I support Kamal Haasan tweets Salman Khan

After Shahrukh Khan and several other stars from the Indian Film Industry, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has now tweeted his support to Kamal Haasan on the Vishwaroopam fiasco.

Updating his Twitter page for the first time  this new year, Khan said “Censor board has passed it too naa..” attaching the picture (below) that read “I support Kamal Haasan”

Responding to several tweets from fans on whether he plans to watch Vishwaroopam, the actor said “Sure. 100% gonna see it.”

Salman Khan - Kamaal Hassan

Salman Khan supports Kamaal Hassan



  • We Stand By KAMAL HAASAN…those who r aganist him they r aganist freedon…aganist truth…aganist humanity…do u agree friends?

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  • i too support Kamal Hassan because creativity should not be in limitation because if any thing is bad it is public who is intelligent enough to decide what is good or what is not if it is entertaining it will be hit and vice versa

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  • Everyone should watch this movie. It is a must watch event movie. A real high quality action movie by one of the greatest actors of our generation. Take a bow Sir, your movie was worth the wait.

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  • Such a sorry state that a great actor par excellence & versatile artist of indian cinema is being subjugated to unnecessary political & other motives, even after the censor board having cleared the movie already. On the other hand kamal hasaan fans are sending money to his office! Such great fans and such loyalty!

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  • And some Salman fans in “My company has done the special effects of Vishwaroopam” link said it was a publicity stunt by Kamal Hasan and SRK.
    What a shame.

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  • I don’t support him…Everyone is entitled to his or her own views….Such movies should be banned
    which disgrace certain community…May it be Christian,Hindu or Muslims…
    More particularly, a movie that just show Muslims as extremist???why to make such movies which hurt one or other community…………
    No one has right to hurt one or other community just by saying that it’s just art or one thought?
    Other may differ with my opinion…they hv there choice…
    But mine is A Big No!

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  • ok thnx indicine…!
    Now I will watch ths movie..i cnt understand on tamil,telugu language etc etc..

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