Hrithik Roshan’s Mountain Dew Television Commercial

Hrithik Roshan’s first television commercial for Mountain Dew was recently filmed in Bali (Indonesia).

The superstar shot for the commercial with a chronic knee injury. The shoot had to be delayed for a few hours, but after a small break and some pain killers, Hrithik decided to go ahead and shoot the sequence.

Hrithik Roshan New Ad for Mountain Dew



  • Hard working,talented,versatile,charming,stylish,sexy,respected,perfectionalist,brave,loving,cute and obviously handsome HRITHIK ROSHAN

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  • @rawdy rathore:we are hrithik’s fan and are proud of that.whatever stupid you say,who cares …but i just want to advice you not to blaim an actor who has good links with all stars including sallu,srk,akki,amirji and shut up your mouth.

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  • @rowdy rathore, you are the same guy with id rowdy 786, don’t show your rowdyness here or else you will be thrown out. and about your comment, i think nkp has given you the appropriate reply!
    @nkp, good one dude……………awesome reply

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  • rowdy is the same guy who used to make insane comment post RR.But later he disappeared after joker’s debacle.reason best known to all.

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  • @lallu:akshay is a grt actr.i respect him.bcoz our hrithik also respects u are a shame to akkians…..any way hr is best..

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  • This AD has no relevance to the drink DEW. Is it showcased as a tonic or a beverage? Who drinks a beverage before diving into a pool?

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