Mon Amour Song Video – Kaabil

The ‘Mon Amour’ song promo from Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil is out and it’s a love-dance number between a couple who can’t see yet try to dance through the beats of the song.

Also featuring Yami Gautam, Kaabil releases in theatres in 20 days from now.

Check out the Mon Amour composed by Rajesh Roshan and sung by Vishal Dadlani.

Song Video: Mon Amour
Music: Rajesh Roshan
Singer: Vishal Dadlani



  • [email protected] says:

    Crap song hai..

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    Before Trailer :: 100%
    After Trailer :: 200%
    After Laila :: 400%
    After New Posters :: 800%
    After Everything :: 2000%

    But But But
    KAABIL’s whatever Buzz = Raees’s 2000% Buzz

    Because 1999% Buzz of Raees is biggest fake ever due to 99% people on social sites are fake in case srk films. They believe on promoting SRK but never watch BIGGEST COWARD ON EARTH Film in Theatres. If that is not true then FAN would be Highest Grossing Film Of 2016 because overall Fan buzz was too at infinite level but Happen with this Biggest Crappiest Film on Earth despite getting solo releases and released with 4000 plus screens.

    SRK means expectation above 1000Cr and collection below 100Cr e.g FAN.

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  • Never see this type of song in history of Bollywood but Hrithik done this I proud of Hrithik only you done this

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  • Which is why I always says

    Even God can’t save SRK & RAEES from complete washout.
    KAABIL All Time Blockbuster.

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  • Song is not at all good.

    And why hrithik is doing so much overacting.and the dance is just so much forced in the movie for entertainment purpose.

    kaabil lost another +ve point although it didn’t have any +ve point before though.



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  • kaun kehata hai ki blind people dance nahi kar sakte….look at HR n yami….too much fun…lol..

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  • No actor has given 4 disasters in this decade Like jadoo boy – Kites, guzzarish, Mohenjo Daro and now kaabil …

    The story is so dumb that people will reject this crap on the first day itself.

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  • All songs of KAABIL is creating magic on music channels

    KAABIL buzz is so high comparing to Raees. Songs are chartbuster in disco.

    KAABIL is going to be watched by youngers because of romantic values.

    KAABIL is thriller, romantic and suspense film. Everyone likes suspense thriller films. So kaabil is going to be accepted by audience.

    Raees is a mixture of old recent films and Amitabh films. So Raees can’t sustain at box office.

    Just to hide negativity of RAEES, some fools are giving higher collection for RAEES.

    But fact is that RAEES is going to be disaster

    KAABIL – 135cr blockbuster

    RAEES – 84cr disaster

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