Ghajini Movie Review

Ahh.. The biggest movie of the year is finally here. Aamir Khan’s Ghajini brings with it the huge amount of expectations that people usually carry with them to the theatre while watching an Aamir Khan film. The full house go crazy while Aamir first appears on screen, the craze is mind boggling something that I haven’t witnessed since I started watching movies a decade and a half ago.

Sanjay Singhania is a business tycoon, who has very recently come down to India. Due to certain weird circumstances, he falls in love with Kalpana (Asin), a sweet lovable girl with a heart of gold. While Sanjay is on a business trip, Kalpana in an attempt to save girls from some dreaded criminals puts her life at risk. On the day of Sanjay’s return, Kalpana is killed by Ghajini while Sanjay is injured on his head. This leads to a mental disorder called anterograde amnesia. Sanjay suffers from short term memory loss; he forgets everything in 15 mins! His only goal though is to kill Ghajini, how he battles against all odds is what forms the rest of the tale.

Ghajini Hindi Review

Your first reaction after watching Ghajini is WOW What a movie!! You look at your watch to realize 3 hours have breezed through. You catch hold of your breathe and come to terms with a movie that has just managed to blow you away. It aint a movie that you would remember and want to watch 5 years from now, in fact it lacks repeat value as the thrill would be missing the second time. But what Aamir Khan and the Ghajini team have served is a fulto masala entertainer. It has comedy, romance, action, a typical 90s villian, great music, emotions.. Ghajini has got it all.

There are so many memorable moments and scenes in Ghajini. To describe a few..

1) When Aamir is chasing the cop and Jiah, he suddenly loses his memory. Yet tries to recognise Jiah by her rapid breathe rate.

2) The Aamir – Asin love story. He’s a business tycoon; she’s a pretty ordinary girl. The way their love story begins is sweet and extremely funny!

3) The villian! Neck and fingers filled with gold jewellery, a silver tooth, menacing look et al. Ghajini is a typical 90s villian. Almost perfect for a revenge movie. The most surprising thing was, the movie has been named after the villian, which usually isnt the case with Bollywood movies. Has a movie ever been titled, inspired by the character of a non-star villian?

4) The climax! Scintillating stuff. It seems quite easy to predict, what could happen next. But the short term memory loss makes the movie quite unpredictable.

A.R. Murugadoss directing his first Bollywood film deserves credit for his brilliant execution of the script. The climax of the Hindi version is different, if compared to the original in Tamil. The brilliant camera work and fantastic background score is one of the many other positives.

So is it too violent? The answer is No, it isn’t a very violent movie. Apart from certain scenes like the tattoos being scratched off from Aamir’s chest – abdomen and a few physical fights resulting in twisting of necks, the violence is limited to about 15 mins. Far less brutal than the CCTV captures of the Mumbai terrorist attacks that was aired on almost all news channels.

Any flaws? Yes, the songs. About 2 songs too many in the first half; Behka Main and Aye Bachchu were unnecessary.

The performances were top notch. Asin proves to be a very good actress, quite unexpected as I wasn’t expecting much from her, after those promos. Good screen presence, bubbly and charismatic.

Aamir Khan is brilliant! An actor who can never disappoint, neither with his performances nor the overall quality of his movies. He is by far the best star-actor of the decade. What with a different variety of movies like Lagaan, Dil Chahta Hai, Rang De Basanti, Taare Zameen Par and now Ghajini! All very different, but brilliant nonetheless!

Overall, Ghajini is a must watch, a complete paisa vasool entertainer. A movie that should be experienced only on the big screen. Lastly, watch it for Aamir Khan and his sheer brilliance on screen. He is to Bollywood, what Sachin Tendulkar is to cricket. A legend!

Rating: ★★★★☆

Other Notes – The atmosphere in the movie hall was electrifying, something that I have never witnessed. Going by the audience reaction, the movie seems to have lived upto the expectations. People were glued to their seats till the very end.

Hope you all enjoy Ghajini. Post your Ghajini reviews below. Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year from the Indicine Team!

Update – What Aamir Khan expected actually happened. In an interview, he mentioned that if people walk out with his physique and 8 pack abs in mind, then the movie has failed to connect. So yeah, the movie did connect and Aamir’s looked great in Ghajini. In all the excitement, I missed Jiah Khan too, it was a forgettable performance. Her most important scene was when Aamir gets down from the scooter to fight the goons, Jiah’s expressions while trying to stop Aamir was hard to digest!



