Hrithik injured his head while performing a stunt: Rakesh Roshan

Rakesh RoshanA head injury during the shoot of “Bang Bang” in Phuket is what landed Hrithik Roshan at the Hinduja hospital, says his father and filmmaker Rakesh Roshan.

The 39-year-old underwent a successful brain surgery at Mumbai’s Hinduja Hospital Sunday afternoon.

Rakesh Roshan told reporters: “He was shooting for ‘Bang Bang’ in Phuket, Bangkok. He was doing a stunt where he had to put a jet on his feet and go 30 feet high in the sky and then dive down in the water.”

“So when he rehearsed, he fell the wrong way and banged his head a bit, which he didn’t realise. That started his pain and he started taking pain killers, thinking it will get fine in three to four days because something similar had happened during ‘Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai’ also.”

The pain subsided, but only to return a month later.

“Hrithik finished shooting in the next eight days and he came to Mumbai. The headache was still there, so we had a CT scan done but nothing showed in it. Then he was on medication. So the pain decreased, but it started increasing gradually in the past four weeks,” said the senior Roshan who has just finished shooting “Krrish 3” with his star son.

It was on the night of July 5, a day before he was scheduled to fly to Prague, the Czech Republic, for the next schedule of “Bang Bang”, that Hrithik complained of severe pain.

“Friday night (July 5) he told my wife (Pinki) that ‘I am not comfortable and something is wrong inside’. So we took another CT scan and MRI. On Saturday morning (July 7) we got them done and then we were told there is a blood clot,” said Rakesh Roshan.

Hrithik was diagnosed with chronic subdural haematoma and was admitted to the Hinduja Hospital July 7 evening, and next day he was operated upon.

Being directed by Siddharth Anand, “Bang Bang” stars Katrina Kaif opposite Hrithik. The film is expected to feature some brilliant stunt sequences and is being shot across Europe.

The shoot of the third schedule of the movie has been moved forward for Hrithik.



  • Hritik should work in movie like znmd and knph because action is not possible for hritik

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  • @messy hrithik will redefine the word impossible as the word itself says I`m possible

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  • Hard work always add colour to life.i pray k3 and bang will be huge. .
    @messy:i think you haven’t watched movies like dhoom2,krissh and jodha akbar..? ?hrithik is a complete dont comment valuelessly.

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  • Hrithik you are a fighter! And we Hrithikians are proud to have an idol who is a complete actor and who is ready to do any stunts and who can do it! IF anybody does not belive, go watch Dhoom 2, Jodhaa Akbar and Krrish! Plus he is known as the number 1 superhero of Bollywood

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  • @messy, lol gud joke frnd bt hrithik has been doin action since his 1st movie, injuries r a part n parcel of a film shoot. respect dat man fr his nvr giv up attitude n determination bt here u r criticizin him, shame man !! hrithik has done heavy action stunts in krrish,lakshya,dhoom 2,jodhaa akbar,agneepath. he vl com bck wid a bang, jst c hw bang bang turns out to b d bst action movie of bollywood.

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  • Bang bang release 1st may, during ipl7 means diastar, i feel very sad for katrina. I hope next time kat will be seen with ranbir in a film then it will become bigger all time blockbuster than yjhd.

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  • Get well soon HR @messy HR has been doing his own stunts for 13+ years & very dangerous ones, if he wanted he could easily use stunt artist like a lot of actors do but he & akki have so much passion for it & believe doing their own stunts.

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  • @Romance Expries first of all you are the big disaster of your own started bashing like a illeterate ATB will happen sometimes not always to youngsters he may reach higher but not tthe highest as hrithik
    we can have a gala time after krrish 3 and bang bang release where you ghet afraid nd not able to come here to answer any of the hrithikians you looser

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  • According to rakesh roshan hrithik was also injured during knph which had no use of getting injury type of stunts,he has a slipped disc problem,initially had a stammering though cured,even a shoulder tendonitis for which he can’t do heavy weight exercises & was thoroughly injured during,krrish,jodha akbar & even agneepath.So why dont he give up doing these stunts as he hardly did one action movie agneepath where the entire credit went to sanjay dutt & rishi kapoor.Being with such good looks & great dancing skills he himself is damaging his career.People will definitely enjoy him in love & romantic films with good dance numbers.I admire his enthusiasm but he must avoid these type of risks.Anyway get well soon.

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