Jab We Met Movie Review

Jab We Met Movie Review by Anurada Bhat

Jab We Met posterImtiaz Ali of ‘Socha Na Tha’ fame is back with yet another love story titled ‘Jab We Met’. This movie would be Shahid-Kareena’s fourth film together. It is one of the most awaited releases of the year, for it promises unseen amazing chemistry between the couple. With the couple’s real life relationship on rocks, can this reel love story succeed in wining the heart of their fan followers? Let me not keep you on the wait and break the silence here. The movie has a charm of its own to make its way directly to the heart of all movie goers. It’s going to be a special treat especially for those in love. Wait! Don’t miss to read further….

Before I give you more leads on the movie review, let me first introduce the story.

Jab We Met Story:

Aditya Kashyap (Shahid Kapoor) is introduced as a heartbroken man as the girl he loved was getting married to someone else. He is physically present but mentally lost deep into the darkness. Unable to muster courage he drifts away from his home and aimlessly boards a train. Call it destiny, Geet (Kareena Kapoor) a gorgeous looking but annoyingly chatty yet very lively young girl boards the same train to go to her home town Bhatinda.

Aditya gets irritated by Geet’s chatter that he gets off the train. Geet in an attempt to get him back on the train ends up missing the train herself. She accuses Aditya for the mess and deems it his responsibility to take her to Bhatinda. In the journey that followed, both get to understand and know more about each other. But Kahani mein ek twist. Geet is in love with a guy named Anushuman whom she soon plans to elope with as the family is against their union. Will she succeed in her plans? Will Aditya and Geet be united? Watch to know…

Jab We Met Movie Review:

Unlike every other sleazy love story, Jab We Met is fun-filled and pleasing. With minimal rona-dhona and drama, no vulgarity, no villain – no fights, director Imtiaz Ali takes us on a scenic and entertaining romantic journey. Imtiaz has handled the story and the emotions connected with it deftly and this paralleled with Shahid-Kareena’s realistic yet dazzling performance makes this movie a fantastic treat which was worth the wait.

The first half of the movie is fast paced and fun. But post interval the pace slackens as it gets dramatic with the return of Geet into the life of Aditya and back to her family. Some questions like: why should Geet bother if Aditya gets off the train? (Well it’s just another punch of bollywood) Why didn’t Mangeet (Geet’s childhood friend and the groom selected for her by her parents) inform the family members as soon as he saw Geet romancing Aditya?

Imtiaz has excelled as a story-teller for he succeeds to fill your heart with happiness. There are many relishing moments and movie is entertaining throughout. The dialogues are superb. The way he has framed the ‘gaali’ that Geet shouts at Anshuman… very hilarious. On the whole Story, Screenplay, Direction by Imtiaz is topnotch. Cinematography by S Natarajan Subramaniam is excellent. The locales of Chandigarh, Kulu Manli, Shimla have been shot beautifully. Choreography by Saroj Khan and Ahmed Khan is vivacious and commendable. I really enjoyed Shahid’s dance in Nagada Baja song. Music by Pritam Chakraborty and Sandesh Shandilya is very pleasing and blends well with the tone of the movie.

Jab We Met Performance:

Well just as promised and expected, the chemistry between Shahid and Kareena is sizzling. Both of them have pulled their acts really well with ease and style. And this time Kareena doesn’t over act at most parts of the movie while Shahid has matured into an outstanding actor and the couple are sure to steal your hearts away.

Shahid Kapoor is extremely talented. His handsome look and dashing personality is coupled with his exceptional acting skills. He carries all sorts of emotions really well.

Kareena Kapoor is an equal match. The always babbling lively girl role is a perfect match to her personality. For the first time I really enjoyed her acting. This would be the big break of her career and her best ever performance so far.

Indicine.com Jab We Met Verdict:

Jab We Met is fun-filled, unique and a sweet love story. It would appeal to movie goers of all ages. At the ticket window, with strong word-of-mouth, Jab we met should do well all over!

Rating: ★★★½☆



  • hey,saw jab we met 2nite….awesome movie….shahid kapoorr..mmmmuuuuaaahhhh he looks extremely coolll…his acting was extraordinary,even kareena kappor acted well and was looking very cute and real-liked her acting for the first tym. the songs,Lyrics and music are beautiful,specially the song “aaoge jab tum” and “tum se hi” are on my top list… full of emotions..anyone will fall in love aftr watching tat movie and listening to the songs. the dialogues are superb…short n sweet…they convey their msg ..right to the heart of the viewer wen combined with the acting of each charachter! In short shahid…Imtiaz Ali ….the crew of Jab We Met ROCCKKSSSS…….!

  • First of all the movie should be called Jab met met again..and again..and again..

    Jab we met has nothing great to offer. People! dont come looking for another Dil hain ki maanta nahin ( which was one love story of its kind!)

