Little Boy is just the seed of the idea, Tubelight is different: Kabir Khan

Reacting to criticism over his similarities between his upcoming film ‘Tubelight’ and the Hollywood film ‘Little Boy’, Filmmaker Kabir Khan has said ‘Little Boy’ was officially credited in the teaser of the Hindi film.

He also said the story and treatment of ‘Tubelight’ is completely different from ‘Little Boy’.

“It is in the credits of Tubelight as Official Story Adaptation. But it’s just the seed of an idea. Everything else has been completely changed in Tubelight” Kabir Khan was quoted as saying.

Little Boy is a story about a child who sets out on a journey to find his father who has gone on war, but ends up giving lessons on humanity to everyone around him. Salman’s character in ‘Tubelight’ is said to be based on the child, with the backdrop of the 1962 Sino-Indian war.

‘Tubelight’ is scheduled to release in theatres on June 23.



  • Indiab media has problems with everything related to Salman Khan…. When he was doing back to back commercial entertainers all were chanting that why don’t Salman experiment? Salman can’t make a film out of his comfort zone and blah blah blah…

    Now, he makes a completely different movie Tubelight and the same media is chanting that what’s need of doing this non commercial looking movie? He should do only commercial action movies and blah blah blah….!

    #ch Indian media!


  • They have problem with Salman’s official adaptation Tubelight….. While 99% of their global king movies are unofficial remakes. Let’s have look at some of them……

    Inspired by:-A Kiss Before Dying (1991)

    2)Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge(1995)(DDLJ)
    Inspired by:-The Sure Thing (1985)

    3)Kuch Kuch Hota Hai(1998)
    Inspired By:-Sleepless in Seattle(1993),Grease(1978)

    4)Chamatkar (1992)
    Inspired By :- Blackbeard’s Ghost 1968

    Inspired By:-:-West Side Story(1961)

    6)Dil Toh Pagal Hai(1997)
    Inspired By:-42nd Street(1933)

    Inspired By:- Dead Poets Society(1989)

    8)Chalte Chalte(2003)
    Inspired By:-Fools Rush In (1997),Forget Paris(1995)

    Inspired By:-Chigurida Kanasu(2003,Kannada)

    10)Yes Boss(1997)
    Inspired BY :- For Love or Money (1993)

    Inspired By:-The Whole Town’s Talking(1935)

    Inspired By:-Nick Of Time(1995),If Looks Could Kill(1991),Rush Hour(1998)

    Inspired By:- Duvidha(1973,Hindi)

    14)King Uncle(1993)
    Inspired By:-Annie(1982)

    Inspired By:-Revenge(1990)

    16)One 2 Ka 4(2001)
    Inspired By:-One Good Cop(1991)

    17)Ram Janne(1995)
    Inspire By:-Angels With Dirty Faces(1938)

    Inspired By:-Cape Fear(1991)

    19)Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani
    Inspired By:-The Front Page(1931,1974),The Broadcast News(1987)

    20)Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna(2006)
    Inspired By:-Closer(2004),Divorce American Style(1967),Brief Encounter(1945)

    21)Kal Ho Naa Ho(2003)
    Inspired By:-My Life Without Me(2003,Spanish/Canadian) based on the book “Pretending the Bed Is a Raft” by Nanci Kincaid

    22)Chak De India(2007)
    Inspired By:-Miracle On Ice(TV Movie,1981),Believe in Me (2006),Remember the Titans (2000),
    Miracle(2004;The 2 famous dialgoues of Chak De India:“Sattar Min Hai Tumhare Pass“ and “Tu sab apne desh ke liye khelte ho“ are lifted from this movie along with other stuffs copied from this film)

    23)Om Shanti Om(2007)
    Inspired By:-Karz(1980),Madhumati(1958) and it was plagiarised from a Script by Ajay Monga(Corporate,Fashion)

    24)Main Hoon Na(2004)
    Inspired By:-Fight Back to School(1991,Chinese),Never Been Kissed(1999),Toy Soldiers(1991)

    25)My Name is Khan(2010)
    Inspred By:-Forrest Gump(1994),Adam(2009,Irish)

    26)Maya Memsaab(1993)
    Inspired By:- Madame Bovary(1991)

    P.S-Here only those films have been considered where Shahrukh Khan has played the main lead and and the entire film has been considered.If we consider the films where he has special appearances/extended guest appearance,Official Remakes and scene plagiarism(i.e some sequences have been blantantly lifted from other films)then the list is ENDLESS..


  • Those making these absurd snipes at Kabir Khan are most likely the same loons who probably thought Dadajis Diwali 2011 crapfest RATOON POINT ZERO had no similarities to Green Lantern…!

    Atleast here the story idea has been accredited to the Hollywood original but no doubt the new narration n screenplay will be different in so many ways…!


  • Kuch Kuch log posters se lekar movie tak pura cut paste karte hai phir bhi credit nahi dete, yaha Kabir ne sirf idea liya to bhi teaser mai Credit de diya…. #DIFFERENCE 👌


  • Kitna copy paste karega…
    Kabhi south se to kabhi hollywood se copy karke idhar bollywood ke logonko ullu banata hai.


  • When people come to clarify.. That means impact is huge.. I mean people are surely disliking tubelight teaser and its adaptation from little boy..

    Its a huge set back for tubelight right now..To obercome from this they need an impactful trailer with hugely sucessful songs followed by.


  • Ek movie bb kya acchi banai aur wo bhi pk se inspire thi sab kabir ko great bolne lage..
    Aab dekho ye sallu kabir combo people ko loot raha hai copy paste karke


  • i dont think this movie will collect more then 300 crores..having negative vibe about it..i hope it proves me wrong n collects more then 350 at d box office


  • These jobless haters are making the Original Little Boy out to being some kind of masterpiece when noone I know even remembers that garbage or has any idea about that crapfests existence.

    If you research it then you will know it was a crappy made film which many many many ppl hated.

    Kabirs take on the story n retelling of it will be different n no doubt better for the hindi audience…!


  • Problem with Tubelight is not Little Boy or Teaser. Problem is its appeal. It doesn’t look like a film appealing to every section of audience like a BB, Dangal and PK were. It will have very little appeal towards masses. Though masses contribute less than 30% in big films but that can easily keep it from all time records.


  • “It is in the credits of Tubelight as Official Story Adaptation. But it’s just the seed of an idea. Everything else has been completely changed in Tubelight” Kabir Khan was quoted as saying.

    Atleast Salman give credit to the original story even though its just a scene (in the last), otherwise few actors in industry who stole complete scene and plot and don’t even give credit to its rightful owner like Dilwale car scene which was copy from MI2 and FAN movie plot which is completely stolen from Hollywood movie “The FAN”…….And his fan bashing Salman……LOL



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