O Zaalima: Love Song featuring Shah Rukh Khan

“When love strikes, no heart is spared… not even of Raees!”

There is something about Shah Rukh Khan and him romancing his leading lady on the big screen. This time around, he plays a character with negative shades, yet even Raees is not spared when love strikes.

Sung by Arijit Singh and Harshdeep Kaur, O Zaalima is a beautiful song.

Watch the song and tell us what you think in the comments section below:



  • Even after forcing myself, I can’t take my eyes off from mahira….o zalima

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  • @Self Destroyer 12:36 pm : You are equally irritating since birth or it all started since you paid a visit to Agra?

    Listen pathetic loser, no body is interested to read your lengthy half baked analysis so better keep it with yourself.
    Eventually the content will decide which movie will take a lead, not a psychopath like you!!

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  • Haters bring it on:
    1. If SRK romances Katrina, Mahira etc on screen.. he is grandpa. When Salman does the same in reel and real life..he is great human and the bhai! Aamir does in Dhoom and looks half the height of Katrina.. Aamir is perfectionist
    2. When SRK does Masala he is old school… Salman’s new career is all masala and he is Super Star and we will discount all his flops and disasters
    3. SRK, Aamir and Salman are all Khans and yet only SRK is slammed as Muslim and , desh dhrohi and Pakistani
    4. SRK is most respected and family oriented actors but we will call him gay. Aamir divorced his wife, Salman is 51 yr old bachelor with bad history with women older and much younger than him..he is still big hearted bhai..

    All of this is nothing but hatred. If you hate him please don’t see his videos or read his articles. Why waste your time?

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  • Srk at 1:53..can make you forget all your problems.And arijit’s soothing voice is icing on the cake.
    Raees marketing strategy is spot on.

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  • Sence to sense of this song is a copy of DABANGG song SACHI SACHI NAJARE – Chori KIYA Re Jiya.

    Song is so bad 👎 only fake views can be happened but in reality songs of RAEES is biggest flop.

    Fake YouTube viewers are never going to watch films of SRK, thier duty is only to promote SRK films.

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  • I will not call it as “The best love song of the year” because 2017 has just begun and The Ring’s album is yet to come ;-) but yeah, this is one of the best song in recent times.
    Particularly, the picturization is just fab!!

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  • Wahee ghisipity desert scenes. Pak gaya yaar watching srk in that same posture in every film.

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  • He has that kind of charm when it comes to romance.. He can create great chemistry with object also let alone living thing or beutifull character..king of romance.. Love u

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  • This happened to me probably for the first time in my life that I’m watching a song starring SRK but my focus is concentrated on the leading lady.
    Even Sunny’s seductive moves in Laila song couldn’t convince me to take my eyes off SRK but Mahira-the beauty did it!!!

    In deep love with her and she makes an amazing pair with SRK.

    Jo teri Khatir tadpe…..Jaalima…..This song made my day.

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  • Hrithik roshan is biggest cowered of Bollywood . that is why he wife left him and still try go be gother with her every day in Dubai mumbi shame on you plastic face

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  • The Phenom

    December 21, 2016 at 10:36 am

    I will change my Username from ‘The Phenom’ to ‘The Phenomenal Idiot’ if Dangal crosses 300 crs. I am 100% sure it won’t be able to touch 300 crs , forget beating PK !

    >>> where is this idiot now>>> show up ur pace plz……

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