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Hate Story 3 Review by Indicine

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

Hate Story 3 can be best described as the poor man’s Race movie with a smaller budget and lower grade actors. For all of its promise of sex, it seems as if most of the steamy scenes were already shown in the trailers and the movie is basically a skeleton of revenge twists and turns. The twists in Hate Story 3 are so bizarre that even Abbas Mastan would hide their faces on seeing the movie. There is no coherence, no respect for any semblances of any logic and the dialogues are just another level of cheesy. Why can’t these movies at least have relatable dialogues? Only thing that works in terms of direction is that it is never boring, as something always keeps happening on screen.

Hate Story 3 Review by Bollywood Hungama

Rating: ★★★½☆

There are a handful of places wherein the skin show and sleaze looks a bit out of place (read ‘thrusted’), but, considering the premise of the story plot and the ‘demand of the script’, these scenes merges itself with the narrative. As far as the direction is concerned, Vishal Pandya is no newcomer to the premise of HATE STORY 3. He does what was expected of him to do. Like its predecessor (HATE STORY 2), Vishal has kept the storyline of HATE STORY 3 as an erotic thriller that navigates the same route. Like the first and second part, the sexually explicit content is cleverly interwoven within the said premise. But what sets apart HATE STORY 3 from its predecessors is that unlike the earlier versions, here, the male protagonist decides to get even with the oppressor. And it is Vishal who needs to be applauded for skilfully handling the movie that has an assortment of sexually explicit scenes which may appeal to those who relish steamy thrillers. The film has an extremely engaging first half, whereas, the film’s second half helps in maintaining the grip, but, the loose ends do show up intermittently.

Hate Story 3 Review by Saibal Chatterjee on NDTVMovies

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

Hate Story 3 expectedly wallows in prurient rubbernecking to inveigle its target audience, while pretending to explore the limits of fraternal ties and bonds of friendship. It rides on a string of twists and turns that create neither tension nor menace. Worse, they do not even make sense.

Hate Story 3 Review by Ananya Bhattacharya on India Today

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

The acting by the lead cast sways between sleep-inducing and Oh-Lord-Is-This-For-Real. Sharman Joshi will try and not remind you that he’s the brilliant actor who’s given us films like 3 Idiots and Ferrari Ki Sawaari. There are uncalled-for outbursts, flying off the handle at the drop of a hat, vowing vengeance at even less frequent intervals from his Aditya. There are times he is unbearably one-tone. For her part, Zareen is barely passable, all that glamour notwithstanding. All the emotion that this motley cast can get out of the average viewer is a yawn or two. Daisy Shah tries to breathe life into her Kaaya, but falls light years short of her destination. Karan Singh Grover as the scheming, cunning Sourav is the only one among this lot who manages to impress a bit.

Hate Story 3 Review by Sreeju Sudhakaran on Bollywood Life

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Well, the ladies are hot and so is Karan Singh Grover (Sorry Sharman bhaiyya!). I mean, that’s the only reason why there are there were so many girls in the show. The plot moves at a decent pace, throwing twist after twist on your for the major runtime. Though the twists can be sniffed away from a mile, at least it keeps the narrative engaging. Among the performances, it’s only Karan Singh Grover who manages to make some sort of impact, even if there is that annoying permanent smirk pasted on his face. And oh yes…there is a lot of skin show on display, and none seems censored!

Hate Story 3 Review by Shubhra Gupta on Indian Express

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

It tells us that Bollywood’s idea of an ‘erotic thriller’ is still stuck in some dark age template. The men gnash their teeth and growl. The women are all pneumatically curved out to there, allowing the camera to linger. There are bed bits with generous displays of slithering lingerie on chest-and-thigh, and surprisingly for a time when ‘boldness’ is being dealt with by archaic moral standards, lots of open mouth-and-tongue action.

Hate Story 3 Review by Jaidev Hemmady on Movietalkies

Rating: ★½☆☆☆

Joshi has proved his acting chops in films like 3 Idiots and Ferrari Ki Sawaari, which makes it all the more difficult for us to see him doing something like this. Karan Singh Grover has a good screen presence but his perpetually smug expression seems to suggest that he is happy letting his muscles act for him. Coming to the shoddy execution, attention has not been paid to even simple detailing. In one scene, Daisy’s character is swimming in a pool and when she steps out to greet Karan’s character, her hair is miraculously dry!

Hate Story 3 Review by Sonia Chopra on Sify

Rating: ★½☆☆☆

The only thing ‘hat ke’ about this movie is that it’s not the usual romantic saga, but an out-and-out bromance. One that, sadly, does not manage to portray either love or hate with conviction!

Hate Story 3 Review by Rohit Vats on Hindustan Times

Rating: ★½☆☆☆

Sharman Joshi tries really hard to infuse some soul in this 131-minute film, but there’s hardly anything in the script. The actor is granted the benefit of doubt. Karan Singh Grover did Alone before Hate Story, so he can’t be granted any leverage. Zarine Khan and Daisy Shah look great, but that’s pretty much it.

Review by Meena Iyer on The Times Of India

Rating: ★★★☆☆

In an attempt not to make these films seem like pure steam fests, the makers usually thrown in a revenge drama angle. So true to the fabric of this franchise, here too there’s a suspense drama around some ugly sibling rivalry woven in. However, while the film is good-looking, the plot is convoluted. There’s bizarre justification for the poison-ivy women and avaricious despots. But then again, these sequels are about erotica being served piping hot Bollywood style.

Review by Prasanna D Zore on Rediff

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

Vikram Bhatt’s story keeps extending itself, not knowing when to climax. Hate Story 3 is not the film that you hate when it ends; you hate yourself for venturing out to watch such a film.

