Sarkar 3 or Meri Pyaari Bindu: Which film will you watch this weekend?

Two films are scheduled to release this week – Sarkar 3 and Meri Pyaari Bindu – which sets up a small-clash between two films that are likely to rely on word-of-mouth to collect at the box office.

But the real competition is going to come from the two-week-old film ‘Bahubali 2’ which is expected to collect upwards of 35 crore in its 3rd weekend.

There will also be a screen-crunch in theatres as ‘Babahuli 2’ will continue to play on plenty of screens and exhibitors will allot ample amount of shows too – as the film is still going strong in Week 2.

The other problem for the two new releases will be the competition from ‘Half Girlfriend’ second week (May 19) onwards. Will Sarkar 3 and Meri Pyaari Bindu survive the ‘Bahubali 2’ onslaught? Are you interested in watching one of the two or both films in theatres this weekend?

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Which film will you watch this weekend?

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  • bindu will b the surprise hit of the year. Mark my words

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  • Seen bahubali2 now i will save my money for eid release tubelight starring biggest megastar Salman khan

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  • Waiting for Pirates of The Caribbean 5…Minimum 50cr from India ..

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  • I will prefer to watch Sarkar 3 this weekend . Sarkar was brilliant and the trailer of Sarkar 3 was very impressive especially the 2nd one . MPB is not looking very exciting . Both the films have practically no buzz and both films might fail at the Box office . This is an important film for Parineeti Chopra as she is coming back after Kill Dill in 2014 . Ayushmann is also going through a rough patch and he needs a Hit . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Nobody is going to watch bindu and Sarkaar..When you have other options.Makers cant fool audience,they know what should watch on screen.

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  • Both will sink without making a mark, but MPB will get slightly better acclaim not outstanding… But later on MPB will be watched via other media instead of theatres…

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  • Going for baahubali2 again.

    Not interested to watch routine boring movies sarkar and bindu

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  • Saw Baahubali twice along with Guardians of the Galaxy 2😎 If King Arthur also releases this weekend along with Alien Covenant, then I may have to torrent these 2😜 Or else may go for Sarkar 3 but RGV hasn’t given a hit since Sarkar 2 in 2008😂 So better to wait for reviews & BO collections before I choose one🤔

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  • Only Tubelight!!!! RIP all the records.

    Day 1-51 crs

    Day 2-49 crs

    Weekend-130 crs

    1st week-225 crs

    2nd week-295 crs

    3rd week-345 crs

    life time 400 crs

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