Love Sex Aur Dhokha Movie Review

Dibakar Banerjee director of classics like Khosla Ka Ghosla and Oye Lucky Lucky Oye returns with a film quite boldly titled Love Sex Aur Dhokha! The film has an almost unknown star-cast – Anshuman Jha, Shruti, Neha Chauhan, Arya Devdutta, Raj Kumar Yadav, Amit and Herry Tangri.

Love Sex Aur Dhokha has 3 stories. Rahul, a student in a film institute, takes up his diploma film with a small cast and during the process ends up falling in love with the film’s heroine Shruti. They runaway and get married.

The second story is about Adarsh, young and unemployed chap, who doesn’t mind stooping low to make some quick bucks. He lures a naive girl Rashmi (Chauhan) at a shopping center and plans to sell the footage of the them being intimate.

The final story is a sting operation planned by a journalist Prabhat (Sail) on a pop star Loki Local (Tangri) who takes unduly advantage of models approaching him for a part in music videos.

What works for Love Sex Aur Dhokha

1) … is the explicit realism with which the director portrays the India of today. Every story is easy to connect, something that you read time and again in newspapers. Dibakar Banerjee has taken a relevant issue and transformed it into a cinematic masterpiece, which is a must-watch, especially for the younger generation.

2) All stories have a common link. All of them involve a hint of everything that the title stands for – love, sex and dhokha.

3) The second story and the third are the best of the three tales and although the pace is slightly on the slower side, it helps in digesting some of the sequences. With LSD, Bollywood certainly has grown up and successfully broken the so-called formula.

4) LSD is basically a film shot on a handheld video camera and what sets it apart from films like Paranormal Activities is the multiple plots. The runtime, under 2 hours, also works in favour of the film.

What doesn’t work for Love Sex Aur Dhokha

1) The pace is sometimes slow, especially the first track when the director pays his tribute to the Yashraj brand of cinema.

2) The realism may be too hard to digest for a few. Also, those that decide to watch the film for titillation, going by the title, will walk out disappointed.

Overall, Love Sex Aur Dhokha, while not for everyone, is a must watch if your a fan of hard-hitting bold films with real stories. At the box office, the film caters to the youngsters and should grow on word of mouth. Due to the low budget, the investment should be easily recovered in Week 1.

Rating: ★★★★☆


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  • LSD a landmark cinema that pushed the envelope sucessfully..kudos to Dibakar banerjee and our younger breed of directors for giving us something different to watch in between the old formula ridden crap films…

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