I can’t compete with Amitabh Bachchan: Aamir Khan

Aamir KhanBollywood star Aamir Khan holds Amitabh Bachchan in high regard and says he neither sees himself on the same platform as the megastar nor can he ever compete with the senior actor.

Both the actors were contenders on Big CBS Prime’s show “India’s Prime Icon”. While Aamir is out of the race, Big B is among the top three icons along with politician Narendra Modi and master blaster Sachin Tendulkar.

“I don’t even feel I am on the same platform as him (Amitabh), I am not even anywhere close. I can’t compete with him because I hold him in such high esteem,” Aamir said in a statement.

The two actors, who share a mutual admiration for each other, haven’t yet worked together in a film.



  • @indicine team, hw unfair, u always psot abt evry star’s b’day, n today is hrithik roshan’s b’day n u didn’t made any b’day wishing post fr him , y dis partiality ??

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  • Aamir holds Amit Ji in the same esteem he holds for Dilip Sahb and Nargis Ji. Aamir truly respects his elders who have been path breakers. @velocity- yeh I agree with you but I think you should just go direct to twitter and say Happy Birthday to Hrithik in person like I and many more have. Lets leave Indicine alone coz they seem to only remember SRKs birthday over everybody elses. 

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  • @indicine team, did you khow?today is the mega supper star hrithik roshan’s birthday.if you know then why you don’t post his birthday wishing article.

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  • @indicine team, did you khow? today is the mega supper star hrithik roshan’s birthday.if you know then why you don’t post his birthday wishing article.

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  • @velocity
    what?today is greek dog’s birthday…i really didnt know….such is his stardom that no body even know him…forget his birth date

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  • @tanha, indicine is paid by khans !! @hrithik haterz, ur mom got r aped by a street dog , dnt u knw ?? @Star, suck ur own hairy ba lls

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  • thats aamir for u who never be arrogant he knows who is great who is not he is humble, intelligent and perfectionist he got national, filmfare and padam bhushan 3rd highest civialian award still down to earth hats off to Aamir and big b, those are thinking that amitabh is not great as these 3 khans ask ur parents and elders perhaps they will told you what great stardom he had that time, i watched interview of aamir, salman and srk all three said that the popularity enjoyed by big b they even not close that popularity he was declared star of the millennium all over the world by bbc, enougit to all who under estimate the big b he was, is and perhaps will be only greatest indian actor.

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  • indi-cine is busy to counting srk total award so they forgot that today is one of finest young superstar who completed 38 years Happy b’day hritik, wish You success and happiness in life ahead so indi-cine be unbiased not many are invested in what srk got, because srk will get many awards which are meaningless in that time Hr will become star ahead of srk.

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  • Duggu, one of the finest actor of India.
    Hritik haterz aapka to SRK se jalte ho na fir abhi Hritik ko kyun. I love salman but acting k mamle me Hritik is far away ahead of Sallu bhai.

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  • @velocity, must say these ullu khan fans are damning.. now using my name to comment against you… you better be aware and see between the lines dude.. Ghanta bhai rocks :)

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