I really like Emraan Hashmi, he’s most underrated: Salman Khan

Emraan Hashmi, who is riding high on the success of “Raaz 3”, is the most underrated actor of the present generation, says Salman Khan.

Emraan’s box office success ratio was recently compared to Salman’s, as he has earned a thumbs up with most of his recent films, including “Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai”, “Murder 2”, “The Dirty Picture”, “Jannat 2”, “Shanghai” and most recently, “Raaz 3”.

“Emraan Hashmi is the most underrated actor and now he should get his due. He has given hit after hit. He is damn good as an actor. I really like him,” Salman said during the music launch of “Ishkq In Paris”.

Salman, who launched the film’s music, was at his wittiest and bullied everyone on stage, including actress-producer Preity Zinta, actor Rhehan Malliek and director Prem Raj.

Salman shot a special song titled “Kudiye di kurti” for the film with Preity, and the actress says she was stunned to see his professionalism.

“I have worked with Salman Khan in tons of films, but when he came on sets, he asked the choreographer to show the steps. Then he said ‘Let’s go for a take’, and he did it perfectly on the first take itself,” she said.

“He is super professional. I thought we will take four to five takes, but we finished in just two takes,” added Preity, who has turned producer with the movie.

“Ishkq In Paris”, releasing November 2, is a romantic comedy.



  • Both should cone together for a film eg buddy cop, it will be great to see them 2 as both have their own space of fans

  • Dear Sallu,

    Emraan has educated(literate) fan following unlike you who has a flock of uneducated idiots…
    Your fans only care for box-office collections while other fans go for a good script…
    You have degraded Bollywood by remaking south craps while others are trying to uplift the level of indian films like shanghai,gow,barfi…
    Your cheap masala movies become superhits, it clearly proves that indian audience’ s IQ is low..

  • Dear mukesh kumar,

    ur most useless human being alive wat is wrong doing south remakes?why ur bashin salman and his movies? may be ur not able digest the fact tht his films sucessful thn ur fav actor?how u call his fans r uneducated?how u can make such statement in public? try keep ur feelings with otherwise u have to face law in future.

  • @Jagadesh

    At a time when there is innovation in Bollywood, Salman Khan brings forth masala films & they become superhits… Tell me what fun is there in watching those love story/ masala films since time immemorial in bollywood? That too, there is no quality in them. Sir, why don,t you watch films like Rockstar, Agneepath, Zindagi Na…, etc. if you want to watch thin type of genre. At least, these films are good & will give you much more entertainment than Salman Khan’s shirt removing antics.

    I called Salman fans uneducated for their idiotic comments on every page…
    and chanting salman name everywhere they can.
    What the need to chant his name in SOTY song page? Has he any reference with the film..i guess no..then why?
    (P.S.- Salman fans generally cant speak good english)

    And whch law are you taking about?
    u gonna file an FIR?….IF YES..IM ON…
    seriously..the last line of ur comment gave me goosebumps…
    no wonder why i called sallu’s fan uneducated…

  • @mukesh ask ur parents….whos their favt actor they vll definately say salman khan…….n if ur mothr or father read ths follish cmnt they wll definately gonna hit on ur back get u out of d house…..den go n wtch crap mvies tht u mntion about other actors……..lolzzzzz

  • are bhai murder2 ,jannat2,raaz3 sab sequel hai,sequel me toh koi bhi hit de sakta hai,look for sanghai,crook,dil to bachha hai ji,etc salman bhi ajkal sequel pe intrest deraha hai

  • @Abhishek

    My father has no interest in movies.
    My mother is an Amitabh Bachchan fan…
    and I consider Hrithik Roshan and Aamir Khan as the best performers in terms of acting.
    Hope that answer your doubts and qeuries…

  • Yup i got it why ur father is not intrsted wtchin mvies……by seeing crap mvies tht u must b insisting 2 ur father must hve tken all interst….my suggestion izz 2 tell him 2 wtch salman mvies…i”m dam sure he wll lve it ……..

  • @Abhishek

    Thanks for the advice…
    im not open to my father..so i cant tell him…
    And i am damn sure he wont like any film of today’s generation(of course leaving some exceptions)
    By the way…he said liked taare zameen par and chak de india…

  • @mukesh kumar salman dont need ur advice makin movies for his fans..not for you evn ur mother fav also done masala movies to become superstar..anyhw wat r u doin on salman-emraan page? salman never done cheap sex scenes to create money..and so called innovation in india r copied frm hollywood only…

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