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    Have you seen Ghajini? Watch it and post your review!


  • I have seen Ghajni yesterday,the most awaited movie of year after RNBDJ.
    Direction of the movie is just average,songs picturization is also not very good only guzarish is well picturized.
    Amir Khan is such a talented actor no doubt and he act well but why he dont have any dialogues in this movie,overall his face expressions was good and the role also suites him very well.Asin is a confident actress and she act very well but we cant compare Asin with Anukha because Anukha role was much more stronger than Asin role in this movie.Jiah Khan has to improve alot,overall she was just ok.the villian in this movie act natural,but i personally think Asutosh Rana or Irfan Khan are the right choice for the negative role.
    back ground music in action scenes is horrible,Music of Ghajni is just average,Story is simple and nice.
    overall Ghajni is not big like Sarfarosh,Lagan,Rang De basanti,Tare Zameen pe,Dil Chahta Hai,but i think only Amir Khans star power will save this movie.
    2.5/5 “Above Average”


  • Amir has proved 2 things in front of audience one is they make 8pack abs in this movie to get locked on rest of khan’s in industry and they also promote asin as depika padukone to get succes in debut hindi movie


  • FINALLY the waiting is over So here we go ppl. Actually donno from where i should start. well This is My Second Aamir Movie in a Theatre after TZP. have been waiting more than one and Half year for GHANJA and Finally here we go. So after hearing all great things about the Opening and Advance Booking from BO soruces i have no option had to Book the Tickets for First day Night show yeah i Took My Momma and Poppa with me also my Brother.

    And WOOW Yet again Aamir completly Shoked me in the Theatre, last time as a Director & prducer & Actor, this time As an ACTOR with his unbelievble never seen Performance.

    I dont wanna Talk about The Original TAMIL Ghajini and the Momento here, But i will do the compare Very soon after when i saw both movies. So till then i will just SKIP It. This Movie is Very Special for Aamir, after Cricially acclaimed BLOCKBUSTER TZP ppl were dying to see him on Screen again. And Here he completly do justice to his Fans with Ghajini.

    What i liked in the Movie –

    # It’s not a Typical Tamil Masala ACTION Type Film. There are no Such Flying and Jumping Rajini Kanth ACTIONS in this. All The Action Scenes were TOP NOTCH. Very relastic. and Aamir’s Character is a Very Powerful one, as u can see in the Movie he is a Very Strong person and he can beat sh1t out of anyone that comes his way. when u see him on screen u can Feel what kind of person he is, he is a guy who has only one thing in his Mind that is REVENGE. That’s his one and only Ambition. i really liked the way they presented his Character in the Movie.

    # Actions Were TOP. Not over the Top as most of ppl thought it would be. The Director doesnt seems like a Typcial Tamil Director, u wont feel like u are watching a Tamil Director’s Movie.

    # The Screenplay. How the Director presents the movie to u, The way the Movie goes is just EXCELLENT !

    # Aamir’s Character. one word BRILLIANT ! someitmes u feels that he is like Bollywood HULK Sunny deol who has Super Powers but Trust me u wont Find anything wrong with that. coz This Sanjay Singhania isnt just a Normal person He is Completly SICK and Very Strong like Amstrong with a Powerful Body. He Works out everyday and with Revenge He becomes even More Stronger.

    # The Romantic & Comedy Scenes Between Aamir & Asin in First Half. Very Entertaining !

    # The 2 Diaries. After The missing END in Second Diary u will starts to Guessing what has Really happend. Good Suspence !

    # Aamir’s ENTTRY. AWESOME !

    # The scene when ASIN getting Killed. CLASSIC ! it’s very realstic, u will feel that ur also in the same house with Asin. Without doubt The BEST Scene in the Film.

    What i didnt like in the Movie –

    Just coz i’m an Aamir Fan I cant being Blind here, as in any other Bollywood Masala Movie There are Flaws in this one as well.

    1. Like After the police officer locked up in Aamir’s Closet ( in the Morning Time ), Untill Afternoon no other Officer comes to Find what happend to that P Officer. Here we have a Doubt that did he he Informs other Police Oiffcers about the Case or he is just Investigating the Case alone Or Not.