    This has a simple story
    boy meets girl
    confusion and 2 lost people
    and m0re confusion and more lost people to follow…
    with ( of course) a happy ending..what do you expect..its good old bollywood..
    Kareena is good despite a few moments of overacting that are so like her. Shahid is wasted ( watch VIVAH if you really want to see him act!). The music is average, and I dont know whats so great about mauja hi mauja. I personally like that one..ye ishq haayee.
    Imtiaz ali is brave..but people should get better with time and experience, and this movie cannot be compared to his first one SOCHA NA THA because that one was more fun, and entertaining.
    Jab we met..is worth a watch if you are bored, and want to escape for 3 hours to destress. Dont go out of your way to watch it, and MOST CERTAINLY DONT spend 10 $ in a move theatre for it! ( thats what I did)

  • jab we met is a cool movie!:yeh:…..its worth watching 100 times:x………and not to 4get shahid’s acting was superb ;)!!!……………… :)

  • jab we met is fantastic ramance.
    Shahid is at best of his career. He looks smart first time in movie.
    Kareena is awsome. Lokks very fair without more makeup.
    Songs are the soul of movie. they rock

  • its just another story brilliantly taken,
    couple of flaws here and there..
    i mean they could have potrayed kareena as a MORE bubblyy bubbly person, perhaps made her more annoying and more hilarious.. =))
    wanted more masala??
    could have asked shahid to punch anshuman on the face
    shahid looks HOTTTT in a nerdy way
    kareena.. well its kareena.. well not bad.
    they make a good couple (me and shahid look better ;)
    good romance,
    nlothing sleezy nothing vulgar
    typical bollywood romance
    worth one or two watches..
    definitely not more

  • :blink:superhit movie we should watch that movie 10000000000000000000 times its very good movie i wish that they come to gether once again :x

  • lovely movie to watch……first time i liked kareena’s acting n shahid was superb….both makes a fantastic jodi…..”must see” kind of movie

  • superb movie
    first time kareena has acted well
    kareena’s role was too good.
    100% paisa wasool
    story is simple but it is presented very well

    i watched the movie twice just because of kareena

    will like to see both again
    great chemistry but we won’t be able to see it same again b’coz they are not together anymore :((

  • in the site review they mentioned 2 things here is its answer

    why should Geet bother if Aditya gets off the train? (Well it’s just another punch of bollywood)
    b’coz kareena role is like that she helps everybody and bother about everybother the answer was at the starting of the movie when she asks aditya (shahid) about his problem

    Why didn’t Mangeet (Geet’s childhood friend and the groom selected for her by her parents) inform the family members as soon as he saw Geet romancing Aditya?

    Mangeet does n’t tells his family because shahid told him that she is acting. when kareena comes to shahid to tell that she is running she tells him that he had wasted the scene, Mangeet wanted to talk to her about shahid and kareenas relationship. there fore he does n’t tells his family he still wanted to marry geet.



  • I have been watching the movie almost everyday…since the last 2 weeks…I watch it twice a day, once at home…once in the car!
    I am madly in love with “Jab we met”…..loving every moment of it! :)

  • I havent seen such a ‘cute’ love story as the one presented in ‘Jab We Met’……It simply touches the heart of not only those who are in love but simply everybody…(even those facing their breakup like me would also smile while watching it…:):):)….in my opinion, in the world of action, death, tragedies, we at times need films that leave a light and refreshing impact on our minds….and Jab We Met delivers the same….This is simply the best atleast till no other film with such cute, light and heart-touching romance comes…Jab We Met ROCKSSS…

  • hey its realy best movie i have watch in my life very sweet and some thing to learn how live our life i realy learnt a lot from this movie i jst loved it now i jst pray to god that its wons all the awards this yr best film best director best actor and best actress all the awards , its much much much much much better movie than om shanti om and chakde and realy better than stupid movie like apka saruor and hey babby plz guys vote for this movie its allways happen some time such grt movie dose not won any awards plz plz plz plz plz plz i realy hope atleast this moive wons best film and best actress award

  • Most of people who watched Jab We met loved it, except me, I didn’t find anything special about the movie, except Karina’s acting. I got some points which I’d love to mention about this movie:

    1) Her acting: as usually happens in Hindi Films, when she got on the train for 1st time, the way she talked and behaved made me feel shewas noneduated girl, acted like a village girl, and after watching half of the movie, she acted differently, like a high class girl!
    2) She tried to make a communication with a guy who wasn’t interested to listen to her, she gets off the train and follows him, leaving all her stuff in there!! Why?? Does any girl do this in the real life?? Moreover, when we reach 2/3 of the movie, we find out that she’s in love with someone else!! No girl in fact would behave this way with any stranger while she’s in love with someone else!
    3) She left all her stuff in the train, she had no money to buy anything, and, as usual, in Hindi movies, we find her in different look and clothes in some scense.

    Therefore, I didn’t like the movie.

  • i love shahid he is a very talented actor n his acting style in the film is just like it happened with himn his roll was like realistic n kareena was as well as shahid may god bless them n kareena leave saif n marry shahid becoz he is young handsome n u both r made foreach other n saif is not the perfect match for u becoz u r young n he is the father of 2 children

  • since i watch the movie JAB WE MET, i’m really a great fan of shahid kapoor and kareena kapoor. they both done excellent acting and performances. actually i’m also doing my BS in Media Sciences from Riphah University in Rawalpindi Pakistan. not only me my whole family is fan of shahid kapoor and kareena kapoor. i like the song mauja hi mauja and yeh ishq haare the most of this movie. ahsan sami from islamabad pakistan. phone number: +923455104121

  • shahid is looking very cute and handsome in this movie.movie was good .karina was awsome.looking like a princess,a fairy.it was just awsome

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