New Joker Trailer with aliens – Great Visual Effects

The new trailer of Joker has ‘Visitors from outer space’ – and we love it! The visual effects are fantastic, have a look!

Joker releases worldwide this weekend (August 31st). The film features Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha in lead roles.



  •’s vfx was better than this, now here i am not blaming akki or his fans.
    Its just my opinion :P

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  • Why Akki not promoting the film.?
    Only Sonakshi is there in all promotions.

    And yesterday i watched Akki in From Sydney With Love’s promotion which is also releasing on 31st August.

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  • @nagesh because shrish and akki having conflicts related movies scripts and promotions. i dont why shirish is messing with bigges of industry first srk, then akki whose next may be aamir or salman. as a salman fan i hope he doesnt make movie with shirish.

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  • @Rocky,Salman Khan delivered the all time disaster in 2009, Main Aur Mrs.Khanna. Budget – 40 crore & lifetime box office- 8 crores. Nowadays even Sunny Leone films do better business than 8 crores. So don’t worry about Raone & Joker. Even if Joker become flop,it cannot become disaster like Main Aur Mrs.Khanna

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  • @marz,yesterday you were saying that srk has most number of you can check that on the article of indicine -“is akshay kumar threat to the top spot?”which is abhishek sharma’s article.and don’t forget to read abhishek’s comment in comment section of that article where he gave a few names of akki’s hits.please read it and also comment on that.

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  • @hit, stop saving akki’s respect, srk has the more no. Of hits and blockbuster than akki, yes we khan fans were thinking he could be a threat but I guess after joker he will remain joker for khans. Till today the only one guy gave tough competition to khans is one and only hrithik, and akki is just no where near him.
    He is just a joker and king of flops.
    Now I guess ur happy as I have commented.

    Look man I did not say anything bad on akki in my first comment, it was my opinion.
    I Don’t know what was there to get frustrated.

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  • @marz i understand man,that after reading that article you are very dissapointed.and i know that you got your answer that akki has highest hits.don’t worry i will not tell this to anyone.he he he

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  • by the way marz can you make a list on akki and srk’s all successful films(including hits,superhits,bb,atbb)?then you and i both will understand who is more successful.don’t ignore any movie and don’t try to be oversmart.

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  • akki fans felt that he would make a hattrick of 100 C after housefull 2 &RR but unfortunately joker looks unlikely to make it to 100C unless the movie is good but any way i am keeping my fingers crossed.

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  • @ marz yaar srk can do only romantic roles but akki can do action,comedy,masala and even romantic roles which srk can never ever do satisfactorily.

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  • @hit, i am not disappointing at all and thanks for requesting me to make list. And yes i also made a list of akki as well.

    Srk’s list —
    Akki’s list —

    Well now u can compare both thier hits, blockbusters, flops etc.
    U can see who is more success full :)

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  • @nvs, srk proved he can do any role, he can do comedy, masala (OSO) he can do action (DON).
    And romance, u know it hehe.
    Well can tell who can do srk’s my name is khan act perfectly like srk???!!??
    May be ranbir and hrithik can do but i bet no one else can do this role perfectly.
    Thats why we call him king khan, not only we srkians, even the media calls him king khan.
    Even though salman is ruling box office, the people the media all call him king khan even now.
    Why is that?? becoz srk gave unforgettable entertainment, he gave unforgettable movies , he gave unforgettable characters.

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  • @ Mohammed Rafi: what non sense !!!!! Ridiculous …….HOW IDIOTIC RAFI ! that collection like what you said 8 cr of mr. & mrs. khanna was just because of salman ! salman khan wasn’t d integral part of movie “mr. & mrs khanna” for your kind information, he had extended special appearance ….!

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