Himmatwala Box Office Opening

Sajid Khan’s Himmatwala has opened poorly across India on Friday. The opening was as low as 25-30% at multiplexes in Urban cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon.. to name a few. Reports from Bangalore, Mangalore (which come under the Mysore circuit) are worse as the occupancy was below 20% for the morning shows.

The response at mass-centres (Rajasthan, UP/Bihar) was better, 50% for the morning shows and around 55-60% for the noon shows. But the overall occupancy was lower than Ajay Devgn’s last release Son Of Sardar.

A lot more was expected out of Himmatwala, as the film had a wide release (3000 screens) on a National Holiday. If business at multiplexes picks up over the course of the day, the film could put up decent opening day figures.



  • Pretty much what I expected. The promos were looking dull, forced action and forced comedy. None of my friends were even interested in watching the movie.

    Tight slap on Sajid Khan’s face. Tickets will be hard to find on the first day? Yeh right!


  • Sajid Khan said that people will hardly get tickets for the weekend. True, people are hardly getting any tickets. Jada over-confidence theek nahi! :p


  • Won’t even cross 100 crs.
    next week Chasme Budhoor and IPL also starting.
    Nice lesson for over confident Sajid Khan.
    I still prefer Jitendra’s original Himmatwala over this crap remake.


  • What was Ajay and Sajid thinking? It was one of the worst movies of the decade, forget about year. Tragic that AJay has to do such movies, a national award winning actor no less.

    In a interview Sajid said Ajay has now realised that to be a successful star he has to cater to the masses and unless you do popular films you cant be a big star. Its very sad though, that Ajay has stooped this low to be successful.

    I would much rather see The Legend Of Bhagat Singh, Company, Once Upon A Time In Mumbai.. not trash like Rascals, SOS and Himmatwala.

    Want the Ajay of old back. Was always a big fan. Not anymore :(


  • above details of HIMMATWALA opening are not true as per boxofficeindia below are correct details.

    Himmatwala has opened well at single screens with UP, Bihar and Rajasthan being very good but not so good at multiplexes especially the ones in metros. If the film can pick up at multiplexes it is sure to emerge the biggest opening of Ajay Devgn. Even without an upturn at multiplexes it may still emerge the biggest Ajay Devgn opener on strength of single screens. The approx top Ajay Devgn openings are as follows.

    1. Bol Bachachan – 11.25 crore nett

    2. Raajneeti – 10.25 crore nett

    3. Son Of Sardaar – 9.25 crore nett

    4. Singham – 8.75 crore nett

    5. Golmaal 3 – 8.25 crore nett


  • boxofficeindia : details of HIMMATWALA opening
    Himmatwala opened well in the range of 50-55% on average with collections being best in UP, Bihar and Rajasthan while West bengal and Mysore were low. The collections in metros like Delhi and Kolkata were below the mark. Mumbai city was also low but that is the case with most films as films are released on too many screens but Maharashtra was much better.

    The film has a very wide release especially in terms of single screens which should help the film to collect. If the multiplexes in big cities improve over the day the film will put up a good first day number.


  • Kanpur opening of HIMMATWALA :
    Himmatwala had a very good opening at Kanpur single screens with better collections than Bol Bachchan but less than Rowdy Rathore. Below are the first show figures of Himmatwala compared with Bol Bachchan and Rowdy Rathore at Kanpur single screens.


    Himmatwala – 25,486 66%

    Bol Bachchan – 25,968 67%

    Rowdy Rathore – 38,572 100%


    Himmatwala – 23,957 89%

    Bol Bachchan – 16,299 62%

    Rowdy Rathore – 26,377 98%


    Himmatwala – 21,496 100%

    Bol Bachchan – 18,584 86%

    Rowdy Rathore – 21,496 100%


    Himmatwala – 20,112 100%

    Bol Bachchan – 19,248 100%

    Rowdy Rathore – 19,248 100%


    Himmatwala – 91,051

    Bol Bachchan – 80,099

    Rowdy Rathore – 1,05,693

    Note – Himmatwala was playing on 3 more single screens in Kanpur outside the four major single screens above while Rowdy Rathore was on two and Bol Bachchan on one.


  • Bollywood hungama:

    HIMMATWALA, the much-awaited biggie, was expected to open to a fantabulous response for varied reasons, including Sajid Khan’s enviable track record of three back-to-back hits, the hype surrounding the film and of course, its solo release status coinciding with a holiday. But the opening response, except for a few centres, was not up to the mark. The opening was better in some mass-dominated circuits, but not as expected overall.

    Touted as yet another Rs 100 cr film, HIMMATWALA will have to collect magical numbers not just in its opening weekend, but also during the course of the week if it has to achieve the target. Let’s wait and watch!


  • as per above details HIMMATWALA has potential to surpass the opening of 12 cr. plus.
    as it has opened good to average.


  • where are those ajay fans who were bragging so much huh ??? where are they ?? chhup gaye ?? lag gayi naa over confidence ki . bakwaas film banake kavi zyada expectation nahi karni chahiye ! as rohit said i respected ajay devgn so much as an actor, he has alot of potential but what is he doing now a days ??? why is he doing mindless masala craps ?? those kind of films are just degrading our films, please ajay please do sensible movies as you used to do earlier. i am waiting for your satyagraha, expecting alot from it, now thats a perfect movie for you ajay but not this himmatwala…….


  • god knows what made sajid khan so over confident of himself ?? lol, this is a tight slap to his face, from now on he will not promise anyone anything :P


  • well, i want to be frank about the movie, as hypecreated around the movie and expectation that we had from this much talked about movid might not be fulfilled but one can not deny that the movie is paisa wasul may it won’t makd any record but 100 cr. Mark would be surpassed easily.


  • Himmatwala First Day Business
    Saturday 30th March 2013 11.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.ComTrade Network
    Himmatwala did well at single screens and collected around 10.50-11 crore nett as per early estimates. The multiplex business was low and Delhi city and East Punjab multiplexes had dull collections while multiplexes in other areas were average.
    The film has done very good business in UP as Lucknow, Kanpur, Agra, Allahabad etc all put up strong numbers. The divide in the Delhi/UP circuit is so huge as it so rare for a film to be at such low levels in Delhi city but such high levels in UP. Even Singham which did not do well in Delhi city did not have such a gap.
    Although these mass type of films tend not to show growth on Saturday there is a chance for Himmatwala as multiplexes especially in Delhi/Punjab are at low levels.
    The business on Saturday at multiplexes will be keyand growth at multiplexes is a must if the film is tohave any chance at multiplexes over the long run.



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