Nehlle Pe Dehlla – Movie Review

Nehle Pe Dehla - Movie ReviewNehlle Pe Dehlla is about two crooks Johny (Sanjay Dutt) and Jimmy (Saif Ali Khan). Johny is a serial watch robber and Jimmy enters huge mansions past midnight to steal. Both usually end up in behind bars. Pooja (Bipasha Basu) is a owner of a hotel currently managed by Balram (Shakthi Kapoor). As the hotel is running under huge looses, Pooja decides to sell it off to buy a Hotel in Mauritius. She is unaware of the fact that the hotel and the Goa property has already been sold off for Rs 30 crores by Balram.

One night, Jimmy and Johny spot Guptaji (Avtar Gill) killed by three goons (Mukesh Rishi, Aasif Sheikh and Shiva). Before dying though, he lets out the secret about Balram and Hotel Roxy. In order to blackmail him to get their share, they join the hotel as waiters but little do they know that destiny has something rather unexpected in store for them.

The director tries hard to do a David Dhawan kinda movie. He succeeds to a certain extent by crafting a few hilarious sequences. But fails to keep the viewers engrossed over the proceedings. The Music disappoints.

Now the performances. Sanjay dutt is average, much more was expected from this gifted natural actor. Saif Ali Khan doesnt put in much effort, but excels in a few scenes, especially in the first half. Bipasha Basu looks sweet. As Nehlle pe.. is a three year old movie, we get to see Bipasha of the Ajnabee days. But performance-wise she is average. Kim Sharma looks HOT but fails as an actress. Shakthi kapoor delivers a good performance. He is great as the dead body in the later half of the movie. The rest of the supporting starcast is just about ok.

Overall, Nehle Pe Dehla is a average movie?which?does?evoke?a?few?laughs.?But at?the?box?office?with?literally?zero?excitement and hype?surrounding?the?movie,?it?should end up as a disaster.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆


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