Himmatwala First Shot LIVE!

Watch the first shot of Himmatwala now! In 5 minutes!

Catch it live. If you missed it – don’t worry, it will be repeatedly played throughout the day. So click play and watch it now!!





  • Good! Was expecting a glimpse of Tamannah. Hope Sajid will Give it live when Tamu eners the sets.

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  • @indicine mark my word

    Himmatwala bussiness on my behalf if there is good wom nd no clash free 14days running 2600screen

    1st day 15cr
    2nd day 18cr
    3rd day 20cr

    first weekend 53cr-56cr

    4th day 8.23cr
    5th day 7-7.50cr
    6th day 6-7cr
    7th day 6cr

    1st week 82-87cr

    8th day 6.50cr+( if no relase on friday)
    9th day 9crcr
    10th day 10cr+

    2nd weekend 26-30cr

    11th day 4.50cr
    12th day 3.10cr
    13th day 2cr
    14th day 1.30cr

    2nd week 42-45cr

    15th day 80lakhs
    16th day 1.06cr
    17th day 1.20cr

    3rd weekend 3-5cr

    18th day 85lakhs
    19th day 70lakhs
    20th day 50lakhs
    21th day 35 lakhs

    3rd week 7-9cr

    Himmatwala In India 120cr+
    its hit the 100cr mark on its 11th day

    in overseas Ajay isnt much popular only movie content works 35cr possible

    WorldWide 155-160cr (blockbuster)

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  • @honestcritic Himmatwala will able to do 115cr+ in the same case ya its can cross 100cr mark bt nt 11th its happend on 13th day

    verdict depends on budget

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