‘Most Wanted’ sequel to Salman Khan’s Wanted!

After the super success of Wanted all over India, producer of the movie, Boney Kapoor has plans to produce the sequel. 

The film, Boney says could be titled ‘Most Wanted’  and no prizes for guessing the lead star of the movie. Salman Khan it is, who will star in the sequel as ‘Radhe’ a character name that seems to be quite lucky for the star – Tere Naam which also starred Salman as Radhe was a box office HIT.

Boney was also all-praise for Salman’s performance and star power “He is one of the major reasons for the film to take such a start and the film is entirely on his shoulders. It’s a one man show. I think it is his lifetime’s best performance. And he has carried every scene, every knock in the film very well”

With no big names associated with the movie, we can’t possibly disagree and with a catchy title like ‘Most Wanted’ the film could easily break most ‘Wanted’ records!

What do you think? Looking forward to the movie? Comments below



  • cant wait for the movie!~!!
    salman acted rly well in wanted and wil do better in most wanted

    awesome movie
    love the songs
    couldnt take my eyes off the screen for a second when i watched wanted

    everyone should watch wanted and most wanted

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  • i new that salman will do this when the time comes and it is what he did in this film wanted only salman can do that

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  • wanted is awesome movie and i m waiting now for the most wanted too.,.,salman is no 1 actor in bollywood.,.,aamir and shahrukh is next,,.,.,.,

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  • when he hits.. he hits so solid…
    stunning promos of veer is sending messages to all leading actors.. dont mess wid me????

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  • salman khan as really acted a gud roll in wanted movie… now i wanted 2 see him in “The Most Wanted”

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  • mujhe wanted movie bahot acchi lagi.aur mujhe lagta hai ke most wanted to wanted se bhi jyada hit hogi.

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  • Most Wanted toh bahut hi badi hit hogi aur ye toh sare record tod degi….

    All the best “RADHEY”

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