what we call real and raw stardom.Stardom at its best.A less commercial movie with no leading lady and masala songs is trending better than all the other films Bollywood has produced.Hail Mr.Perfectionist!

  • @Navneet,Who is crying?Enjoy ur Jolly time brother & stop this nuisance.Everybody who has watched the movie has loved it (which is the least to say).I reassure u that even haters have liked this movie & they r just disguising here on social media to provoke u ppl for war!Now stop these relentless trolling & enjoy!

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