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Guild Awards 2013: Salman Khan to host

Salman KhanBollywood superstar Salman Khan will be hosting the 8th Annual Guild Awards 2013 on February 16th at the Yash Raj Studios in Mumbai.

The Guild Awards 2013, which commemorates the extraordinary achievements in Hindi cinema and television, will be aired on on Star Plus.

The awards show is a joint initiative by the Film and Television Producers Guild and Wizcraft International Entertainment.

Some of the biggest celebrities from B-Town and the television industry are expected to attend the event, which will be Salman’s debut as a award-ceremony host.

The superstar was hugely successful in anchoring television reality shows like Bigg Boss and Dus Ka Dum.



  • My commiseration is always with those …who ll attend that award show …hope, he ll not show his “flying” and “racket” talent there…:P

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  • The tiger of bollywood…wt ever he touch it becomes gold that’s y he s called as man with golden heart….

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  • i am so proud to be his fan. just recently found out that ek tha tiger was the 7th most searched movie in top 10 list of worldwide movies amongs the all other hollywood movies. the only indian movie in top ten, and still people say that he is taking indian industry down, well from this i see that he is taking bollywood movies to another level and for i am not only thankful to him but to be his fan too.

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  • best of luck to those who r attending. hope he doesnt host it like big fox. bt 4 sm this award has already become most trusted one.

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  • @xzone. Dude if any non-srk fans comment against srk on any srk related page, then you will arrogantly tell them not to visit the page and stay away from the page, then why are you commenting with your ‘jaffa’ comments shamelessly on a salman related page. Please stay away from any salman related page if you have any self-respect and dignity, otherwise you know what will be the treatment. The whole of india knows how irritating,silly & boring srk’s hosting is, that’s why the organisers are bringing in the likes of saifs,shahids, riteshs and others to host the shows. Srk is easily the most irritating and the worst stage host one will ever come across and thank god he is not the show host, otherwise apart from getting the lowest trp ratings, head-ache, intense irritation and even vomiting is guaranteed when srk hosts the show. And now with salman hosting the show, watch out for high trp ratings to realise why he is such a special crowd puller.

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  • wow salman khan is the host that means the other khan will not dare to buy any award.

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  • salman khan as the host means this award function will get the highest TRP on television and will beat other awards functions very easily.

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  • ha ha joke of the century…
    it must be award for senior citizen and as lallu khan’s fans say that if someone host the award ceremony than he/she may be getting an award….
    so which award do lallu get…lolllzzz ha ha….as he has nothing to do with acting coz he did nt knw he must be getting award fr taking his shirt off again nd again in every movie nd flaunting his wrinkeled body ha ha ha….lallu is a mota allu

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  • @NVS what a slap you have given to that retarded/demented xzone. Im loving that reply and have taken a snap shot of this page where he commented first. The psycho will forget tomorrow morning what he did- no doubt he will wake up using a different identity but we all will know he did this- bloody double standards at play here.
    He barks on others doing the same but acts like a little angel defending himself saying he never would instigate the arguements. Tut tut tut he needs help, luckily bhais association with NGO Mental Asylums means that xzone wont be discriminated against despite being a srkian so he will be admitted and welcomed with open arms and given a free psychiatric assessment aswell as a bed for the night.

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  • @lallu khan aka xzone/nihal/star/king/jerry/anil uperkar or whatever name you want to be known as does not excuse you from being called a jealous moron.
    I bet you go the gym and when you take your shirt off the other members run outside quickly seeing your boney little ugly skeleton body and throw up…
    Another thing- srk will not be hosting the award show this time nor performing coz the organisers (well audiences too) were sick and tired of getting SRK to host and try to be like Salman Khan that this time they decided to make a big donation to ‘Being Human’ and get the Real King Khan himself. Normally SRK pays to host shows and buy the awards but trps were so low that organisers need to pay for a quality host to increase trps and hence ad revenues. Shame for srkian fans but real movie going Fans can rejoice now coz we longer will be subjected to buddha srk trying to dance like Bhai but bhai himself will jive and groove to Desi Beat amongst others.
    @star Bhai roxXxXx and buddha srk suxXxXx

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  • @Indicine : not fair, why u did not mention in article that Salman agreed to host on condition that he should not be nominated for any awards unlike a certain self proclaim, cheapester donkey n award buying ‘king’.