    2 And After the Police Officer’s Get Killed on the Road noone From The Police going to FIND out how the hell he died. Thats kinda Stupid.

    PLUS i think Some scenes Revoles with ASIN in First half werent needed. like Her scenes in her Working Place. Instead those Scenes they could have added Scenes Revolving Police with Aamir More. Then it will give us a proper idea. and Also Asin’s Introduced SONG suddenly comes from nowhere. Those things could have been Edited.

    Also before the Climax after Aamir’s fight with the Villian Ghajini i thought Aamir was going to Die, but Then like in any other Typical BOLLY Movie suddenly Aamir gets up and beats the villian. Common now if they wanted to Keep Aamir Live then they didnt had to do that. They could have do that Very Differently.

    Apart from those things I didnt FIND anything wrong in the Movie. and i know since its an Aamir Movie Most of ppl always Looking for LOGIC and even expecting comedy, Action scenes to be 100 % Perfect. This is why his Comeback Movie MP also got critized too much which wasnt that BAD Movie. If u compare this Movie with all other Typical Bollwyood Masala Entertainers we have seen in this Decade u wont Find Many FLAWS as u finds in other movies.


    Aamir Aamir Aamir and Aamir. WOOW What a performance. As some reviwer said he will complete blow u away. when u see him on Screen u wont Take away ur eyes off him. After Kamal Hassan’s Role in ABHAY this is the most SICK, Craziest role i have ever seen in Indian Cinema. Yeah u heard that rite EVER. He is Natural as FUK. This is what we called Acting. Watch him in the Scene when Jiah khan Reminds him his Past, and When he is calling Ghajini. His Expressions… PURE CLASS ! ppl who have seen Tamil Ghajini will compare him with Surya, as i havent seen it i cant say that yet. But in my opinion no other Actor in bollywood Can do this role like the Way Aamir did. this is why he is the BEST when it comes to Acting. he doesnt have many Dialogues to speak in the movie but when u see his Expressions how he Acts Through his eyes u feels it’s better without watching him speaking Dialoges.

    As the Rich businessman Sanjay and The Kiling Mahcine SANJAY u will see completly two different Aamirs at the same time. Man What an ACTOR He is. really he belongs to Hollywood not Bollywood. i would say he is as GREAT as Kamal Hassan when it comes To VERSATILE. If u loved him as Nkiumb so kind Teacher in TZP u will even Love him more in Ghajini As the SICK Killing Machine. He will completely SHOCK U. Yeah thats My word SHOCK. 10 / 5. One of Aamir’s BEST Act ever. it will easily goes to his TOP 5. Wont mind comparing it with Lagaan’s performance which i thought his BEST performance.

    ASIN was too good. her comic Timing is Perfect. reminds me of Juhi chawla in 90’s. She is a FUN to watch in First half. and at the same time she is GREAT in emotional side. watch her in the Scene when she rescuing 25 childs in the Train and before She gets Killed. AMAZING ! 4 / 5

    The Villain Ghajini was good too. He has Scary Thug Gangsta LOOK thats the role need. i think he suited the Role Very well. Jiah khan did her job well too. She was really good in the scene when Aamir was Trying to Kill her. Though still her Debut performance was better.

    DIRECTING – Good job Murugados ( Lolz whatever murgados or maragados ) he has handled most of Scenes Very well. Specially the Scene when ASIN get killed. That Scene was just PERFECT ! he definietly know what he does. With this Film I would say he is one of best Masala FILM director in bollywood.

    MUSIC – Good. Songs are NICE. i didnt like Aye bachu earlier but it’s COOL and Asin looks beautiful in there. Also Latto Song Jiah looked HOT. wish the song was more longer that. BEHKA is like one of most coolest song i have ever seen I’m sure everyone will Love it. Ghuzarish is kinda Overrated. And the BEST song of the movie has to be Kaise Mujhe. LOVED IT !

    OVERALL – A Very good Entertainer. One of best Masala ( Romantic, comedy, Action ) FILM I have ever seen. One of this year’s BEST. but definietly not the best, Rock on and A Wednesday are better Movies.

