Kill Dil Box Office Opening

Kill DillRanveer Singh’s latest release ‘Kill Dil’ has taken a decent start at the box office on Friday. As expected, the opening is about 50-55% lower than Ranveer’s last release ‘Gunday’, which was also produced and distributed by Yash Raj Films.

The buzz that ‘Gunday’ carried after the release of its theatrical trailer was completely missing with ‘Kill Dil’. The morning shows at multiplexes were in the 30-35% range, the response single-screens was about the same.

Kill Dil will also be competing with a couple of Hollywood films and also a few regional releases. The film would have to collect upwards of Rs 65 crore just to break even, as Yash Raj Films has revealed that the cost of production and marketing is around Rs 40 crore.

The Ranveer, Parineeti Chopra, Ali Zafar and Govinda starrer will rely on word-of-mouth publicity to carry it through to safety. But the initial reports from the morning shows isn’t very positive.



  • Right from the trailer to the songs promos.. not even a moment did this film look like it would opened well or do well.

    Looked very similar to Gunday but didn’t have that scale also. Seemed like a smaller film than Gunday.

    Sad for Ranveer who was looking like he would compete with Ranbir Kapoor.. Kill Dil will be a set back for him.

  • now one guy @ArjunKapoor will comment Kill Dill vil do 100cr business watever business it vil do but I’m sure it vil beat the lifetime of finding fanny easily

  • I wish kill dill team very good luck. Hope it collects 100cr n becomes a superhit as it has been promoted vigorously by good marketing strategy. All d best.

  • No Chetan Bhagat,Ritesh Deshmukh,Galliyan,Banjaara— and we get poor openings like this…

    Kill dil’s opening was going to be more than Holiday..we youngistaan are now upto Akki,ajay’s level and Sir RK is upto HR’s level…NOW What happened???

  • Greatest bollywood films as per genre since 2000:
    Best Historical film:
    1.Jodhaa Akbar
    3.Legend of Bhagat Singh

    Best Action films:
    1.Dhoom 2
    2.Don 2/Bang Bang

    Best Superhero/scifi film:
    1.Koi Mil Gaya
    2.Krrish 3

    Whether it is Action film or Historical film Hrithik dominates.
    In fact Hrithik is the only star of Bollywood who has been highly successful in Superhero and Scifi genre. Other attempts of stars like Ra.One, 2050-A love story failed.

  • I like parineeti Chopra, but she should stop doing the same kind of role in every movie. People will get bored if she doesn’t reinvent herself.

  • Wow 15cr for sure
    This open decent only because Ranveer is the friend of Arjun Kapoor otherwise its open poor
    That is the star power of Arjun Kapoor

  • Most Important Thing Hrittik Done 180 Crore With Clash( Haider ) & Huge Negativity .. Compared With CULT Movie Like Haider ..

    While Happy New Year Is SOLO Release With 5000 Screen ..

    And Bang Bang Released On 3300 Screen

    And Still Happy New Just 20 Crore Ahead From Bang Bang

    #5hameSRKFans :P #HrithikRocks ..

  • @babaji even Hello was based on Chetan Bhagat’s novel ‘One Night At A Call Centre’ .. & that novel is considered Chetan’s best work till date ! & we all know Hello’s fate.
    Ritesh Deshmukh ? the one who has a huge list of flop movies in a career spanning about a decade, & has played a side-kick in big movies.
    Galliyan sung by Ankit Tiwari, even Singham Returns had a song sung by Ankit Tiwari but why did that song go unnoticed ?
    Woah !! that speaks all .. the fact is that 2 States was a very well made movie with brilliant performances & so was Ek Villain .. infact Ek Villain was better & Sidharth’s performance has been one of the finest this year. The movies were loved because they were really well made & had young bright talents who are loved by the audiences .. no wonder the movies raked in more than 100 cr. each.
    what about your 60 cr. actor who even fails to deliver ‘Hits’ Lol ! no I won’t call him a flop actor now .. cause I don’t pass unnecesary hatred comments.

  • Film is flopping bcoz ape kid Arjun Kapoor is missing- poor arjun is still looking for fanny while his youngistan contemporaries are in desperate search for their next hit- cruel world we live in….

  • @babaji ka thallu. sorry at first I didn’t get ur point but I now understand. @all youngistaan. who ever said youngistan is at akki level must b dreaming! that can’t even b achieved in d next 10years. let dem deliver a total of 2000crore first??? am not an ajay devgn fan but let’s call a spade a spade! no youngistan can deliver an opening of 20crores apart from rhanbir! even hritik is not on d list of few actors achieving 30crores 1st day?? but ajay slmn srk and aamir are so forget about comparing d youngistsn with akki and ajay!! God!!! brainless

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