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  • @NVS..i am agree with u that i warned all sallu fans to not to visit srk pages…and if they visit, then atleast not to make a comment on it…and if they did…then u wud have seen that wat type of treatment i give them…but still, they don’t stop visiting his pages…that’s y i m here….first, tell ur “rustic”,”clown” and “squat” salman fans like “navin” ,”hritik”, “sachin11″ to not to visit his pages….when they ll stop visiting srk pages…at the same time..i ll also stop visiting the pages of this “slayer” and “contumacious” person…and don’t try to threaten me abt ur “treatment”…bcoz now-a-days , i m giving the same treatment to two “psycho” salman fans known as “navin” and “hritik”..better ask them abt the experience…

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  • @Navin…u again came outside from ur “mental” school….just go inside..u and ur other insane couligues are a menace to the society….so, first get ur full treatment…then appear at indicine..
    “mental” rocks…

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  • Salman khan cant hose. PERIOD.
    Hosting requires a sharp mind…that can come up with IMPROMPTU remarks…..

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  • i want to ask to every body who are against Salman that if he don’t know acting so how he is carry his carrier 21 year long & how he become the biggest star of India kindly tell me. why his film grossed higher then higher collection. u dumb & rascals you must have to think about your well acting known actor like shah rukh & other stars they are struggling to cross 100 crore collection & salman’s movie easily cross 150 crore collection. this is right answer for you all salman against person

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  • @xzone silly silly little boy, learn history son, India became a free and democratic country in 1947 and not in 1992 when your King SRK arrived on your so called ‘bollywood throne’! People including demented individuals are free to roam the net to wherever they wish. But You are twisting everything around, what I said was you and any other of your personalities like nihal, star, anil, jerry and king are welcomed to make comments on any pages but do not then turn around saying its only done by salman fans or Aamir fans. You guys make derogatory remarks about bhai so why get upset when its done to your ‘king of kings SRK’? Why such hypocrisy eh? Is it because as srkians you have been dominating the WWW for years without any backchat from other fans? For years you could proclaim srk as King of Kings without any challenges from other groups but Now you realise that the number of Bhai fans on forums is rapidly increasing that you can not accept this fact that you have now lost your monopoly on the WEB. Instead you cannot take this debate/arguements forward so you start to revert to foul language and empty threats. You’re just acting like a typical ignorant and arrogant deranged sore loser but thats the one trait everybody hates most about your idol and why you srkians are despised so much.
    Go and expand your horizon and watch other programmes/movies/documentaries instead of just JTHJ on repeat.
    @star bhai roxXxXx

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  • @xzone Ok I must admit thst I too like you and many many srkians/fans made the same mistake. You must have read just the first 2 words of the title: “Guild Awards….” and thought: ” yipppee another Awards Show, yes another chance to see SRK hosting- a good opportunity atlast because King can buy 2 or 3 awards, good promotional opportunity to showcase another Exclusive poster of SRK driving the Chennai Express train, also it would be nice to see SRK grooving to chatbuster hits like Desi Beat, gyrate to Mashaallah, get down with Munni Malaika etc etc etc!”
    However when I read the first 2 words, “Guild Awards…” I was just thinking what all other fans were thinking:- “Oh crap, another Awards Show, must have SRK hosting it no doubt. Another 3 hrs of watching his gibberish talk, crude jokes on other stars, more sexual innuendos, more of SRK groping Piggy Chops and getting pecks on the cheek from Anushka and Katrina, more eye contact between SRK and Kjo while Gauri’s looking the otherway. Finally ofcourse more awards being rigged by SRK and more brown envelopes being passed around than champagne corks….”
    We fans were planning to go out saturday night but now that we read the full headline and subsequent article then I know that alot more people will be watching the show because atlast they have got a great host hosting and not the same old nautanki from buddha srk.
    @star Sadly buddha srk roxXxXx no more… :-P

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