I was fortunate to work with Pran: Aamir Khan

Aamir KhanMourning the death of Bollywood’s most loved villain Pran, Bollywood star Aamir Khan says he was the life of all the movies he worked in.

“He was an institution and we have lost one of the legends of Indian cinema,” Aamir — who feels fortunate to have worked with the legend very early in his career — told reporters Tuesday.

“We have learnt a lot from him. I was fortunate that I got to work with him in the beginning of my career in ‘Isi Ka Naam Zindagi’. He was the ‘pran’ (life) of every film,” he added.

Pran died July 12. He was 93. The late actor, who featured in over 400 movies in a career spanning six decades, is know for his negative roles in “Madhumati” and “Ram Aur Shyam”.

Aamir recalls how as a kid he used to shiver with fear just on seeing Pran’s name in a film’s credit roll.

“I remember as a kid when I used to see Pran saab’s name in the titles, I used to get scared such was his impact and work. He made a huge contribution to the Indian cinema,” said Aamir

He was speaking on the sidelines of the special screening of Anand Gandhi’s “Ship of Theseus” hosted by him and his wife Kiran Rao.



  • No Padmabhushan Aamir Khan you are wrong,he was good but you are the PRAN of each of your movies,you are the PRAN of Bollywood…..Dhoom 3 will be a big tight slap and kick on the face of haters

  • Well said Aamir. I recall watching ‘Sanam Bewafa’ and Pran Sir was very much ‘Larger Than Life’ and afew years later I saw ‘Ram Aur Shyam’ and absolutely loved his work in that film. Just a shame that todays generation well never get to see the full body of work from yesteryear greats like Pran, Dilip sahb, Raj Kapoor and Dev Anand. Im ashamed to say I too have not even touched 10% of their combined body of work but of what I have seen then theres no doubt that they rule supreme over todays ‘Icons’…! A bygone era but never to be forgotten Amen.

  • @nsvoarsenal No need to say that bro- I love Aamir the most of todays ‘icons’ but speaking with an open heart then its only right to acknowledge Pran sahbs contribution to the Hindi film industry as truly EPIC and unrivalled. The man made Dilip sahb in ‘Ram Aur Shyam’ or Amit ji in ‘Zanjeer’ seem larger than life due to their great onscreen chemistry and fireworks. The man shouldnt be compared with todays generation but should be acknowledged as a GREAT amongst his ICONIC era. We salute you Sir and will cherish your endless memories forever.

  • Pran was truly a pran(life) of his movies and Aamir khan is the life,heart,mind,soul of his movies.

  • Pran was one of the most loved villians which is very difficult task to achieve bcoz people only love heroes not villians and in the same way Aamir khan is supervillian in “Dhoom 3” and i m 100% sure that people will still love him and his character more than the movie.

  • Those who r commtng on Aamir’s height and all these things in Dhoom 3.
    I just want 2 AsK U does Aditya chopra and vijay acharya doesnt know about hs height ?? They hav written d Script which will suit Aamir khan or U PEOPLE BETTER IN CASTING THAN ADITYA CHOPRA ?

  • Aamir and Pran both are one of the legends of Indian Cinema, Aamir is right because i m also a fan of Mr. Pran since i watched Janjeer and Don, and he is the only villian who get higher money than the hero of the Movies, i read an article somewhere in which written only Rajesh Khanna was the highest paying actor before AB Era started after Him Pran was the highest paid actor more than the hero of his Film
    That’s itself shows how great Pran Sir was.
    indicine updated a post about top 5 villian of the Bollywood i don’t remeber who posted that article but he was foll enough that he not given any spot to Mr. Pran in that List, i think he forget that if Amitach was awarded as Star of the Millenium, Pran sir was awarded “Villian Of he Millenium” so next time indicine allow some knowledgeble person to write an article on your site…….

  • @aks, you are right. Some of the authors here doesn’t have an inkling or an iota of knowledge on some legendary actors. Most of the articles are ridden with silly mistakes, and looks like mostly written just for the sake of getting an article online. A little time spent in good research would take this site to better heights.

  • @aks and @JC well said guys. Seems that the only articles that get any amount of time spent on them are Thakurs articles but look at the mess Yogi bear sorry I meant Jogi bhai made of the ‘Top 5 Actors…’ list the other day by inc Dhobi Ghat / excluding Thakurs 45 min guest appearance in Billu. Anything to apease Thakurs fans no matter how silly the logic.

  • Aamir is right in praising Pran saab. But why reference a film as bad as Isi Ka Naam Zindagi? That’s a blot on any actor’s career!

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