If you see Salman’s career graph, most films have worked: Arbaaz

Arbaaz KhanSalman Khan, one of Hindi film industry’s commercially most successful actor, completes his silver jubilee in Bollywood this year. His younger brother, actor-filmmaker Arbaaz Khan says Salman’s own decisions have helped his career to flourish all through the years.

“Salman has had a flourishing career by making his own desisions,” Arbaaz told reporters here Thursday at the launch of Gillete Fusion Power.

Arbaaz says it’s not wise to pinpoint the failures in one’s career.

“Normally, most decisions you take may be right, but sometimes, you take the decisions that fail, like in between you do the films that don’t work. But that doesn’t matter! The average matters.”

“Like in cricket, you have the average (score). So, same way in films, if you have done 10 films, (it matters depending) how many of them have been liked by the audiences, and have been successful,” he added.

Talking about Salman’s career in specific, the 45-year-old said: “If you see Salman’s career graph, you will see that most of his films have worked, done well and that’s why he is at this position today.”

Salman made his debut in 1988 with the film “Biwi Ho To Aisi”, but as the main lead his first film was “Maine Pyar Kiya” in 1989. He gave commercial hits like “Saajan”, “Hum Aapke Hain Koun..!”, “Karan Arjun”, “Judwaa”, “Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya”, “Biwi No.1” and “Hum Saath Saath Hain”.

In recent hits, he cemented his position with five back-to-back blockbusters – “Dabangg”, “Ready”, “Bodyguard”, “Ek Tha Tiger” and “Dabangg 2”.

But Salman never turns to his brother for advice.

“Neither do I need to give advice to him nor he wants it realistically. He has now developed a kind of sense and judgement… in which image, which films and which people he has to work,” he added.



  • Slight correction Arbaaz bhai. In cricket averages matter YES but the CENTURY count matters too and here Salman bhai leads the pack like Sachin leads the cricketing charts. Both ofcourse are unique and can never be compared but in Bollywood 100cr films matters and thats where Bhai outscores other near mortals…! ;-)

  • Good joke arbaaz!!!
    better launch another website and declare all the movies of salman atb & v the fans will do whatever it takes to prove the authenticity of the site, very much like we do to prove that salman is victim and not CRIMINAL.

  • Yes.agreed. .but he should also say,”how many of them really deserve to be successful”. .where movies like hddcs and hahk are awesome. .on the same way ett,dabbang2 are scriptless craps. .

  • No other actor in the world match his 5 back to back blockbusters. Salute to blockbuster khan.

  • If you take the average then i think salman is nowhere near sharukh or Aamir khan. Counting sands on the beach is pretty easier than counting salman’s flop bcuz its impossible to count them. Most of them made huge losses to producers. U can’t take avg of actor like in cricket. In cricket, there are other players to save the team but in films, the main actor will be accused bcuz when the film become success all the credit goes to the hero. Most of the salman hits in 90’s are multi-starrer be it Saajan, karan Arjun, Jeet etc and else Suraj barajatya movies like maine pyar kiya, HAHK and HSSH. During 1998-1999, he had been consistant for 2 years then again started to give string of flops. After 2000, most of his successful films were again multi starrers like Partner, Mushje shaadi karoge, No entry etc. Salman became salman of today after 2010 but some of the fans, PR Machinery, friends are trying to make him born superstar.
    Salman golden period
    1988 – maine pyar kiya ( became Star but had to sit idle for few months bcuz all the credit gone to Baghyashree)
    1994 – Hum aapke hai kaun ( comeback film but other actors dominated that year plus madhuri walk away with all the credit for this particular movie )
    1998- 1999 – few consecutive hits like akshay had during 2007
    2010 – 2013 – 5 back to back blockbusters
    Apart from these years salman never was consistant. Before 2010, 80% of salman hits were muti starrers
    If u take SRK career graph then u will come to know, 1996, is the only year, he went through bad phase with few flops. Most importantly he didnt had to rely upon other stars and act in multi starrers in his entore career.

  • Salman khan’s career graph in cricketing language has some ducks which every star has but it has many centuries,double and triple centuries which every star don’t have and from last 4 years Salman is Man of the series(bollywood).

  • Out of 80 films, only 18 are hits. Hit ratio is only 22% and he thinks most of his films are successful. Looks like he lives in some woderland.

  • arbaaz is a solid example of a loyal brother……after all, salman gave him a chance to direct (#correction copy paste) his movie in order to launch him as a director…so its his responsibility to praise sallu as much as possible…before this highness of sallu, who was arbaaj?? a simple supporting actor…but now he is dared enough to direct a number of unbearable craps like dabang 2….so it’s really nice to listen these words frm arbaaz….as now some “sensible” fans like “manish” and “beingsallufan” have already declared their verdict abt his comment, i m not going to add anything else in this list…:P well…samajdar ko ishaara kaafi…lol…

  • East and the west salman bhai is the best, waiting for 2 more blockbuster from mental and kick.

  • Mybe but he still lags too behind srk n aamir in terms of consistency and i am sure no one can deny this fact !!!

  • @beingsallufan BAZINGA. Let me guess, you must be a huge fan of our legendary ‘sheldon cooper’, right?

  • SALMAN has great following in all sections of audience but due to court cases aishwarya incident made him not concentrated properly at particular point of time other wise he may have good lineup from
    2000-2005 which was a dull phase of his career

    You know some facts he should regret by leaving great movies like Baazigar and Chak De India as these movies had resurrected Srk career in a big way as Salman believes he should resurrect himself like dabaang or Wanted and gave life to prabhu deva and abhinav kashyap

  • @nitin 5 back to back BB/ ATBBs and you want more consistency…?

    Thank God Bollywood aint like cricket where selectors would determine which actors movies get favourable release coz if that was the case then Srks film Chennai Depress would get shelved for this year and maybe next year too…! :-P
    Only the top ‘performers’ can play in ‘important’ festival periods and not ‘joe average’…!

  • I thought after 2000 Bollywood had changed and they will stop making stupid movies…and everything seemed to be going well and people were making efforts to make sensible movies with good script…but then along came this flop actor trying to save his dying career and he started making these bullsh!t masala movies…what was more shocking was that his illiterate fans increased in number and started to watch his movies again…as if they had never seen that old crappy fights and cheap dances! God knows what has happened to bollywood and when will it cured of the disease named Salman Khan!!

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