Hot Video: Akshay Katrina in Gale Lag Ja

Here’s one promotional trailer that we particularly loved from Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif’s De Dana Dhan. In a tribute to Akshay’s very own Tip Tip Barsa Paani, which back then featured a sizzling Raveena Tandon seducing the star in Mohra.

Awesome chemistry, nice song and loads of eye candy. Watch Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif in this hot and wet song Gale Lag Ja from De Dana Dhan.

Directed by Priyadarshan De Dana Dhan releases on 27th November 2009.

What do you think of the video and the Kat – Akki chemistry? Comments below.




  • akki looks very older compare to katrina . MOHORA films raveena & akki’s tip tip barsa pani song was the best hindi romantic rain song from my view . they are also same age group so raveena & akki’s chemistry was superb .

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  • Awwwww. Very very Hot n Sexy. This video has some resemblance with Shahrukh and Sushmitha’s song “Tum Hai Jo Maine Dekha” From Main Hoon Na. But I have a feeling that this movie will not do better in box office. Trailor is not very convincing.

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  • well the song is not so gud….but the picturisation is damn sexy…katz looking sexy as hell………

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  • Kat is sexy as hell ,, she is the best thing of the song ,,the saris she’s wearing are neat but in general it’s a waste of beautiful song , I didn’t like the background behind & I didn’t like akshy I don’t ever see the chemistry between him & kat that every one’s talking about ,, kat is the most beautiful woman in the world , & he’s just ugly & disgusting the only thing they match in is the height taking in consideration that most of bollywood actors are shorter than her ,, not that he is up to her standards ,, but i prefer her with Ranpir .

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  • for those who consider AKKI ugly shd look into mirror then comment on others . he is one of the most handsome guy in bollywood along with Sallu,Hrithik and arjun rampal. AKKI and KAT luk perfect with each other

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  • with all due respect mister , I LOVE Akki , yes he’s tall and has a great physique and all , but
    come on putting him on a par with Sallu with his stunning face lineament or Hirthik with his breathtaking eyes or Arjun the most manly and most handsome ??!!!!! I’m not judging Akki for how he looks( I think he looks great for that matter) I’m just saying he doesn’t suit Kat ,, he’ll do just ok with shilpa , twinkle , priyanka or even Ash ,, but Kat really deserves some one more handsome .

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  • I m a sallu fan but nybody who thinks ki farhan nd arjun r better luking than akshay need a reality check..akki rocks in bamuliza muzic video..ddd ll be atbb mark my word 50cr opening total 90cr

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  • kat not deserve akshay hahahaha..if sallu had not came to rescue her than forget akshay even gulsan grover would hv rejected katrina..

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  • i so agree with amit Singhania
    she is very lucky tht Salman walked in her life .
    i mean just look how big she is…. if it werent for
    Salman she would be no where….

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  • Yup.. bcoz of salman, katrina s out of al those contraversies… or else imagine ranbir being accused of goin around with katrina but media doesnt ask katrina anythin lik tat..

    she s very powerful nw only bcoz of sallu..

    ya her pairing with ranbir s gud but she looks better with akki.. bcoz ranbir looks fairer compared to her and a guy shudnt look fairer than a girl..;) akki looks perfect with her….:)

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  • If she’s not in the place she’s in today cuz of her hardworking , commitment & not to mention outstanding beauty but only cuz of sallu ,, then why isn’t sallu in a good place today too ? sallu might ve walked her in , but she made her own track (for god’s sake ppl she learned a completely different language )

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  • She has that backing from Salman, but don’t take any credit away from her. Salman gave her those opportunities initially, but if she had failed to impress back then, she wouldn’t be close to where she is right now. Her hard work, dancing skills, looks and some strange acting talent that has just connected with the audience big time.

  • ^ acting?? okie ‘strange’ acting..;) ha ha..

    ya… she has d talent.. but its bcoz of sallu and only bcoz of salman she s not gettin involved in any link ups or other contraversies..

    she has made gud frnds like akki who supports her and give her big time oppurtunities..

    after al its oppurtunities and big banners which make a big difference..;)

    after her role in BOOM , who would `ve imagined her gettin into top 1 spot today..;)

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