Review by Shubha Shetty-Saha on Mid-Day India

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

This film is touted as an erotic thriller… If your idea of erotica is seeing Zareen Khan in various stages of undressing or Karan Singh Grover’s biceps that show more emotions than his face or a Daisy Shah getting in and out of the pool in tacky sets of swimwear, then this one’s for you.

Review by Roktim Rajpal on IBNLive

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

As far as the technical aspects are concerned, the background score is quite impressive. Its racy nature adds some life to the mundane narrative. Similarly, the music to is quite praiseworthy. Unfortunately, the placement of the numbers is pretty disappointing. They end up breaking the film’s flow. The cinematography is okay. The intimate scenes have been filmed rather aesthetically. The editing too is decent. To cut a long story short, ‘Hate Story 3’ is a failed attempt at storytelling. It proves that content is king and sleaze is no substitute for a well written screenplay.

Review by Rohit Bhatnagar on Deccan Chronicle

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Hate Story 3 has so many twists that after a while you start recollecting Abbas Mustan’s hit multi-starer thriller Race. Director Vishal Pandya’s story is complex but the way it is narrated is laughable. Once the film is on the verge of unfolding the truth, you are bound to feel that Hate Story 3 is a modified version of films like Raqeeb and Race with a little altered climax.

Review by Kunal Guha on Mumbai Mirror

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

Sharman Joshi, the actor who has balanced his tears and smiles with equal conviction (in films like 3 Idiots and Rang De Basanti) seems to have been kidnapped by aliens. The lookalike who’s replaced him here looks perpetually constipated and fashions an uncomfortable demeanour, especially in love-making scenes, action scenes and every other. Karan Singh Grover’s forehead vein is a sure performer and in the intense scenes he knocks it out of his head. Zareen Khan channels her inner Katrina, but somehow manages to emote even lesser than her.

Review by Martin D’Souza on Glamsham

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Sharman Joshi is superb in his act. He brings in a dynamic angle to his personality, playing a role he has not enacted before. Moreover, his marries his style of delivering his dialogue to suit the character he plays. Karan Singh Grover is sincere in his effort as a man out for revenge. Zarine Khan as the docile wife and the object of desire lives up to the director’s casting. She carries off her performance without a glitch. HATE STORY 3 has kept the interest alive in this series.

Review by Shishir Gautam on Nowrunning

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

Hate Story 3 is one of those films that have nothing appealing about it. It has below par performances by all its actors. Daisy Shah has a laughable role and she enacts it as badly as the part deserves. Most of Karan Singh Grover and Zarine’s concentration seems to be on looking seductive rather than act. If there is anyone who should be happy with this film, it is Sharman. Hate Story 3 is in fact a half a step up for him since his last – Super Nani.

Review by IANS on Zeenews

Rating: ★½☆☆☆

Performances apart, it is the story that is a hackneyed one, oft seen in Bollywood and no attempt has been made to handle it differently either. The script is shoddy and is poorly executed. The characters are one-dimensional and lack depth. Coming from Vikram Bhatt, it is a bit of a disappointment.



  • Bollywood hungama 3.5stars for this movie and 2.5 for tamasha..!!!

    I salute them. Faridoon and taran rock

    waiting for komal nahta praising hate story 3 now

  • Wat a career Ranbir Kapoor had till besharam happened
    10 releases
    2 blockbusters(yjhd,
    2 superhits(barfi,
    1 hit(rockstar)
    1 semi hit(wake up sid)
    success rate-60% biggest non festival hit ever yjhd-190cr
    2 filmfare best actor awards. …!!!

    This is just a poor phase of ranbir that he is currently undergoing.
    he will overcome it soon and enter a phase even better than pre-besharam phase

    Ranbir Rocks

  • skipping theater this weekend. i’m saving my money for bajirai mastani and dilwale on 18.12. just 14 days!!!

  • Awesome film…now eagerly waiting for dilwale 18 Dec Xmas…Xmas gift for all family.. Must watch movie..

  • Reviews don’t matter for films like Hate Story-3…It has adult scenes and mindless story and fake actions…Nothing more…People will watch this movie and it will be a Hit…
    That all matters for producer…I still can’t forget about salman’s actress going on such low in that movie…Also censor board cuts more scenes and audiences also can’t enjoying seeing this movied

  • lowest rating but i dnt think tht is movie pr koi bhut jyada effect pdne wala h so movie wil do gud box office …!!!!

  • Bollywood Hungama gives 3.5 for Hate Story 3 but 2.5 for Tamasha.
    Are inka review kya computer ya koi baccha karta hai.
    World’s worst reviewer Bollywood Hungama.
    Please don’t add Bollywood Hungama’s review in this post.

  • Hi.
    Go everyone for Tamasha this weekend and enjoy a great cinematic experience.
    The astounding performance of Ranbir ,the lumonous performance of Deepika,the editing,the usual love story,the editing,the visionary work of Imteaz,the cinematography make this film wonderful.
    Let give justice to the film.

  • Once our king also made some bold and CHUMMA- CHATI movie like Maya Memsaab, jthj etc. But they did not work at box office…..but king roxxx.

  • Hate story 3 is a faliur
    Hate story part one was the best out of these sequels.. It had the revenge hateness anger that was really hate story which can watch reapeting
    Acting and the scenes were related to the movie in part one
    But hate story 3 has nothing big
    It looks like a old concept and no hateness anger up to the core
    Sharman & daisy was low Karan & zarine was good on there characters
    Sorry not trilled as part one
    ? from the Bollywood fan from Sri Lanka?

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