Longest Kissing Scene in Bollywood

The makers of ‘Bloody D’ directed by S. Singh claim that their film has one of the longest kissing scene ever witnessed in Bollywood. The kiss is between lead stars Aslam Khan and Sanaa, is more than one minute long.

That’s not all. The film also features the deadliest killing sequences – a scene that is 4 minutes long! Says the lead actor Aslan Khan “The kissing scene was the most uncomfortable scene for me. It was a long sequence of more than a minute and I had to give too many retakes because every time we began I would become uncomfortable. It was okayed only after 12 – 13 shots. Irony of it was that Sanaa Dhadli (the female lead), who is making her debut with the film, was absolutely ok with it and was doing it very boldly. Infact she kept telling me how to hold her, what to do etc. I was shocked when she said that she wanted to continue for longer but luckily creative director put his foot down”

Bloody D stars Aslam Khan, Sanaa, Deep Joshi, Aman Uppal, Danica Moadi, Roaleey Ryan, Bindu Chaudhary, Ravi Janghu and veteran actor Aditya Pancholi is a bold cinematic attempt, creating a different dimension to the regular horror and psycho thriller cinema.

Sanaa Dhadli, Aslam Khan still from Bloody DSanaa Dhadli, Aslam Khan still from Bloody D Awards press meet

Currently, Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh hold the record for the longest kissing scene. It’s from Band Baaja Baraat, their first film together. Watch below!



  • now the girls are becoming so bold hell its impact of multiplexes the movies should be like dabbang and rowdy rathode hritik and srk are making this multiplexes movies they are destroying our culture

  • Seems like the lead actor & The Director are trying to promote the movie by boasting about kissing scene & killing sequence. I wonder if they are wasting such a long time on these two scenes because they must not be having much to show in the rest of the movie.

    And narendra modi, when did SRK do a kissing scene. If I’m correct, out of the leading stars today, only SRK & Salman have never kissed their heroines on screen. Even Amir Khan kissed Kareena in 3 Idiots. Akshay kissed Kaeena in Kambakht Ishq for a short scene.

  • SRK is the king of romance and even then he has not crosses the limits of the cheeks.He is really humble and gently man type of actor.And as per aamir he has also kissed in raja hindustani.

  • abe bewkufo srk ne maya memsab me nude scene diya hai check you tube nd flirt vulgerity to her movie me krta hai

  • @ayushsrk we’ve seen how humble your SRK was in maya memsaab ,,,,,,,while f*****g deepa sahi….he was literally tearing pillow…..think before you say….don’t praise your so called king blindly….seriously don’t know why SRK fans always speak non-sense

  • but after maya mamsaab he said,
    k ab wo kisi qism k asia scene ya kissing scene nhi kray ga aur wo abi tk us waaday pe hai aur us ne khud kha k maya mamsaab main aisa scene krna us ki ghalti thi

  • Movies lyk dabangg nd rowdy rathore are saving our culture!!! Gimme a f**king break…

  • you fellas just get to lnow the real thing first ,srk himself never did any intimate scene in maya memsaab, when they r shown kissing its pure camera work and see the video clearly , you’ll find it urself, whenever they r shown togetger in a frame the’re not doing something too intimate and whenever there is an intimate frame they’ re never shown together and when man is shown from behind with bare buttocks , you can clearly tell from that physique that its not srk… even when deepa sahi is shown bare breasted its double body trick qhich was also used for showing srk nude from behindwhich is actually deepa andsrk’s face on someone else’s body …….. so till date out of 3superhkhan only aamir have locked lips wid kareena in 3idiots and karishma in raja hindustani in case of srk , it was all camera work , editing work(in most of the scenes they were shot seperately and then edited togetherin one single frame and you can clearly see this) and double body effectt……….. srk has the cleanest image in bollywood not akshay or salman ……
    got it??????????????

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