Himmatwala Trailer – Ajay Devgn

The trailer of Himmatwala – Sajid Khan’s 4th film as director – starring Ajay Devgn and Tamanna Bhatia. The film is a remake of the 1983 blockbuster, with the same title. The original featured Jeetendra and Sridevi in the lead.

The new Himmatwala promises to take viewers from today’s generation, back to the 80s! The film releases in theatres on 29th March 2013.

Watch the trailer of Himmatwala and tell us what you think!

Movie Trailer: Himmatwala (2013)
Director: Sajid Khan
Starcast: Ajay Devgan, Tamanna Bhatia, Leena Jumani, Zarina Wahab, Adhyayan Suman, Leena Jumani, Sonakshi Sinha
Producer: Vashu Bhagnani, Siddharth Roy Kapur
Banner: Puja Entertainment (India) Ltd, UTV Motion Pictures
Release Date: March 29th 2013
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  • Another typical senseless movie which will earn 100cr and put great films like jab tak hai jaan, talaash, kahaani to shame.. by breaking records ..

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  • Bollywood should be divided into3…1 should hv commercial sensible entertaining and good movies like for eg in 2012 (jthj ,vicky donor,,barfi,cocktail,soty).2 should hv arthouse movies (talaash ,kahaani ,paan singh)3 shud hv mindless bakwas movies (dabangg,sos,khiladi)…

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  • [email protected] says:

    Failure of Dabangg 2 and Khiladi786 proves even illiterates are getting bored of senseless crap..and sajids over confidence is another proof that the movie should fail..

    I know it will be another 100cr grosser because of Ajay and Tamanna but it will also be a failure and reminder to other directors that these kind of movies are coming to an end….

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  • Excuse me? Did I just read ‘FAILURE’ of Dabangg 2??

    If that’s a failure with 150 crores and being only the 3rd film to cross 150 crores.. then what about all others films released in 2012?

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  • And your contradicting your own statement. First you say, it will earn 100 crores.. then you say it’ll be a failure? What’s wrong with you seriously?

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  • [email protected] says:

    EVEN THOUGH it made 150cr with 3weeks of solo run its a failure because of the hype it had did not deliver…

    Even though you blind fans wont get it now…you will understand when you get bored od this senseless storyless movies..

    And himmatwala is a remake of a blockbuster so 100cr will be easy…even a movie like kahaani or barfi will make 100cr these days.

    Thats no achievement for a movie with such hype..

    So YES i stand by my point that even thougj it will be Super Hit ..it will be a flop…

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  • Then why just say Khiladi and Dabangg 2? Going by the hype, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, which was expected to do 200 crores and Talaash also under-performed.

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  • [email protected] says:

    Talaash or JTHJ were never 200cr contenders….

    Both were classy movies no mass element what so ever…and that is why jthj ended at 120cr even though sos took most of the mass ..if it had mass element or solo release it would end up at 150cr

    And talaash 100cr was tuf bec of the content..Thriller and ghost elements..thats a very delicate subject and if not handled properly even class audience will reject..and that is what happened with talaash..

    So jthj and talaash were not flops nor bb…they did what they can with their content and starpower…

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  • oh no…wat the hell is going on….kab jaenge in mass movies ke din……movie kehte hai ine- eg- jthj ,talash, mnik, 3idots, don2

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  • @Zaid
    Agree on everything except that JTHJ is good and sensible movie. I know that JTHJ and DABANGG are very different but when it comes to a good movie JTHJ does not come on top mate.

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  • @[email protected]
    Sorry but Talaash was expected to do a buisness of over 120 crore. Knowing that it had aamir khan it was a very good contender mate. you say it failed because of it’s genre, then dabangg 2 also failed because of it’s not so good element (THOUGH I DON’T THINK IT FAILED, NEITHER AM I A SALMAN KHAN FAN). Talaash’s hype was also very very much with aamir khan returning and all, I know it wasn’t a contender for 200 crore but it was certainly a contender for 100 crore.

    JTHJ was expected to crush SOS. it had more screens and everything. SRK is a much much more popular actor than Ajay devgn. you can see any prediction of JTHJ was expected to do over 150 crore, and many do say that it made 120 crore, BOXOFFICE INDIA says it hardly crossed 100 crore.

    Both, Talaash and JTHJ, were failures.

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