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Ek Tha Tiger First Day – Box Office Collections

Ek Tha Tiger has recorded unprecedented numbers in almost every major territory in India, on it’s first day at the box-office. It has not just surpassed the previous circuit-records, but destroyed most of them by a huge margin.

Below is the First Day territorial breakdown for Ek Tha Tiger (EARLY ESTIMATES)

  • Mumbai – 11.5 crore (RECORD)
  • Delhi/UP – 5.75 crore (RECORD)
  • East Punjab – 2.75 crore (RECORD)
  • West Bengal – 1.25 crore (RECORD)
  • Bihar – 45 lakhs
  • CP Berar – 1.6 crore (RECORD)
  • CI – 1.40 crore (RECORD)
  • Rajasthan – 1.75 crore (RECORD)
  • Nizam – 1.5 crore (RECORD)
  • Mysore – 1.45 crore (RECORD)
  • Others – 80 lakhs

Ek Tha Tiger First Day Collections – 30.20 crores

Just to give you an example, the previous record for the first day in Mumbai was 8.13 crore, previously held by Agneepath. With more than 1300 shows in the city, Ek Tha Tiger has raced ahead by more than 3.25 crores!

It’s also the best ever collections for the Mysore circuit, where Bodyguard managed 90 lakhs and Agneepath did 1.2 crores on it’s first day.

Please note that these are early estimates and the figures could change. We will update this page with the final first day collections soon.

Update 11:30AM: As more figures come in, it looks like the first day collections are likely to be 31 crore+



  • there is no doubt that movie ll shatter all records., but ett is not upto expectations., climax disappointed… Don’t fight guys., records r meant to be broken.., as days passes, no. of prints ll increase, even single screen theatres in country increases.,

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  • Even though Agneepath released on more screens, it had disadvantage of longer runtime (167 mins). Bodyguard and Ek Tha Tiger were shorter.. so they had more shows on opening day.

    That makes a huge difference.

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  • gud news for srk fans., yashji is planning to release his next untitled flick with srk in the same no. of prints as ett., if sources r to be believed then almost 70% theatres/multiplexes have been pre-booked., only problem is release of son of sardar on same date, which may not allow srk’s movie to set new records

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  • @Rijwan: rojay mai jhut mat bol there is no official confirmation in any site i just checked boxoffice india as well.

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  • I am Hrithik fan but I would love to see Salman breaking the record of 3 Idiots. It’s getting too annoying that the release of 3 idiots has been over 3/4 years but yet no films could ever come close to it. ETT should break this curse.

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  • Ek Tha Tiger Is Miracle In Gurgaon

    Thursday 16th July 2012 10.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Ek Tha Tiger recorded miraculous collections in Gurgaon smashing past records bu an unimaginable 50%. The is centre domintaed by high grossing premium multiplexes. The top ten all time first day collections in Gurgaon are as follows.

    1. Ek Tha Tiger -- 59,75,333

    2. Agneepath -- 40,19,815

    3. Cocktail -- 36,64,315

    4. Bodyguard -- 36,11,121

    5. Don 2 -- 32,33,062

    6. Dabangg -- 29,86,875

    7. Housefull 2 -- 29,17,877

    8. Three Idiots -- 27,51,090

    9. Rockstar -- 26,24,789

    10. Ready -- 25,59,482

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  • i think it wil be in btw 32 to 34 cr ,,,,,,,,,,,,,@arakshan jalnay ki bu arahee hay dekh tora peechay,,,kahee tere jalee to nahee

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  • @ arakshan Inshallah it will cross 250 cr domestically,,,,because weekend is booked in advance,,,,,monday eid 60% of salman fans are muslims,,,,u know better what will happen and it will release tomorrow in pakistan,,,and by the way it creates history overseas,,,,,this movie will also make salman an overseas actor also,,,,,where his bussiness doesnt usually welll 8.5m last movie bodyguard as compared to 3 idiots 23 m,,,,,but this time salman will dominant both inshallah

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  • why he couldn’t release his movie on friday??????????was salman scared of the records?????this movie will never find audience increasing for sure…just because of its climax!!!already by mouth publicity this news is out to all.and if still only salman fans can manage to make this movie a 100 crore…let it be..its their ignorance and failure of film industry.

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  • praveen: so you accepted that SALMAN fans only watch to cross 100-crore so it means SRK fans are less right.

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  • check all the critics review they said thump up for this movie so no need to argument please its a sure shot blockbuster.

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  • nobody can break the record of aamir,,,,,,,,,only aamir is real hero and only 3 idiots is awesome movie,,,,,,ETT movie just bakwas hai……………….

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  • @ binod we are not comparing with AMIR ok but as Amir said SALMAN is more popular then him and people love him more then anyone else.

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