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Krrish 3 vs Arrambam this weekend at the box office

Two huge releases, Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish 3 and Tamil superstar Ajith’s Arrambam are all set for a huge battle at the South Indian box office.

Hrithik has a huge fan-following in the south, almost all his films have opened well in Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. But this time around, Arrambam is likely to affect the business of Krrish 3 in the south, especially in Tamilnadu.

Krrish 3 - Arrambam

Krrish 3 – Arrambam

The advance booking of both films kick-started on Saturday and the response has been phenomenal for both. In major cities, Krrish 3 tickets are selling like hot cakes. A few morning shows are ‘housefull’ in advance or filling up quickly. A few multiplexes are screening as many as 30 shows per day, with one show every 20-25 minutes!

Tickets of Arrambam too are in high demand. There are reports that several exhibitors are increasing the screens and shows of the film in Tamilnadu by reducing the shows of Krrish 3 and older releases.

In Karnataka, all shows of Arrambam on November 1st have been cancelled as the state celebrates ‘Rajyothsava’.

The South Indian territories will be important for Krrish 3, if it has to have any chance of break the opening day record of Chennai Express or crossing the 30 crore mark. What would make it even tougher is the fact that Friday is a working day.

A question to all our readers from the south Indian states. What’s your pick – Krrish 3 or Arrambam? Tell us! Do mention your state or city too.



  • I’ll go for Krrish 3 as i’m a big fan of hrithik.
    But for others Arambham would definetly the first choice as we know after the come back movie Magatha , Ajith is in most than ever. He is also called the next superstar of south after Rajnikanth.
    But we can’t judge the future anything can happen as Ajith’s last movie Billa 2 was not accepted by Malayali audience . So figure crossed for both movie.
    (Anchal, Kollam, Kerala)

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  • aarambam what???that film is not releasing in andhra..k3 is releasing 450 screens in a.p and 200 in tn 7 kerala and 100-150 in 750-800 screens in south more than aarabam in south..

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  • I Prefer both because about hrithik i had already said and you all know him

    But Ajith he is king of opening in tamil cinema
    He has no cinema family back ground he came to industry without support of any god father and he is also a great racer and mostly good human being he will stand in queue when he votes or to pay school fees for his daughter and avoids fan clubs and film functions and attends charitable functions which and when in need of tamil cinema

    Fans call him THALA

    Aarambam will make big thing as it was a great combination of actor director combo(BILLA a hindi remake of DON)

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  • Advance booking report via krish3: pritty good because of huge screen size but not upto mark compare to yjhd or chennai express, means pre diwali release affect it but due to huge craze and buzz k3 1st figer may cross 25cr althoug single screen yet to be reported, source via @boxofficedetail.
    The romance pridiction, k3 need 25cr plus 1st day to recover its invesment, anything less 25cr trun down k3 to become all time diwali diastar.

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  • those who talking about 250 crore for krrish 3…are actually talking abt the total collection of all movies releasing in Nov 2013

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  • Arrambam all the way!
    Most people wont watch Krishh 3 missing ARRAMBAM in tamil nadu.
    I am from karnataka….even here Arrambam has more shows than Krishh 3.

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  • hrithik is greater than salman khan..already 45% sold out in advance ,till thursday advance will go 65-70% that means 30 cr possible ..salmans dabang2 20.5 cr non holiday..k3 will break that in advance only..
    hrithik is much bigger superstar than that disaster mari gold star…

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  • hello ajith fans,be limited to tamilnadu only..he has no craze in andhra,kerala..
    if u take entire south india krrish3 is releasing on 750+ screens compared to aarambam 700 screens.
    hrithik defeats south india star in south india star..thats the craze..

