‘My Name Is Khan’ is still relevant: Shah Rukh Khan

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, whose film ‘My Name Is Khan’ completed 7 years of release, expressed sadness over the plot of the film still remaining relevant today – given the increasing plight of muslims after the 9/11 attacks in 2001.

“It’s kinda sad too that ‘My Name Is Khan’ is still relevant. But thanks Karan, Ravi, Kajol, SEL Shibani Niranjan Deepa Jimmy and all cast/crew for a special film” Shah Rukh tweeted.

The actor’s tweet is also being seen as criticism towards US President Donald Trump’s executive order to temporarily bar entry into the US to refugees and citizens from seven Muslim-majority nations.

The director of the film, Karan Johar, thanked SRK and said “Thank you Rizvan for spreading your love, your message, your innocence… Seven years of ‘My Name Is Khan'”

Released in theatres on 12 February 2010, My Name Is Khan collected Rs 210 crore worldwide. It was the biggest overseas grosser of all time when it released and performed better outside India.

Shah Rukh won his 8th Filmfare Best Actor award for performance, his last to date.




  • SRK’s best film in last 10 years…
    the only film which opened double in overseas than its domestic collections…
    first day
    domestic- 8crs
    overseas- 17crs

  • Why do you have to mention box office collections of a film at the end of almost every film-related article? You look over-obsessed about it. Sometimes spoils the essence of good articles. I have noticed this in many articles of yours. Nobody cares about the box-office collections of a film that released 7 years ago.

    For instance, if an article on 3 idiots comes up in future, you would mention that it collected 200cr+ and it would look like degrading the film. Rather using the terms as “the best film of all time” or “blockbuster” can do justice to the article.

    With the kind of articles coming on your website off late, I find that it is going in the wrong direction and will lose on its visitors soon. Signs of arrogance!

  • After My name is khan SRK tried to be Salnan Khan by doing commercial action movies. This is why he is lacking behind. He should do universal movies like CDI nd My name is Khan.
    Similarly in last decade Salman was trying to be SRK by doing romantic movies. Thats why he was lacking behind.

  • I don’t know why, but after the article on “Inflated Collections” it looks like you guys believe that you have won over SRK and HR (which is false), and that your work is more valued than theirs.

    But as SRK said “Sheron ka zamaana hota hai”. Don’t mess with SRK and HR. You will be destroyed.

    I already find that there is no article of box office collections on your website. I am least interested in @indicine figures of box office collections. India Today is reporting producer figures. I have started following that now.

    Hopefully you guys can get some sense and go back to reporting producer figures!

  • ” It was the biggest overseas grosser of all time when it released and performed better outside india.”
    This sentence is enough to prove How much SRK is popular in foreign countries.

  • he acted brilliantly in movie but movie was not full commersial entertainer, raees is his best movie for me after rab ne bana di jodi followed by chenai exprees

  • Trump is a complete shame for the entire humanity. I always hated America because they’re not good humans. How the fuc* could they let someone like Trump become president !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Disgusting !!!!!!!!!

  • The most precious and priceless movie gifted to humanity!!! That too with some memorable performances..
    Proud that a movie like this was made in bollywood.

  • after this u haven’t given any good film u have to change ur assitant and the who suggest u a script
    there r so many good film maker down south why u not making film with them this is tim to only concentrate on ur carrier otherwise taje eetire and launch ur son

  • @indicine which is more importent jolly llb 2 1st weekend collection or this??? Such a biased site. Fast updates on khans though this tweet happend yesterday, and ur posting an article today.
    Why ur so biased with khans???

  • SRK was the undisputed king of 1990s and 2000s both in terms of Box Office and quality movies ….
    Have u seen his acting in darr ?????
    How brilliantly he acted in Darr and kabhi ha kabhi na. I can never forget his acting in Darr, Kabhi na kabhi na, and CDI.
    He was brilliant in MNIK too .

    SRK in this decade u just need one good movie to turn the table.
    Please don’t do any romantic movie again.
    U have ruined your career for the sake of your friends for the sake of stupid love stories. It’s right that ur king of romance but at this age focus on stories which have a bit human emotions and story to tell.
    If I have expectations from the Ring , then , it’s not because of the love story but it is because of the guide character.

    U can do 5 good movies to replace hny, Dilwale, Fan and Ra one but what about your age which can never be restored again.
    Please do good movies ….
    U have been in the bolly industry for more than 2 decades, this should be enough for you not to do bad movies like hny and Dilwale. Admitted that both were commercial as compared to fan and Raees but they lacked story.

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