My company has done the special effects of Vishwaroopam: SRK

Shahrukh Khan

With the Madras High court issuing a stay on the release of Kamal Hassan’s Vishwaroopam, actors from across the country including the Tamil and Hindi film industry have come out in support of the legendary superstar.

Talking to the press last evening, Shahrukh Khan said, the whole Vishwaroopam row is completely unwarranted and his own films have faced similar situations in the past.

“We have all gone through this, we have all faced this. To say the least, it is the most unfortunate thing to happen to a film. I would really like to state this, I have done this for Billu Barber, Om Shanti Om and My Name Is Khan” Shahrukh said.

“The censor board passes a film, that’s supposedly the legal entity, the final entity, which looks at the film and looks at all kind of aspects. The censor certificate should mean that the film is fit for viewing all over the country.”

“Mr Kamal Haasan is a senior, who I have a lot of respect for. The visual effects of Vishwaroopam has been done by my company Red Chillies (Entertainment). It is just unfortunate and completely wrong.” SRK added



  • Really we are living in incredible india, where a porn star gets an emphatic entry in films,where her movies get a lot of appreciation and censor board also welcomes her with open hands, where the videos of the songs like bheege hoth tere,aashique banaya aapne (which may give a tough competition to blue films) get clearance certificate.

    But the movies, which pretend to give some messages are banned just because they are supposed to ignite the communal violence.

    Now, can anyone tell me, which type of communal message was there in MNIK????

    But , still, we emphasize on theories rather than praticals.

    We can pass a lot of adult content, but when we get a name like billu barber, my name is khan , then for us, these movies are a danger for health of our country.
    Really incredible india….!!!!

    Coming to vishwaroopam, The additional SP sat and watched the whole movie and they told to the media personnals , that there is nothing wrong, due to which, this movie should be to banned.

    Mr. Kamal Hasan has himself given clarifications a number of times, but result is nothing. Why…??? Because we are living in incredible india.

    I was not intended to write these words, but i did, because i couldn’t control myself.

  • @salman rocks…definitely…it is a public stunt….like salman did at the release of dabangg 2, when his arrival in court and his expected punishment were top news of that time….and his touchy statement…”on my b’day, i wud be in court”…was also a part of it..isn’t it???

  • Those who do not want to watch the movie should not stop others from watching it. Really annoying that this happens in a free India. I lived in England for afew years and that is a real democracy where people have freedom of choose to view any type of films.
    I say to those who can: please watch this movie, it is of the highest quality, executed brilliantly and has a good paced flow from start to finish. Dont miss out on this marvellous movie. For those unfortunate not to watch the movie in theatres then please watch it upon dvd release, the next best thing.

  • When SRK film My Name Is Khan did not release in mumbai he didn’t say tat he will leave India forever. But Why Kamal said this?????

  • @salman roks this is not the definition of a publicity stunt….a publicity stunt is when the most inhuman actor in bollywood pretends to do charity in the name of “Being Human”!!

  • So here is the answer,the main reason for srk’s support towards kamal hassan is that his stupid company has done special effects for that film so he wants that the movie should be appreciated.
    Leaving this aside these dumbass fans of srk are crying on salman now.When will they grow up & know the fact that Salman khan always comes to help others who need support & promotes newcomers & his friends movies.This is what called BEING HUMAN.
    On the other hand this cartoon srk comes to irritate others by his tweets at the time his film releases & shows his frustration on others success,promotes a film only if he is associated with the film.So what is this kind of worst character called ?

  • @S:C:…and yes, salman is currently running being human..but it’s a pure public stunt , which has two advantages…1. public evasion…and whenevr IT will investigate his being human, then i am pretty sure that a number of ireegularities will be found….a number of donations are given to being human per day.moreover, at, each user pays 5rs in the fund of being human…
    Niw u can guess, how much amount is paid to being human per day..but where is the output????
    if i am not wrong, then i don’t think that salman did some relevant work by those moneys..
    ireespective of that public stunt with antara’s father…it’s beyond my imagination that why he told all these things in media…can’t he help that person without any hype???

  • Lool u lot r jokers, if u see it from my point of view this is all a big process of marketing, at the end it will get release and ppl will go, so yh hassan will still make money

  • @ Xzone, How do you know that “being human” has not done any work? Do you have any proofs?
    If not, then why are you opening your mouth? Or do you always do that? Is that in your nature? Give some credible proof and then talk, if you need to be taken seriously.

  • @JC S:C: (whatever)…..u seem like a lawyer of mr. salman khan…so, u r asking for a proof???
    can u give me a single proof mr. lawyer, which shows that salman is utilizing the money of being human efficiently…??? and u have not seen my original words yet…bcoz indicine has not published my first comment …the comment u seen was my second comment…if u ll see that comment(first), then u ll get ur discription, which is edited by me….
    and as far as i am concerned, u don’t need to worry abt me…niether take me seriously…my comments are intended to certain fans and they ll take me seriosly…so don’t bother…
    and as u asked , why i open my mouth…so listen…just bcoz u loosers…
    indicine published a post “shahrukh khan on kamal hasan” and after few mins, they posted an another one “salman khan on kamal hasan”…now mr. lawyer…can u tell me , what are u doing at this page…??? why didn’t u post any comment on that page (which was concerned abt salman)..???
    first get the answer of my quistion and then dare to argue with me…

  • @xzone : Your are forcing salman’s fans to abuse you.
    better comment logically or shut up !!! The article clearly pointing that SRK is supporting Kamal because Red Chillies did VFX effects.

  • I dont understand watzzz d problem wid salman’s fanss…
    Can dey digest deir own star’s success..
    Dey alwazzz intefere n are interested n wat shahrukh izzz doin….grow upp guysss….
    Shahrukh jst suppoeyed kamal…
    N tmlog sirf nuqs nikalnaa jante ho…
    Agar shahrukh yeh baat nahi kehta k red chilliies wer involved den tmlog kya kehte…hhuhhh….sum ppl r jst pathetic

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