Holiday release for Chennai Express, 6 open days

With Chennai Express now set for theatrical release on August 9th, the film only has 6 open days before the release of Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara on Independence Day (August 15).

The Shah Rukh Khan starrer will open on a national holiday for Eid-Ul-Fitr, giving it a good chance to surpass the opening day collections of Ek Tha Tiger (32 crore) which released on Independence Day last year.

Industry insiders say, that the decision to postpone Chennai Express was due to the fact that the muslim section of the audience can’t watch the film before the end of Ramadan.

With the release of Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara on 15th, 6 days after Chennai Express, affect the collections of the film? Or will it be the other way round? Only time will tell!



  • Hah.. Seems like a chess game is on and the king is safe.
    I doubt first day to be 35cr-37cr.
    And first three days to be 85cr+ and so on !!
    What do you thing frndz??

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  • 15 cr loss of 8 th is somewhat i am thinking, although its a great move it will affect on ouatind . First day 32 /33 cr 2nd 28 cr 3rd 30 so by dropping 8th aug it misses 100 target of 4 days now it will took that in 4 or 5 days ..

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  • Srk is thinkng tht if he realese the ce on eid he can break tiger record but he is dreaming in slip thr is no craze for Ce how it was for ek tha tiger.

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  • The film will flop sorry I meant detail after 2 days anyway when reviews start flying in quicker than Shettys crappy cars fly about in his movies and when they do then collections will take a nosedive. Im still confident that Chennai Depress will not now beat Sunny Leones opening weekend record of Jism 2 nor the first week record of John Abrahams SAW. It may just beat Ajays Himmatwala lifetime figure but that too only after third weekend in my impartial humble opinion…! ;-)

    OUATIMD will be the clear winner from Aug 15th onwards. ;-)

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  • OUATIMD will surely effect the collections of CE and CE has lost 1 day and became 6 day movie from 7 day movie.

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  • Only opening will increase. .but it’s a wastage of 8th aug collection. .anyway good luck to ce

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  • SRK will rock. But it is tough to break opening record of ETT. Let’s wait and watch.

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  • Mark my words now its almost certain that
    1 ce will go as yjhd way
    2 ouatmd will go as ypd2 way
    3 ouatimd struggle to get screen like ypd2.
    4 ouatimd buzz is less than 50% and ce buzz is more than 90%.
    5 so each and every single records are in dangered.
    6 Now ce weekned min 78 to 85cr.
    7 lifetime col depend on content because content is the king of boxoffice ex bmb,yjhd, asiqui2
    smart move

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  • keep Woolgathering guys!! Nothing Gonna happen ! & I bet Whoever wrote this article is an SRK fan..!! 32 cr..On First day ? Are you nuts ? ..I mean How can you expect from an SRK movie to take the Opening of 32 cr..? don’t you know the debacle of his Past movies on Box-office ?..Dude It’s not going to Shatter even “YJHD”‘s First day collections !! If I am not mistakes so even Tushar Kapoor’s Golmaal 3 did substantial business than “Don’2 & ”JTHJ””…( According to box-office India ) ! & Content wise CE will be the worst movie of the year ..After It’s release even ”Himmatwala” will look classic & cult..!! (If that won’t happen then I will start doubting on my Film experience)..!! No Offense !! & Yes!! My Prediction First day – 13-14cr., 2nd day 15-16cr., 3rd day 17-19 cr.. Weekend collections – ( 45-49 ) & After that It will fall badly as content wise it will be worst !! ( I won’t be surprise if Jokes On CE will Defeat even RA,1 on Popularity ) !! And lifetime collections will be around 80-90 cr….!!

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  • wat a reply …thank u @ indicine
    neway Its not only rohit shetty’s movie.. It is also SRK’s movie.. so we can expect some difference compared to other rohit shetty movies… nd m sure critic will praise rohit shetty too this time..

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  • absolutely correct, awesome and meaningful comment of sonu shukla.. With comparison details…

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  • You watched a movie paying Rs 300-400, you didn’t like the movie and felt like wasted the money and time but it goes on breaking box office records….Ab tu Box office collection ka achhar daalke khayeka kya beh ??? It’s good if an anxiously waited movie surpasses the BO collection but focus should be in quality not solely in quantity….

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  • clearly this move is to take more advantage of aug 15..
    n it ll work if the WOM s good..
    makers are confident about the movie.

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