Must watch: The Making of PK – The Character!

Behind the scene visuals of one of the most-awaited films in recent times – Rajkumar Hirani’s PK . Hirani has co-written the script with Abjijat Joshi. The director-actor duo were also the writers behind classics like Munnabhai MBBS, Lage Raho Munnabhai and 3 Idiots.

Talking about the film and the character of PK, Hirani says “When we write a script, we usually visualise the characters in the film. How they look, talk and walk.. but PK is one such character which was very difficult to visualise. We didn’t have a reference point. PK was one such character who didn’t have a reference point. A character like him wasn’t there in any book, nor did we meet someone like him in real life. We only knew that we wanted the character to be innocent and child-like. Now the question was, who is that actor who could look like a child. Someone who is perfect for the role of PK. The answer was obvious.. Aamir Khan.

Then Aamir heard the script and he was very excited about the role. Now the challenge was how to give this character a physical look. And then began our journey from Aamir Khan to PK!

The video has much more.  Aamir talks about the film too and the makers also show the excitement and expectations of the audience. Do watch it.



  • Haha…

    ARJUN KAPOOR: (July 24, 2014 at 3.35 pm)@vikram u consider srk as the king of overseas but don’t u think amir khan has been giving consistent big grossers in overseas than srk? look at 3idiots. Srk movie broke this record after 4 years. even salman has been giving 6 back to back 150 cr grosser in india which srk is failing. Salman ,amir way ahead of him n hny has to do 250cr if u have to prove srk is greater than salman n amir.
    @ srk fans- meet this arjun arjun kapoor–
    ARJUN KAPOOR: (July 19, 2014 at 2:11 pm)@romance u r obsessed with box office india’s fake figures.anyways even u agree that jthj was a hit in india and blockbuster overseas.butthen wat makes u blv most indians rejected it?if Indians had rejected it then it would hv been a failure like or asoka or paheli and not bcm hit.


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  • simply mibdblowing.cant wait for pk.srk,aamir,hrithik r true legends of Bollywood and I don’t care whether sallu fans get angry by my cmnts


  • Raju hirani always do same kind of movie now audience has changed taste has change.just look at pk teaser response its lower than shahid kapoor haider wheres action jackson trailer released only a day before look at the response amazing aj trailer took more than 1 million views than pk,i think after taalash pk will b next flop of gaymir


  • Salman Khan helps people through #BeingHuman

    Aamir Khan raises issues & their solutions through #SMJ

    SRK Kills people through his movies.


  • pk will be definitely steal our heart. some aamir haters were said pk will works bcoz raju hirani , yesterday said dhoom 3 were works bcoz of brand.
    then what think about srk same like u. yep ce works bcoz of rohit sheety, Don 2 works bcoz of brand, jthj works bcoz of yash Chopra, veer zara works bcoz of again yashji.
    so plz don’t give us explanation.
    everyone know aamir is legend. he is Mr perfectionist.
    love u aamir n Salman.


  • it Will do great business in the long run….1st week will be good but collectionwise 2nd nd 3rd week will be highest of the year …eagerly waiting for peekay….minimum 225 plus crores on the card.


  • @came Leone aamir hits since 2000 look
    2001 – dch – hit
    lagaan – hit
    rang de basanti – hit
    fanna – blockbuster
    tzp – superhit
    ghajini – atbb
    3 idiots – atbb
    talash – semi hit
    dhoom3 – atbb
    9 hit wake up and respect the legend.


  • the lead roles of hirani films are so much strong that here amir has a little to do with..if amir did a crap like dabang or hny,it would hv been a disaster..


  • @indicine: you didn’t post a single article about the Most Beautiful Lady in the World Aishwarya Rai’s B’day ! How can u ignore her? Nobody can be like her.


  • Simply awesome!! Aamir is the most focused, hardworking and intelligent actor with perfect sense of script!! Waiting for PK!



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