    As An Entertainer i would rate it 4.25 / 5. OVERALL As a Movie – 3.75 / 5

    It’s a MUST WATCH ! specially for Aamir Fans, It’s a Threat to watch Go watch it in Theatre.. CHEERS !


  • Fathiya, you said it. I don’t know why people are using such bad words. Really a great job!!

    Now Ghajini. Aamir done it again. I have seen the tamil version long time back. A brilliant performance by Surya. Actually surya is known as South Aamir. His dedication and perfection.

    When you remake a film, its a big challenge. It will compared to its original. Here most of the shots are same. But even then you won’t get bored. Let me tell you some thing about the tamil version. An unbelievable performance by Surya. His gestures and postures those were simply beautiful. His hair style and wardrobe as the business magnet Sanjay Ramaswamy was superb.

    Songs and picturisations were nice. When you watch this movie, you can’t imagine any other actor in place of Surya.

    But here Aamir done it. It is difficult to say who is good. Aamir and Surya has all the praises. Both ‘ve done a great job. Who ever watched the Aamir’s Ghajini, I have a request. Please watch the Tamil version as well ( not the dubbed version in Telugu or …) You should hear Surya’s voice. So try to watch the tamil version. It released 2 years back So you may be losing the richness. But it still great.

    Once again, I don’t like to say this Ghajini as masala. Obviously it has everything with it. But it is not an usual hindi film. Brilliant narration and nice screen play…

    Great Movie……..


  • Hello Indicine Team: I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m planning to do this week, maybe tomorrow.

    Last night I was watching NDTV Channel and the announcer said about Ghaajini: Ii’s not a great movie for Aamir but watch it.. she meant for a change, as it’s a different script.
    And while another guy asked an audience if he loved the movie he said: It didn’t offer us what RBNDJ offered, means that some ppl didn’t find it that interesing.

    I can’t say anything only after watching, hope it’s a good one.


  • i cant believe all the shit people write and how they ridicule one movie or actor without noting the quality in another movie. its just sad indian shit as always. habit of just belittling each other.

    and hmmmm, u sick fuck, mention my family again and I’ll rip your limbs off ghajini style. and my family dont have to worry about that fagger srk. they will be safe from that shit you call srk. the only thing good about him, is his wife. she is sooooooooo hot!!!

    ghajini to CROSS 100 CRORES (whatever that indian unit is), in ONE WEEK!!! then we talk. ghajini is an action film, and anyone complaining about violence is not a man. go watch RN BDJ movie. it suits srk fans.


  • I am so disappointed with this movie. no doubt aamir is one of the best actors in the counrty but, after watching the movie i felt this movie was a waste of money and time. instead of going DAMN! people were laughing at the fight scenes, the climax scene and many others. lot of over acting by asin apart from the death scene.

    Perfectionist mr.khan has completely lost the plot here. the kiddish romance, anachronic dialogues ,terrible screen play and the length are enough for me. apart for the cinematography nothing was great about it. i was disappointed. having a wonderful and exciting theme i had high expectations.

    this movie may be a HIT but not a BLOCKBUSTER, the second week will be about 20 crores tops crore only And theres no way 45 crores can be recovered theatrically on this film. . should have realised this when aamir was doing too much of extensive promotions.


  • its amirs unbelivable performance.outstanding performance.

    king khan vs perfectionist . “ab ayega moja”.

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi has done business of around 67 crore nett in 13 days. The second week has been rock steady until the release of Ghajini today as collections fell due to much lower screenings.

    The film is the biggest hit of 2008 and the first universal blockbuster of the year. The film is the biggest hit in every circuit of India apart from Delhi/UP, East Punjab, Bihar and Rajasthan but of course things may change with the release of Ghajini.


  • hey folks,

    Finally i got the chance the movie today… and my expectation didn’t go in vein (from hindi version)…. Superb acting by amir.. It wouldnt have been great without amir and Asin together….I really liked the climax…

    Amir showed that he has got a pair…… not like chocolate heroes or other crying animals..or not like comic heroes!!!

    Well the fact is that i have watched the Tamil version of this movie…. great performance by Surya… i became his fan after that… I seriously like some tamil movies (i mentioned some movie).. they got talents man… they dont minding ending life of main charecters….so as Asin’s case in Ghajini….there other good movies (7/G Rainbow colony.. man u should watch that movie… how a notorious guy falls in love with a gal and looses her….)

