Fastest to 300 crore mark: Dangal to beat PK

Aamir Khan’s Dangal is likely to beat the superstar’s last film ‘PK’ which is currently the fastest film to cross the 300 crore mark. In 2014, PK became the first film to cross the 300 crore milestone, it also managed to do so in just 17 days – a record which still stands today.

The next film to 300 crore was Bajrangi Bhaijaan, a Kabir Khan – Salman Khan film that crossed the milestone 20 days after its theatrical release.

Salman’s last film Sultan was the fastest to touch 200 crore, but took more than a month – 35 days to be specific – to cross 300.

Given the strong trend of Dangal, the film should be Aamir Khan’s 2nd film in the 300 crore club in just 13 days.

MovieCollectionsNo of days
PK340 cr17 days
Bajrangi Bhaijaan321 cr20 days
Sultan301 cr35 days
Dangal300 cr+13 days


  • Aamir is in different league altogether. No comparison with other actors the way he has made records

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  • Congrats to all the team of Dangal they deserve this and more than this as their pestilence effort paid off.

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  • Though aamir khan’s movies are earning very well.
    But i still cant respect him for his comments on intolerance.
    #Shame on him :(

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  • Tubelight and tiger zinda hain will cross 300cr in flat 12 days .. mark my words..

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    Salman crosses in 35 days with Anushka+440volt+jagghumiya+Eid holidays+Promotion in every TV shows, Kapil, Saas bahu serials,
    Here a movie which had no buzz(as per Indicine) crossed in 13 days
    And mind U Ticket prices are almost the same

    Dont beleive in that BOI footfalls. They had first said 2.8 crore for pk

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  • As per Indicine HAHK collected 69cr and DDLJ 62 cr, but acc to Salman fans there in 2cr difference in Footfalls.LOL In 1994 Andaaz apna apna collected 8 crore with 75 lakhs footfalls.

    That ffs by BOI is fake, they had said 2.8 cr ffs of pk but chanfed later to 3.5 crore.

    PK>>>>>All movies in Multiplex era post Gadar

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  • Believe it or not….agree or not…. aamir khan is the king of bollywood….

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  • Ammi jaan taught me that materialistic achievements are nothing in front core things cross whatever u wanna cross your movies are forgetable because they lack the core which most srk movies have people will remember srk epic bcz they are unforgetable whereas nobody will remember crapgal or lultan or dabangay or prem craptan payo

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  • The other day i was listening to a song on youtube and i forgot that im using autoplay guess what the most abominable irritating song by most irritating voice dakhad popped up awful experience. I just slap the shit out of who made this shitty song one by one

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