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  • One more reason indicine hv prepared to defend k3 if it doesn’t cross 30 cr mark. (Another is length of d movie)
    @indicine. Just check BMS k3 has huge no of shows in multiplex as well as single screen similar to ce nd ett. Some places may b short by one or two shows but it has make up with 500 to 600 extra screen. And all these r just excuses to defend. Grand masti released on 1900 screen compare to satyagraha boss outimd (all these released on more than 2800 screen. Still grand masti did 2 cr more.
    2nd thing Hindi movie separate market in south. Maybe 50% people watching both Tamil and Hindi alike. On first day Ce did 5 cr from these territory which is d best figure for any Hindi movie in south on first day. So even if affected by ajith movies still it should do 4 cr at least and I don’t think one cr is huge amount to hamper k3 from creating record.
    My prediction for k3 is 23-24cr on first day if wom is good
    If bad then 18-19 cr. and be realistic guys

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  • If Dhoom-3 and Krrish-3 both will release in a same day 1 november that will be a huge competition

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  • The hype around lavish Films especially those which release on festive occasions is insurmountable. Diwali has traditionally remained one of he most bankable money spinning eves for Bollywood with its ability to attract large holiday crowd. With Hrithik Roshan’s superhero flick Krrish 3gearing up for release this Friday, a day before Diwali crackers begin sizzling, the economic turn down of the market can surely hope to not affect Bollywood this season. The advance booking reports of the film have been overwhelming and as the film releases in over 4000 screens the collections should kick start well.
    A mild trade buzz also suggests that the price ofKrrish 3tickets will be higher than that of Chennai Express.The film, which released this Eid sold tickets at 500 INR per ticket in most multiplexes at metropolitan cities. IfKrrish 3even equates the ticket rates ofChennai Express, that would be reason enough for the film to easily be amongst the forerunners at being one of the fastest entrants of the distinguished 100 crore club.
    Koimoi compiles for you our expectations of how we presume the film will perform at the domestic box office.
    Krrish 3 movie poster
    On its Day 1, the film can easily earn in the range of23 croresto25 crores. Being a normal Friday release, it will be hard for the film to soar any further. Since the film caters mainly to the youth and kids, one can expect to find more families flocking the theatres on its first day. Hrithik’s last film Agneepath,that was a Republic Day release in 2012, earned23 croreson its 1st day. Though it might be hard for the film to match up to the collections ofChennai Expressor Ek Tha Tigerwhich released on full blown holidays, it surely has the potential to surpass this year’s highest non-holiday release YJHD,which made a record breaking opening day moolah of19.45 crores.
    For a film likeKrrish 3, word of mouth might have a quintessential role to play. On its Day 2, the film might get slightly dampened due to the festivities occupying the center-stage for most families. The film on its second day, which is a Diwali, should earn in the range of19 crores. There is remote chance of the film showing a tremendous pick up on that day due to the Diwali buzz already gathering more attention than the film for most people.
    On Day 3 too, the film will at best remain in the same range or show a minimal growth at the box office. Being the actual day of Diwali, the holiday focus will mostly be on spending time with the family and engaging in festive fun more than watching a film. Still if a good hype sparks off for the movie, the film can remain in the range of23 crores.
    On Day 4, the film might see a huge drop. Expecting atleast a50%decrease, given that most offices will be open on that day, the film’s collections will accumulate to12 crores-13 crores. Hrithik’s last releaseAgneepathhad made nearly8 croreson its 1st Monday. But sinceKrrishas a franchise a huger fan base, along with the benefit of being released in the Diwali vacation period, the chances forKrrish 3to remain stable over the week is greater.
    Since the 1st Tuesday for the film is again a quasi-holiday given that it is Bhai Dooj, the box office income might see a rise on that day. Estimating that it will settle around14 crores-15 crores, it might be its most solid chance at earning to the hilt before working days begin for the film.
    By Wednesday, the film’s collections can be expected to stabilize at a fixed income till it hits its second weekend. Given thatChennai Express,YJHDand evenEk Tha Tigeron its initial weekdays remained steady in the range of11 croresto12 croresnearly,Krrish 3too will remain steady in the same range earning at least a minimum amount of10 crores.
    With the conclusion of film’s 6 days, it should enter the coveted 100 crore club at the domestic box office. As per the expected run, the film will surely join the ranks of the highest grossing films easily. However100 croresmight come a little delayed to it given the spell of rollicking Diwali feast that will be prior to most people.

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  • @speedo bro:don’t be over confident.i also think that thing about u.and don’t criticize ajith fans.

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