    I have watched momento also…

    This movie (Ghajini) is the right combition of indian films with hollywood concept…

    Most touching part of the movie is how Ghajini kills Kalpana…..

    Brilliance part of the was though guns were shown in the movie, no bullet was fired….

    Asin gave stunning perfomance…. i didnt expect it

    Well this movie is simple awesome…. go and watch in theater…..


  • i m witing this movie to watch for a long time ………….but i hv no time to take the enjoy of the moment of watching the movie ‘Gajani’, but very soon i will go to the theater…………….best off lck Mr. Amir……………..


  • Indicine team you don’t get it even though the movie is hit Fathiya makes false/wrong statements that Ghajini didn’t live upto expectations this/that cause aamir is a threat to srk. >_>


  • ok i just saw the movie this morning . amir is fantastic. but the movie had too many flaws.

    frankly it should have been for adults due to the graphic violence in the movie . after watching ghajini frankly i was in the mood to watch rnbdj since its a light and cool flick.

    front benchers are going to really love ghajini since they like to watch violence.

    i enjoyed parts when amir has his affair with the heroine he was at par with srk in those romantic scenes no doubt.

    the movie is definately going to do well. but definately cant watch it again.

    i believe a true hit movie is when it has repeat audience. like ddlj or sholay. or hum aapke hain kaun


  • this faathiya is back to her old vehemently bossy and nonsubmissive self..shes ruined the website wit h her vitriolic comments ..we will just ignore her here

    i thought the movie had too much of south indian flavour ..the background score ..the junior artists and the usual chatter of heroine which we so often in the south movies being aired on zee tv every other day..the love story took away a lot of time from the main narrative and i was yawning at that point.. asin resembles juhi chawla and was made to pratter like her.. that is the problem with south directors they are a little over the top..asin looks good but will not make it in bollywood .she just doesnt gel in the usual sense ..big butts which are liked in south do not find favour up in north…

    i wish they would just remove the south indian flavour and then it will work


  • hello friend i saw both movie rab ne and ghajini……there is no need to compare both movies. because they have diffrent subject..i m happy to say now the level of bollywood is going to change. nw we can show to hollywood peoples that we have also lot of talent . if u see in the last 1 and 2 year lots of bollywood movies like ghajini,rabne,oyeluckyoye,sorrybhai,mukhbir,maharthi,dostana,wednesday,rock on and many more they all did a blast at this boxoffice…… ghajini really aamir did a great job. noone can replace him . he always come in front of us with a great surprise how we can forget his great contribution to bollywood dil chahta hai, rang de basanti, taarein zammen pe, lagaan,and m favourite andaj ana apna and now ghajini..superrb man …..its bad for our bollywood as we can saw boxoffice is divided in brands like salman, aamir, shahrukh, amitabh….if these all people will leave there igo and will do their work than oneday we will show the hollywood that if they have tom cruise, braddpitt,john cusak,tom hanks than we also have lots of true artist who create history, who design history ……….in last finally i will congrates to aamir and will wish u a merry xmas. and will hope frm him that in future we will alse see some unforgatteble movie again…………….merry xmas to all of u who are the fans of bollywodd dosn matter who is srk, aamir, akshay, amitabha fan………….good luck 2 u………


  • to Fathiya, Skal & Jackie Flown…
    I totally support ur views about how immatured are the people who have no patience to react alongwith others’ ideas, but simply they waste their time to just show that they are narrow minded.


  • people like faathiya are telling others to behave whereas she has been abusing all and subdry in this forum for the last 15 days .. i read her comments in rnbdj where she was abusing every in dian actor and later some writers here .. iwish she would just shut up and let people write what they wanna write . simply by saying someone is bad will not make him bad Na!!!? so let people say what they want to..without people like faathiya coming in the way of your expression

    about the movie ..well all south indian movies are made gruesome .. the southies like it that way with lot of punches and people flying the heroine is always a nonstop chatterbox…so repition of south indian film is seen here .. as jaanu said there was too much of southie effects ..the policeman was played out by a southie ..and police was never seen at the horizon.. its as if didnt exist..

    all in all an average movie ..





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