After Hrithik’s tweet, Polish actress Angela Krislinzki apologises

There was a minor controversy on Twitter on Tuesday, when Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan posted a tweet saying “My dear lady, who are you and why are you lying”

The tweet was about a statement from Polish model-turned-actress Angela Krislinzki, who said she “has a friend and mentor in Hrithik”.

Responding to his tweet, Angela apologised to the ‘Krrish’ star and said:

“I respect u a lot sir and I am sorry for such misleading headlines. It’s really hurtful. I have admired you as an actor just like millions others but I have been fortunate enough to work with you in two tvcs.. when I say mentor I meant some who inspired my life in right direction.. this all began during the press meet of my film someone asked me how I thought of entering acting inspite of foreign looks so I replied when I was shooting with Hrithik Roshan his few inspirational words inspired me.. he said work on yourself your acting nobody can stop you. My looks are also different but it’s your performance is that outbeats anything… that day changed and life and my acting journey began.. the article only speaks about how inspirational you have been to me just like you have been to million others. I would like to apologise for any inconvenience occurred to you”

After reading her apology, Hrithik said “Yes misleading headlines indeed. Graceful of you to clarify and apologise though.



  • lol very few people admire hritik as a mentor and instead of being happy he is questioning her such a arrogant person

  • Ohh…great….
    What news uh have published indicine…!!!
    Thanks for this…
    Kuchh bhi😎

  • look at that newspaper pic lol even after being a star he dont know how to take a pic lol

  • There was no need to insult her on a platform as big as Twitter. Just because she is a struggling actress does not give him the right to speak in the way he did. The whole matter could have been sorted out privately. Seriously what a stupid man he is :-/

  • Hrithik should stop attacking women for the sake of controversy and focus on his acting career. I used to be a big fan of him till Agneepath. But after that he felt with manipulated figures, bad movies and stupid controversies… Please Hrithik focus on what you do best !

  • In this situation media has to be blamed . It is nice to Angela clearing the entire issue and Hrithik replying her back . Overall this is not a big issue which needs to be converted into an article .

  • Good to c not everyone is as bad as kangana……
    Some srk fans can b continue being jealous of hrithik can’t help them bcoz even srk himself is so jealous of hrithik….
    Worst fan base of worst actor..
    Rip hrithik haters….hrithik always rule…

  • Y srkians r always first to comment on hrithik article…this show their level of jealousy and frustration….. hahahahha..
    Hrithik rules….

  • This is how 2 mature person end controversy and clarify things btw them…good..
    Unlike kangana….shes complete psycho…

  • In the time of Guzarish, Salman’s famous statement “koi kutta bhi dekhne nahi gaya”, later when one journalist asked salman about his and Hrithik off going relationship, Salman said “Hrithik is a kid”
    Salman is arrogant but that seems to be true. Here Hrithik Sir is acting like a premature teenage boy. Hrithik Sir please understand the context, she fond of you sir.

  • Still not as bad as breaking the phone of your fan who saved your career after struggling for a decade with back to back flops and disasters. Yes i am talking about *that* star.

  • @To because salman is a criminal. He did much worse things like killing innocent man on footpath, killed blackbucks, slapped women and a lot more. What you just said was just a glimpse of that creature.

  • Ha ha ha. After Kangana’s spiteful legal battle with Hrithik, he is beginning to be cautious about and around women. Good for him and thumbs up to Kangana for standing her ground. People always learn the hard way. Lol

  • Most Arrogant man i have ever seen in my life.. Hritik roshan stop doing such publicity stunts by insulting woman.. Learn to be man

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