High security at SRK’s VFX Studio for Hrithik’s Krrish 3

The Visual Effects of Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish 3 is currently being done at Shahrukh Khan’s VFX Studio in Mumbai, and the studio has been converted into a fortress of sorts.

Hrithik, who has been in charge of the security, has ensured that almost everything related to the film is a closely guarded secret.

Even though Krrish 3 was shot in various locations across India and abroad, very little is known about the storyline or the look of the characters in the film. Mobile phones were banned on the sets and the entire crew was strictly asked not to reveal any details related to film to the media.

For Hrithik fans, the wait is almost over as the first look digital poster of Krrish 3 will be released on June 27.

Krrish 3 Poster First Look



  • I think ‘Ra 1’ visual effects were done in the same studio of Srk but I hope that the box office result of ‘Krrish 3’ will not be the same.

  • Hrithik acting and SRK’s RC VFX,
    Oh God that will be hugeee ,

    Waiting for it

    this year gona be superb

    First, The incredibly hilarious SRK’s CE on Eid. Then, the invincible Krrish on diwali

    waiting only for them both , no other movie in my waiting list

    I watched D2 only for Hrithik

  • After releasing dat CE
    doesnt hav a story to protect, Shahrukh has decided 2 protect storyline of krrish3.
    But u wont get any credit for that SORRY!

  • Hrithik is in charge of security because he knows that Srk may want to borrow some scenes from K3 and incorporate them in the sequel to Ra.one…! :-P

  • its gonna b huge krish3 with rc vfx and superb acting and passion from hritik
    krish3 will get earth shattering response and will break every record
    waithing for eid and diwali two of the biggest festival with two biggest star in bollywood

  • @gewone. It’s ur mistake u watched d2(dabangg) for hrithik thinking that its d2(dhoom), like most people were fooled when they went to watch ek tha tiger thinking that its dubbed version of Life of Pi. Why sulaiman bhai is playing with bollywood loving audience?. U shud be carefull next time bro

  • Hrithik is worried that best friend but still greedy business minded Youtube King Srk will try to steal some ideas from the K3 team as he himself tries to revive the Raavan franchise…!

    They say in business there are no friends and in Youtube King Srks case that certainly is true…!

  • Krrish is safeguarding Red Chillies VFX Studios from G.one…! Lol

    Team Roshan you are very wise and filmi fans can rest assure that cartooninsh villainous looking G.one will never be able to overcome the Might of Krrish even with the help of Raavan…! ;-)

  • Someone has earlier stated that Hrithik and Srk are good friends so they are eagerly awaiting K3 release. Now that may be true but Im sure not many Hrithik fans will be awaiting the release of Chennai Express…! :-(

  • @soroop Correct and you can imagine the shock on each and every Irrfan Khan fan when we thought we would get to see 2 hrs of Irrfan but instead we got half a dozen crappy Srk songs and a 90 min Srk cameo /guest appearance which was twice as long as the films lead heros screen time…!

    Really Srk not fair dude and total misleading practice yaar.

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